History of Pontotoc County, Oklahoma Compiled and Published by the Pontotoc County Historical Society
Copyright 1976
Pages 331-335


Thomas Price Family

This family history begins in 1781 with Thomas Price, the Revolutinary War soldier and continues through 1976. Emphasis is placed on Crockett Price who settled in Pontotoc County in 1911. More information on his family will follow each generation in this writing.

Thomas Price, born 1740 (DAR record says 1735), Wales or North Carolina, died at the Siege of Augusta, Georgia, 1781. Thomas Price was a Captain, (See "Goodspeed's History of Tennessee", p. 1245,) he married Sarah "Sally" Lewellyn. Their children are listed as follows:

  1. William Price, born 12-19-1762; died 10-30-1844, White County, Tennessee. He served in Rev. War, 1776-77, under his father, Thomas Price in Sevier's N. C. Reg.; married Elizabeth Hampton ca, N. C. Issue.
  2. Thomas Price, born 1766; married Margret Robertson
  3. George Price (gr. grandfather of Crockett Price and other early County residents), born 6-14-1779; died 10-30-1861, White County, Tennessee, George Price states in (US Census reports) he was born in North Carolina, however, it is thought Thomas Price, his father, moved to South Carolina, may have married there and that all 3 sons born there. (The DAR record supports this view.) Thomas Price was living in Rutherford County, North Carolina during the Revolutionary War. George Price married Mary "Polly" Cook 10-25-1804, Thursday, N. C. ?. Polly born 6-8-1788, N. C.; died 12-22-1871, White County, Tennessee. Both are buried in Saylor's Cemetery. Polly's mother was __?__ Winters Cook. George and Polly's children born in White County, Tenn. except oldest child. Most were buried in Saylor's Cemetery. Children were:
  1. Catherine Price, born 1806 Kentucky; died 12-24-1872; married Burtis Walker. Their child: Mary E. married Aaron England.
  2. Thomas "Tommy" Price, born 3-22-1808; died 5-27-1878; married Rosy Wetherford 2-17-1838. Rosy born 11-10-1822, N. C.; died 5-9-1900.
  3. Sarah "Sally" Price, born 6-29-1810; died 5-16-1860, Texas; married/1 Kendal Savage, Jr, & their ch. 2: Frank, Washington; married/2 _____ Poteet & their ch. 3: Andrew, Samuel, Sarah.
  4. Margaret "Peggy" Price, born 10-12-1812; died March 1871; married Sandy Hickey & their ch. 6: Elijah, James Jane, Samantha, Sandy, Thomas and there might be others.
  5. Elizabeth "Betsy" Price, born 2-29-1815; died 9-16-1888; married George P. Hampton 9-26-1839, Sparta, Tennessee & their ch: Lorena, Salina, Lucetta, William, Louiza, Dibell, Alvin, Nanette, maybe others.
  6. Esther "Easter" Price, born 12-7-1816; died 3-9-1866. Died single.
  7. Jane "Jincy" Price, born 3-2-1819; died 2-26-1897; married Abraham Saylors ca. 1837. Ch: J. Monroe, William M., Burtis W., Frances Catherine, George P., Lafayette, Lorenza D., Henry, Mary L., Jane, Amanda.
  8. Lewellyn Price, born 9-29-1820; died 8-21-1844; married Jane Mauldin 4-16-1840. Ch: Marion
  9. James Price, born 11-29-1822; died 9-11-1856.
  10. William Price, born 9-20-1824; died 8-29-1855
  11. Lorenza D. Price, born 6-7-1827; died 2-28-1863; married Mary Stewart. George & Mary.
  12. Fanny Price, born 3-28-1831; died 6-25-1859; married Jefferson Russell 8-5-1850, Sparta, Tennessee

The family of Tommy (ch. 2 of George Price) and Rosy Price was as follows:

  1. Waymon Wetherford, born 7-26-1839; killed Civil War.
  2. James, born 8-29-1844; died 8-16-1857
  3. Jane (twin), born 8-29-1844; died 10-6-1884; married Green Lowe, preacher, 12-28-1866, Sparta, Tenn.
  4. Shadrack "Shade", born 9-5-1846; died 1-11-1915, Putnam Co., Tenn. married Amanda Jane Cash 11-7-1873, Sparta, Tenn. Amanda born 12-12-1844, ; died 4-22-1873, dau. of John and Jane Cash. Both Shade and Amanda are buried Saylors Cemetery.
  5. Mary C., born 11-22-1847; died 11-15-1850.
  6. Samantha, born 12-13-1848; died before 1850.
  7. George "Little Geo." born 12-2-1849; died 1922; married Mary McConnell, born 1860, died 1925.
  8. Sarah "Sally",, born 8-3-1851; married Felix Howard.
  9. Loranza, born 4-17-1853; died in infancy.
  10. Esthar born 9-22-1854; died 1866,
  11. Jefferson, born 12-28-1856; married Louesa Jane Howard, 9-28-1877, Sparta, Tenn.
  12. Dudley, born ca. 1858; married/1 ____ Cash, Married/2 ____ Jackson.
  13. Leann, born 8-18-1862; died shot 11-18-1890.

