Price, John Hillary (1889-1936) and Ova Edna Messenger (1894-1984)

Putnam County, Tennessee

RELATIONSHIP TO ME: They are my paternal grandparents.

John and Edna Price

22 January 1889:John Hilllary Price was born to Thomas Bloomfield and Harriet Verina (Davis) Price in Putnam County, Tennessee. He was the 2nd child and first son.

5 June 1894:Ova Edna "Edney" Messenger was born to Samuel M. and Louisa Canzada (Breeding) Messenger. She was the last child of four children.


1900 Census: Putnam County, Tennessee Census (Pages 1B & 2A) dated 4 June 1900 - John Hillary Price

1900 Census

1900 Censuss


1900 Census: Putnam County, Tennessee Census (Page 1B) dated 4 June 1900 - Edna Messenger

1900 Census


Oral History: Sometime between 1900 and August 1903, Willis Davis (John's maternal grandfather) moved in with John's family. Willis, being in his seventies, started exhibiting signs of dementia. One afternoon, Willis left the house. Harriet hollered at John to go with him and follow him. Willis got out near a fence row. He kept trying to climb over the fence. Everytime he tries, he would get his leg on the fence and then fall to the ground. John eventually convinced Willis to return to the house.

3 August 1903: Willlis Davis, John's only living grandfather. dies.

4 November 1904 :Edney's father, Samuel M. Messenger, dies.

Oral History: After the funeral for Sam, the body was carried on a wagon to the graveyard. Edney's brothers and sisters had to walk behind the wagon. Being only 10 years old at that time, she was allowed to ride in the wagon. She later stated that she thought she was special getting to ride in the wagon.

Oral History: Harriet told John not to climb trees. He disobeyed her and climbed up in a tree and fell out, injuring his shoulder. Fearing that he would be in trouble, he did not tell his parents that he was injured. This injury resulted in him being unable to use his left arm for the rest of his life.

About 1906: The Price Family had a Family Portrait made.

1910 Census: Putnam County, Tennessee Census (Page 9B) dated 29 April 1910 - John Price

1910 Census


1910 Census: Putnam County, Tennessee Census (Page 9A) dated 28 April 1910 - Edna Messenger

1910 Census


Oral History: Edney had a horse named "Lion" that she rode. One day John challenged her to a race. She and Lion won the race. Sometime when she was an adult, someone bought her a ceramic horse that looked like Lion. A picture of the horse is below.



Oral History: John always told Edney that he planned on marrying her one day.

31 Dec 1912: John H. Price received $4 for road work for 6 days in the 1st Civil District.

4 February 1914: John H. Price registered at deed at the court house for about 8.5 acres he purchased from A. L. Whitson, Emma Whitson & Eli Shipley for $150 in cash and $50 due 1 Feb 1914. Adjoining land mentioned: George Hammock, Eli Shipley, Mitchell & Davis Graveyard. (Putnam County, TN Deed Book #5, Pages 622-623).

28 July 1914: World War I begins in Europe.

23 September 1914: John Price purchases about 6 acres from John B. and Belle Bussell for $230. Other names mentioned in the deed: Joe Farris, Newt Taylor, Sam Price, Perry Essex, James Sliger.

2 September 1915 (Thursday): John and Edney were married by T. B. Jackson in Putnam County, Tennessee. On 30 August 1915, John and Henry Cleveland Slagle went to the court house and applied for a license. The license was returned on 4 October 1915.

27 December 1915: John H. Price & Andy Phy sold to W. N. William the 8.5 acres that John bought from Whitson & Shipley for $170. John originally sold the land to Andy Phy. Andy paid him in full and took possession of the land. Currently, there is a crop of corn on the land which Andy reserves for himself. Andy joins in this conveyance. (Putnam County, TN Deed Book #7, Page 553).

1 September 1916: Sid Davis goes to court and swears "That the statements he made on yesterday about the family of John Hillary Price were not true." It is unknown at this point what those statements were.

6 April 1917: US formally declares war on Germany.

18 May 1917: Congress passes the Selective Service Act of 1917. All males aged 21 to 30 were required to register for military service.

World War I Draft Registration Card 1917-18
Name: John Hilary Price
Address: Cookeville, TN
DOB: January 22, 1889
Natural Born Citizen
Born: Cookeville, TN
Occupation: Farmer, self-employed in Cookeville, Rt#5
Has wife and mother living with him
He signed the card.
Medium Height, brown eyes, and dark hair.
"World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918," digital images, ( : accessed 22 Dec 2010), Putnam County, TN

3 August 1917: John Hilary Price received a letter from the War Department to report to his local board for a physical examination on 10 August 1917 at 8 o'clock am. His serial number is #57 and order #222. ( Click Here for a Copy of His Notice).

6 August 1917: John and Edney's daughter, Mary Magdalen was born.

Oral History: Edney had to draw water from an old well that was quite a distance from the house. She would take two pails and "Mag" with her. She would walk a distance, then set the baby down. She would go back for the pails and carry them just beyond the baby. Then go back for the baby. She repeated this process until she got to the well, drew water, and returned to the house.

11 November 1918: Fighting ceases in World War I

28 December 1919: John and Edney's son, Henry Clay was born. He was probably named for John's brother, Henry.

18 August 1920 - Tennessee narrowly ratified the Nineteenth Amendment, making it the law throughout the United States. The Nineteenth Amendment gave women the right to vote.

1920 Census: Putnam County, Tennessee (Pages 3A & 3B) dated 6 January 1920

1920 Census

1920 Census


4 February 1921: Harriet Price deeds lands owned by her and her husband, dec'd, to John H. Price. The original deed was dated 7 December 1909, recorded Deed Book #5, page 84. Names mentioned in the deed: Joe Farris, Jim Sliger, Mrs. Perry Essex. (Putnam County, TN Deed Book #15, Page #180-81).

