Price, Thomas Bloomfield (1865-1913) and Harriet Verina Davis (1865-1944)

Putnam County, Tennessee

RELATIONSHIP TO ME: They are my paternal great-grandparents.

Thomas Price

Thomas Bloomfield Price holding Henry Price, Harriet Verina (Davis) Price, Mary Lou (Davis) Phy holding Vallie Ann Phy, John Hillary Price, Leona "Jackie" Price
Le Anne Price, Rosa Price, Pasco Price, Alice Price

15 January 1865: Harriet Verina Davis was born to Willis D. and Mary "Polly" (Phy) Davis. She was the fourth of five children. She was named for the First Lady of the Confederacy, Harriet Varina Davis.

12 April 1865: The Civil War ends with General Robert E. Lee's surrender at Appomatox Court House.

11 June 1865: Thomas Blooomfield Price was born to Thomas and Rosa (Weatherford) Price in White County, Tennessee. He was the youngest child of the couple. He was named for his father, Thomas Price, and his maternal uncle, Bloomfield Weatherford.

1870 Census: White County, Tennessee Census (Page 377) dated 8 August 1870, Post Office: New Ark - Thomas Bloomfield Price

1870 Census

1870 Census: Putnam County, Tennessee Census (Page 377) dated 8 August 1870, Post Office: Cookeville - Harriet Verina Davis

1870 Census

27 May 1878: Thomas Bloomfield Price's father dies.

1880 Census: White County, Tennessee Census (Page 481) dated 4 June 1880 - Thomas Bloomfield Price

1880 Census

1880 Census: Putnam County, Tennessee Census (Pages 87A & 87B) dated 21 June 1880 - Harriet Verina Davis

1880 Census A

1880 Census B

Between 1880 - 1900: Harriet Verina Price's mother, Polly Davis, died.

16 November 1882: Harriet Davis gives birth to her first child, Mary Lou Davis. It is unknown who Mary Lou's father was. In the 1900 Census, Harriet indicates that Mary Lou's father was born in Illinois.

February 1885: Thomas Bloomfield Price married Harriet Verina Davis. The copy of the marriage record burned when the Putnam County Court House caught fire in 1898. The only surviving record is a hand-written note, believed to be written by Thomas Price, that was found in Clay Price's trailer. The date in February is missing. The birthdates of Thomas and Harriet's children are also written on the paper.

Thomas Price Bible

4 September 1886: Thomas and Harriet's first child, Rosa Price, was born. She was named for Thomas's mother.

22 January 1889: Son John Hillary Price was born.

22 September 1890: Jeff Price and wife, Jane Price, Thomas Price and wife Harriet Price sold 100 acres of land in Civil District #9 to F. G. Howard for $75. This was land from the late Thomas Price and widow Rosy Price, who has her dower and homestead. Bounded by James Hickey on the East, F. G. Howard and D. F. Southard on the South, G. P. Hampton on the West, and Charles Oakwood and Hickey on the North.
(White County Deeds, Roll #70, Book 35, Pages 423-424)

18 November 1890: Thomas's sister, Leanne Price Choate was shot and killed.

5 June 1891: Daughter Alice Price was born.

24 September 1893: Daughter Lee Ann Price was born. Lee Ann was named for Thomas's sister, Leanne Choate.

28 August 1894: Daughter Louetta Pasco Price was born.

April 25 – August 12, 1898: Spanish American War

11 July 1898: Thomas Price paid his taxes for Putnam County, TN.

1898 Taxes

09 May 1900: Thomas's mother, Rosa Price, died.

1900 Census: Putnam County, Tennessee Census (Pages 1B & 2A) dated 4 June 1900 - Thomas Bloomfield and Harriet Verina Price

1900 Census A

1900 Census B

09 June 1900: Daughter Leona "Jackie" Price was born. Given the date on the 1900, the census taker must have visited the home when Harriet was almost ready to deliver.

2 August 1900: Thomas Price paid his Poll Tax for the year 1899.

1899 Poll Tax

17 August 1901: Thomas Price registers to vote in Putnam County, TN

Voters Record

29 March 1902: Son Henry Thomas Price was born.

10 August 1903: Harriet's father, Willis Davis, died.

25 February 1905: Thomas Price paid his Poll Tax for 1904.

8 April 1905: Thomas Price paid $3.80 to Dr. L. D. J. Ensor, Dr. for professional services.

14 August 1905: Thomas Price registered to vote.

14 October 1905: Thomas Price paid $1 to the Whitson Bros.

11 December 1905: Son Dow Enslow Price was born.

1906: Dow Enslow Price died. It is believed that he died early in 1906, possibly in January.