The children of Shade (ch. 4 of Tommy Price) and Amanda Price were

  1. Malvina Frances "Crickett", born Mar. 1874; died 1865 (sic); married George Cunningham, son of Lane. Both buried Cunningham Cem., White Co., Tenn, their ch: Arthur L., married Dora LaFever, Pearl m/1 Ridley Judd m/2 Clarence LaFever, Ethel married Otis Rice; Bertha married Orville Howell, John married Virgie Miller, Stell married Arlie Howell (bro to Orville).
  2. Thomas "Tommie", buried at Cookeville, Tenn; m/1 Mollie Bray & they had 3 ch: Minne, Della, Esta Lee. He m/2 Delia Carter & they had 4 ch. Earl, Montie, Jewell, Elise. m/3 Nancy Ann (Walker) Phyfer, no ch.
  3. James Crockett, born 9-25-1880; died 11-20-1933, Pontotoc County, OK., married Dora McBride 10-24-1900, White co., Tenn. Both buried Lightening Ridge Cemetery, (Dara was dau. of Joseph and Augustus McBride)
  4. Rosy, born 5-2-1883; died 4-22-1976, Putnam County, Tenn.; buried Saylors Cemetery; m/ Adison McCaleb m/2 Eugene Slagle (no ch.)

Shade and Amanda Price were. Places of residence: Bob Ray farm 7th dist. of White Co. ____ many years. Moved from White Co, to Shackletown dist. of Putnam Co, where he lived may years and died there, Farm now occupied by Esther Ruth Mullican

Crockett and Dora Price sold their holding in White county, Tennessee with their six older children they moved to Ada, by train in the fall of 1911. There was a better opportunity for a farmer here. This was their reason for moving. They lived and worked in the Pecan Grove community for about 3 months. Then from 1912 to 1915, they lived on a rented farm in the Rocky chapel area. It was 2 miles west of Knox where they bought a 360 acre farm in 1915. Both lived and died there and their son, Shade, is still living on this farm. Their children attended Wilson School. Both Crockett and dora Price were Free Will Baptists. Their children were:

  1. Vance Price, born 2-18-1901; m/1 Mollie Wilhite, 11-9-1922; she died 8-11-1927 and he m/2 Hazel Henry, 2-11-1928, Hazel was born 8-28-1911, They had 6 children (a) Gendeal Lippencott, born 4-7-1930. (b) Douglas born 5-8-1933; married Sue Scott and had 3 ch: Sharmon, Anthony, Janet. (c) Nancy Rutherford, born 10-26-1935 had 3 ch: Rickey and Twyla (d) Anna Mae Sutton, born 7-26-1938 and had 2 children: Chris & Beverly (e) John D., born 9-21-1942; married Betty Wallace and their children were twins, Timmie and Tammy (f) Charles, born 9-30-1945; married Kay McKinney 4-16-1971 and they had Charles Pad.
  2. Joe Price, born 8-2-1902; died 12-9-1965. Buried in Lightning Ridge Cemetery; married Ethel Garr 11-15-1924 at Ada. Children: Ernest, Estlee, Jimmei, J. C., James, Larry Joe.
  3. Clemmie Price, born 2-29-1904; died 3-5-1915
  4. Shade Price, born 8-20-1905. Single
  5. Hebert Price, born 1-16-1907; married Ruby Holman 12-18-1943. Their children: (a) Sarah Jane Jennings- ch: Oliver, Peggy (b) Jerry marrried Donna Joyce Holman -- ch: Natha (c) Judy, single
  6. Lillie Price, born 9-16-1908; Marrie Bill Nelson-Ch: Lolita, Nawatha.
  7. Margie Price, born 2-8-1912; marrie Clint Stewart-- Ch: Charles, Vendell, Phyllis (Creel).
  8. Notie Price, born 11-3-1913; m/1 Sam Blankenship-- Ch: Frances ann, Argie Lee, Sammie, m/e Othor Willliams.
  9. Tom Price, born 9-3-1915; married Lorene Crabtree 12-25-1933, Ada. Ch: (a) Gerald, born 1-12-1936; married Lois Ford 8-15-1953-ch: Danny & Rhonda. (b) Catherine Crowley, born 2-12-1937-ch: Clyfton, Michelle, Rick
  10. Beulah Price, born 2-20-1920; married Orville Maxey, born 1937-ch: Betty Carol & Marilyn Kay.

Price Bible in custody of Tom Price, Ada. Information by Gertrude Saylors, Sparta. Tenn., George Price will and DAR record of Thomas Price were some sources of information.