To Whom It May Concert
Be it Known
that on the15th day of May one thousand eight hundred &fifty eight
AtIsaac Buck's Esq
United in Marriage
Martha Caroline Buck
Curtis Mills
Pleasant Bohannon
James M. McKinny

Curtis Mills and Martha Caroline Buck were married Thursday, May 13th, A. D. 1858.
J. G. Goodpasture and May Belle Mills was married thursday March 11th 1897

Isaac Buck was born on Friday June 20th A. D. 1800
Mary Zimmerla was born on Sunday February 11th A. D. 1796
They were married on Sunday April 5th A. D. 1818
Mary Buck Deceased on Thursday November 16th A. D. 1871 five minutes after 10 o'clock A.M.
Isaac Buck died on Sunday, September 7th A.D. 1873

Curtis Mills was born on February 28th A. D. 1824

Martha Caroline Buck was born on Sunday July 29th A. D. 1832

Curtis Goodpasture was born on friday July 29th 1898

Andrew Goodpasture Born April 28 1901

Mary Lucy Mills was born on Sunday March 13th A. D. 1859
Harvey Holland Mills was born on Thursday December 12th A. D. 1861
Tabitha Ova Mills was born on Tuesday September 1st A. D. 1863
Eliza Avo Mills was born on Tuesday September 1st A. D. 1863
Margaret Etta Mills was born on Thursday November 16th A. D. 1865
Andrew McClain Mills was born on Monday September 16th A. D. 1867
Curtis Mills was born on Saturday February 27th A. D. 1869
Caroline Mills was born on Thursday January 26th A. D. 1871
May Belle Mills was born on Wednesday September 10th A. D. 1873
Curtis Goodpasture born July 29 1898
Andrew Goodpasture born April 28 190

Harvey Holland Mills died on Friday February 6th A. D. 1863 at 25 minutes after 1 o'clock in the morning

Curtis Mills, died on Wednesday November 14th Anno Domini 1877

Martha Caroline Mills, died on Tuesday July 23rd Annon Domini 1878

Curtis Goodpasture died on Saturday January 27 1900

Andrew Goodpasture died on Sunday Nov 3 1901

Dr. J. G. Goodpasture on Friday July 18 1902

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