26 January 1907: Thomas Price paid his Poll Tax for the year 1906.

14 November 1907: Thomas Price paid Whitson Bros. $1 on his account.

29 February 1908: Thomas Price paid his Poll Tax for the year 1907.

27 June 1908: Thomas Price purchased a Jesse French ???an (Possibly a musical instrument???) from F. A. Brown & Co. for $29. $2 was a down payment. The remaining payments were due at a 30 day intervals. Witnesses were Felix A. Brown and John H. Price.

24 March 1909: Thomas Price paid his Poll Tax for 1908.

9 November 1909: Thomas Price paid Felix A. Brown $6.65.

7 December 1909: Thomas and Harriet purchase six acres of land from Joe and Manda Farris for $100. $50 was paid in cash, and the remaining $50 is due twelve months from then. Thomas's name is listed as P. P. Price instead of T. B. Price. The land is located on the east side of Cookeville and Bunker Hill Road; bounded on the north by Perry Essex; on the south by Jim Sliger. This tract of land was sold to the Farrises by Jim Sliger. (Putnam County TN Deed Book 5, Page 84)

1910 Census: Putnam County, Tennessee Census (Pages 3A & 3B) dated 4 June 1910 - Thomas Bloomfield and Harriet Verina Price

1910 Census

6 December 1910: Thomas Price promises to pay M. A. Masters $27.88 twelve months from this date. ?? interest is on the note.

25 February 1911: Thomas Price paid his Poll Tax for the year 1910.

3 June 1911: Thomas Price paid his Poll Tax for the year 1910.

3 November 1911: John H. Price and Thomas Price promise to pay Sary Carr $3.75.

1 October 1912: On or before this date, Thomas Price promises to pay Jere Whitson Hardware Company $7.

22 February 1913: Thomas Price paid his Poll Tax for 1912.

11 April 1912: Thomas Price, John H. Price, and Andy Sliger promises to pay James Price $140, half in six months and one half in twelve months. The interest on the note is 6%.


27 July 1912: They paid $50 on the above note.

22 November 1913: Thomas Bloomfiield Price died.

06 April 1917: United States became involved in World War I

11 November 1918: World War I Ended

1920 Census: Putnam County, Tennessee Census (Pages 1B & 2A) dated 5 & 6 January 1920 - Harriet Verina Price

1920 Census A

1920 Census B

04 February 1921: Harriet Price conveys the land that she and Thomas purchased in 1909 to her son John Hillary Price: "Whereas, heretofore, on the 7th day of December 1909, a deed to the lands herein described was executed to me and my husband, P. P. Price; and whereas, the consideration set out in said deed to us was paid by our son, John H. Price, his father, the said P. H. Price having died; now in consideration of the premises, and the love and affection I have for my said son, I, Harriett Price, hereby transfer and convey unto said John H. Price . . .". The land is bounded on the north by lands owned by Mrs. Perry Essex and on the south by lands owned by Jim Sliger. (Putnam County TN Deed Book 15, Page 180).

02 Febuary 1923: Louetta Pasco Tollison died from the flu and double pneumonia.

06 September 1924: Harriet's sister, Lona Bussell, died.

20 May 1928: Harriet's sister, Martha Choate, died from organic heart disease.

20 June 1928: Harriet's brother, Johnnie C. Davis, died from a stroke.

8 August 1929: Daughter, Rosa Tollison, died from pneumonia.

1930 Census: Putnam County, Tennessee Census (Pages 84A) dated 25 April 1930 - Harriet Verina Price

1930 Census

27 August 1934: Henry Thomas Price died (probably from tuberculosis).

10 March 1936: John Hillary Price died from double pneumonia.

7 December 1941: Japan bombs Pearl Harbor. US beomes involved in World War II

24 February 1943: Harriet's sister, Malissa Choate, died from senility.

22 February 1944: Harriet Verina Davis died from a stroke.

2 September 1945: Japan surrenders ending World War II