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Pleasant M. ( Milton) Hyder was married on the 17 th day of March A. D. 1850 to Miss Rachel Green


Pleasant M Hyder was borned Thursday September the 11 th day A D 1828

Rachel Hyder (Rachel Green, daughter of Enoch & Elizabeth (Adams) Green) was borned on Monday September the 10 th A D 1832

Arrena Hyder was borned on Saturday the 6 th day of September A D 1851

Calvin (Joseph Calvin) Hyder was borned on Friday the 8 th day of April A D 1853

Frankling (John Franklin) Hyder was borned on Wednesday the 8 th day of November A. D. 1854

William Denton Hyder was borned on Thursday the 25 th day of December 1856

Sarah Jane Hyder was borned on Monday the 17 th October A. D. 1859

Lucinda Ann Hyder was borned on Tuesday December 10 th 1861

Avo Angeline Hyder was borned Monday July 18 th 1864

Margaret Lorena Hyder was borned on Thursday March the 14 th 1867

Pleasant Hampton Hyder was borned on Tuesday the 1 st day of June 1869


Arrena Hyder Decd Thursday Nov. 1 st 1860

Margaret L. Hyder deceased August the 2 nd 1891

Ann Danner (Lucinda Ann Hyder ) deceased Sunday May the 18, 1930