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The Holy Bible
Containing the
Old and New Testaments

Translated Out of
The Original Tongues
And with
The Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised

J. B. Lippincott & Co




J. N. Huddleston & Elizabth Bohannon was married March 4th 1859

A. D. Huddleston & Rebecca Goss was married Jan 23rd 1862

J. H. Buck and Sarah J. Huddleston was married December the 22 1909

Walter Thurman Bullock and Sallie Ener Dimple Huddleston was married January 5 1913

Dave H. Bullock and Violet Lanell Rockwell married August 14 1943

Charles M. Carter and Mary Frances Bullock married May 21, 1944

Betty Sue Bullock and Haskell Lewis Newman married July 15, 1950

Jayne Rene Newman and Richard E. Barns Jr. married June 18, 1977


John Lewis Hobbs Huddleston was Born Jan the 29 A. D. 1810

Lucilla Huddleston was Born April 12th 1810

Andrew L. Huddleston was Born August 7th 1834

Altamira Huddleston was Born March 8th 1836

Isaac N Huddleston was Born March 17th 1838

G. B. L. Huddleston was born April 6th 1840

David D. Huddleston was Born Dec 22nd 1842 ( See Also Huddleston, David Dow - 8th Tennessee (Dibrell's) Cavalry)

Drury W. Huddleston Was Born Feb 16th 1846

Sarah Jane Huddleston was born Aug 15th 1848

Rebecca Huddleston Was born September 12th A. D. 1837

Lewis R. Huddleston was born Oct 26th 1856

David Huddleston was Born Oct. 29th 1775

And his wife Isbel was Born March 4th 1783

Hugh Green Huddleston was Born July the 7 1805

Andrew Hemphill Huddleston Was Born Jan the 9 1806

Sally Emily Huddleston was born April 8th 1807

J L H Huddleston was Born Jan 29 1810

Isaac Lollar Huddleston was Born Dec 18th 1812

David Dow Huddleston was born Oct 5 1814

Martha Huddleston was Born June 9th 1818

G. B. Huddleston was 6th Apl 1841

G. B. Huddleston

Written May 13th 1862

At Home


Isabella Huddleston Dec'd November 20th 1843

Andrew H. Huddleston Dec'd March 7th 1806

Salley E. Huddleston Dec'd Oct 14th 1836

Isaac L. Huddleston Dec Dec 23d 1841

David Dow Huddleston Dec August 14th 1818

Martha Huddleston Dec August 11 1818

Francis M. Huddleston Deceased June the 4th 1853

Altamira Bohannon, Dec August the 14 1858

D. W. Huddleston Deceast September 6 1879

Lucilla Huddleston Deceast August 29 1887

J. L. H. Huddleston Deceast October 22 1901

David D. Huddleston Died Oct. 8, 1906

Sarah Jane Buck Died March 17, 1929

J. H. Buck Died Feb. 23. 1930


Walter Thurman Bullock born July 21 1892 died Jun 6 1946

Sallie Ever Dimple Huddleston Bullock born August 21 1895 died Aug 18, 1989

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