The Cookeville Press
1 February 1894

Putnam County Directory
Circuit Judge. - Wm. M. Hammack, Hartsville.
District Attorney. - A. Algood, Cookeville.
Circuit Clerk. - John A. Phrasier, Cookeville.
Chancellor. - B. M. Webb, Smithville.
Clerk and Master. - A. W. Boyd
County Judge. - W. G. Davis.
County Clerk. - A. Bryant.
Sheriff. - C. Bradford.
Register. - G. W. Puckett.
Co. Att'y and Back Tax Col'r. - R. B. Capshaw
Trustee. - W. J. Lewis
Assessor. - J. T. Pointer.
Sup't of Public Instruction. A. N. Ford.
Surveyer. - C. N. Wheeler.
Coroner. - A. R. Massa.
Ranger. - J. E. Copeland.
Justices of the Peace. -

  • R. S. Alcorn, Buffalo Vally
  • Jesse Arnold, Cookeville
  • W. J. Bumbalough, Goffton
  • J. E. Bilbrey, Jeremiah
  • P. S. Cole, Byrne
  • C. J. Davis, Cookeville
  • W. G. Davis, Window Cliff
  • R. M. Davis, Byrne
  • J. H. Dowell, Cookeville
  • W. A. Emery, Foote
  • G. W. Ford, Void
  • R. L. Gentry, Byrne
  • R. P. Gibson, Silver Point
  • Joseph Halladay, Pekin
  • R. P. Harris, Hudgens
  • M. A. Jared, Buffalo Valley
  • M. F. Jones, Burton
  • Joseph Jones, Bloomington
  • Prettyman Jones, Buffalo Valley
  • Wade Jones, Buffalo Valley
  • J. M. Moore, Goffton
  • M. S. Matheney, Cookeville
  • John Madewell, Dry Valley
  • J. M. Mabry, Quix
  • W. A. McCaleb, Hudgins
  • J. K. Peek, Cookeville
  • J. J. Peek, Jeremiah
  • O. D. Parkinson, Bloomington
  • S. M. Phillips, Hudgens
  • James Scarbrough, Calf Killer
  • John Tucker, Silver Point
  • H. B. C. Vaden, Enigma
  • Alex Welch, Void
  • J. A. White, Double Springs
  • J. W. Willett, Jeremiah
  • L. J. Whittaker, Byrne
  • J. J. Whittaker, Standing Stone