Reprinted in the Putnam County Herald, 17 February 1938, Page 2.

Thla is the twenty-fourth Installment of this series of republished items from the old "Cookeville Chronicle" which began publication to Cookeville on October 6, 1877, with Carnes and Cope, editors and publishers.

Issue of October 10, 1878

In accordance with previous announcement, a meeting of the Democratic Congressional Committee for this district was held on Friday last, for the purpose of organizing and determining the question as to the holding of a convention. Col J. J. Turner of Gallatin, chairman, called the meeting to order. A. C. Welch of Hartsville was appointed Secretary. The committee men present were J. J. Turner, of Sumner; R. B. McDaniel, of Wilson; Dr. J. W. Johnson, of Macon; W. D. Gold, of Smith; and A. O. Welch, of Trousdale.

Overton and Petaam counties sent letters to chairman, instructing him how to cast the votes of those counties. Jackson county was represented by Col. W. J. Hale, who had a proxy from Judge M. B. Young. Clay, Robertson and Fentress counties were unrepresented.

After some discussion, it was agreed that in taking the vote on any proposition before the committees, each county would be allowed no vote.

Some discussion as to the necessity and advisability of holding a convention was then had, and the question being put, on the motion for calling a convention was carried unanimously.

For the place of holding the congressional convention, four places were put in nomination, Carthage, Hartsville, Lebanon and Cookeville. On the first vote Hartsville got four votes, Carthage two, Cookeville and Lebanon one each. The vote for Cookeville was changed to Carthage, the vote for Lebanon was changed to Hartsville, thus giving a majority of the vote cast for Hartsville, and it was accordingly carried that Hartsville be selected as the place for holding the Congressional Convention, and Thursday, October 17th, be the time of holding thy convention.

After discussion as to the immediate necessity of the appointment of delegates, the committee adjourned sine dle.

W. A. Caruthers, of Hartsville, candidate for Congress, will speak bere next Monday.

The Fair

The annual fall exhibition of the Putnam County Agricultural and Mechanical Association, occurred Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of last week. The display was in the main, a very good one, especially was this the case in the stock rings. All the officials were very prompt and efficient, and the manner in which they conducted the entire exhibition did them credit. We append the list of premiums

(For want of space, only a few of the awards are her republished.)

Aged bull, over four years old, T. T. Pointer
Aged cow, over four years old, W. H. Barnes.
Cow, one year old and under two, W. H. Barnes
Fat bullock, W. J. Mills.
Jack, two years and under three, J. F. Mathis.
Mule, two years and under three, W. E Burton.
Mule, one year and under two, J. W. Terry.
Mule, under one year, W. A. Terry.
Stallion, four years and over, J. L. Roberts.
Stallion, three years and under four, John Terry
Stallion, one year and under two, Mike Philip
Best stallion, mare or folding, under saddle in the speed ring. C. D. Gracy.
Single mule. J. L Nowlin.
Mare or gelding, four years and over in harness, C. Marchbanks.
Sweepstake stallion, mare or gelding. In harness, C. D. Gracy.
Gelding or mere, under 14 hands, Vance Clark.
Boar, one year and under two, W. C. Rector.
Sow, two years and over, H. Denton.
Half bushel Irish potatoes. H. F. Chapin.
Half bushel onions, J. H. Quarles.
Display of jellies, Mr. E. D. Staley.
Display of canned fruits, Mrs. E. D.
Display a preserves, Mrs. E. D. Staley.
Thread embroidery. Mrs. Genera Anderson.
Coat, by lady, Mrs. Mollie Marchbanks.
Pair pantaloons by lady, Mr. W. P. Dowell.
Vest by lady, Mrs. Mollo Marchbanks.
Shirt, unstarched, Mrs. J. H. Quarles.
Display of boots sad shoes, Rufus Smith.
Pair calf boota, Rufus Smith.
Pair coarse boota, Rufus Smith.
Pair gent's shoes, Rutus Smith.
Pair lady's shoes, Rufus Smth.
Quilt, by lady, patchwork Mrs. M. E. Sloan.
Specimen of painting, Mrs. Mollie Marchbanks.
Riding match by young gentleman, Henry Algood.
Handsomest bouquet by lady under sixteen, Miss Sallie Douglass.
Display of (shop made) farming implements, A H. Officer
Display of natural flowers, Miss Tina Reagan.
Display of artificial flowers, Mrs. Nellie Smith

Issue of October 17, 1878

In Memoriam

"Death has again visited our town bringing sorrow and gloom to our citizens, and heart rending distress to the family of the deceased. On the 4th inst., our neighbor and fellow townsman, B. B. Gabbert, was shot down on the street, by one of a drunken mob, and his lifeless body carried to his heart broken mother and sisters, who idolized him. Never have I witnessed such sorrow and distress and I hope I may never again witness such a scene.

The deceased was cut down in his early manhood, and his loss is deeply deplored by all. He was kind and gentle to all whom he associated, he was kind and tender to the children of the town, and they all loved him and are - sadly grieved at his loss; he was accommodating and kind to his neighbors, and would, at anytime, sacrifice his personal comfort to do them a favor, especially when in dastress. I knew him from his early boyhood up to his death and feel that he was worthy of the confidence and respect of the citizens of Cookeville, and in their name, do I pay this last sad tribute of respect to his memory.

May the Hand "that tempers the wind to the shorn lambs" protect and comfort the family of the deceased.

Remember Judge Marks' appointment to speak at this place next Tuesday.

The ladies are not permitted to vote, but they are permitted and invited to come and hear Judge Marks speak Text Tuesday.

Circut court adjourned last Tuesday to next Monday and the court, and nearly all the appurtenances thereto, have gone to the Hartsville Congressional Convention.