1922: John and Edney's second daughter is born (she is still living).

22 February 1923: John's sister, Louetta Pasco Tollison, dies.

17 July 1924: John H. Price registered to vote in Putnam County, TN.

30 December 1924: Son, Thomas Cloyd Price is born.

11 January 1925: Thomas Cloyd Price dies and is buried in Davis Cemetery.

Oral History: During her pregnancy, Edney contracted the measles.This resulted in Thomas' death.

27 January 1926: Edna Price registered a deed at the Putnam County Courthouse for property she transferred to her brother, Salmon Messenger. The property was her inheritance from her father. Tracts of land mentioned in the deed are Henry Bullington's line, John H. Price's line, the Old Messenger Place, Sam Price's line. (Putnam County, TN Deed Book #20 , Page 418-419).

26 May 1926: Daughter, Hattie Mae was born.

6 November 1926: Henry and Clara Price sold to John Price 1/2 acre for $250. Other names mentioned in the deed: J. P. Huddleston. (Putnam County, TN Deed Book #62, Page ).

13 July 1928: Son, Johnnie Clyde was born.

8 August 1929: John's sister, Rosie Tollison, dies.

1930 Census: Putnam County, Tennessee (Page 226B) dated 11 April 1930.

1930 Census


1930: A daughter is born. (she is still living)

1933: A daughter is born. ( she is still living)

27 August 1934: John's brother, Henry, dies.

6 October 1935: John H. Price & wife conveyed to Vallie Jackson 6 acres of land. Other tracts mentioned Andy Phy's line, Lewis Jackson's line, S. M. Messenger line, J. H. Price line, and Garland Jackson line. (Putnam County, TN Deed Book #35, Page 6).

Oral History: A neighbor of John Price's passes away. The day of the burial, it was pouring down the rain. John insisted on digging this person's grave even though the weather was so bad. As a result, he caught a cold which progressed to double pneumonia. The doctor was summoned out to examine him. He first said that in 10 days he would either get better or he would die. During the time that he was sick, he trembled so bad that the bed shook. They piled as many blankets on him to keep him warm. Their efforts were futile. He passed away.

10 March 1936: John Hillary Price dies.

Obituary: (Wilhite) John Hilary Price, 47, died Tuesday night, at his home with an attack of Pneumonia. Funeral services were held at Wilhite at 2 o'clock Wednesday afternoon; conducted by Rev. Pete Bilyeu. Burial was in the Davis cemetery. He is survived by his mother, Mrs. Harriet Price, his wife, Mrs. Edna Messenger Price, two sons Clay and Johnnie Clyde Price, five daughters Mrs. Magdaline Ford, Elise, Hattie Mai, Ira Mai and Mildred Lee Price and four sisters Mrs. Mary Lou Phy, Mrs. Alice Slagle, Mrs. Leon Messenger and Mrs.Leona Jackson and a host of relatives and friends. The community extends its sympathy to the familly.
Putnam County Herald12 March 1936, Vol.XXXIV , No. 12, Page 3

Will: None Found

Death Certificate: None Found

16 April 1936: Edna Price deeds 2 acres of land to her daughter Mary Magdalene Ford (wife of Herbert Ford): "that the same is and will be the full share and part of the said Mary Magdalen Price Ford, and her heirs, in and in all lands now owned by said grantor, Mrs. John Hillery (Edna) Price and the acceptance of this deed and the said 2 acres will be and remain the full share of the said Mary Magdalene Price Ford imn and to all the lands now owned by Mrs. John Hillary (Edna) Price and at not time, now or at the death of the said Mrs. John Hillary (Edna) Price will the said Mary Magdalene Price Ford claim or be entitled to any further interest in any lands now owned by grantor herein 2 acres conveyed out of a tract inherited by grantor from her father. The balance being conveyed to brother Salmon M. Messenger on December 21, 1921."

5 October 1936: John and Edna deed 3 acres of land to John's niece Vallie Jackson (daughter of sister Mary Lou Phy). These three acres came from land that Edna inherited from her father, Sam Messenger. (Note: This is the date the deed is recorded.)

3 October 1938: Mrs. John Hillery Price executes a deed to her daughter, Magdalene Ford and her husband, Herbert. Other tracts of land mentioned: Salmon Messenger's line, the old road, Jackson's line, and Slagles line. This is a portion of the land conveyed to Edna from Salmon Messenger in Deed Book #20, Page 418. (Putnam County, TN Deed Book #35, Page 213).

24 August 1939: Edna Price registered to vote in Putnam County, TN.

18 January 1943: Married Wade W. Farris in Rossville, Walker County, GA

21 June 1950: Divorced Wade Farris

Funeral services for Mrs. Edna Price, 89, were conducted from the Chapel of Hooper & Huddleston Funeral Home Friday, May 18, 1984, at 2:00 P. M. with the Rev. Guy Farris and Rev. Oliver Lane officiating. Mrs. Price died May 166, 1984 at her home on Route 9, Cookeville, TN. A native of Putnam County, Tennessee, she was the daughter of the late Samule and Cancade (sic) Breeding Messenger, the widow of the late John Hillary Price. Four daughters and 2 sons survive, Mrs. Magdalene Cantrell, Sparta, TN. Mrs. Elise Marsh, Detroit, Michigan, Mrs. Era Mae Marsh, Cookeville, TN, Mrs. Mildred Lane, Cookeville, TN, Clay and John Price of Cookeville, 14 grandchildren, 26 great-grandchildren, 1 great-great grandchild. Grandsons and great grandsons will serve as Pallbearers.
Hooper & Huddleston was in charge of the arrangement.
The Dispatch, 20 May 1984