In 1973, Clay Price had the "old home place" razed and place a trailer where he and his mother (my grandmother) lived. My grandmother died in 1984, and Uncle Clay died in 2001. My father inherited Uncle Clay's personal and real property. While cleaning out a drawer in the trailer, an old, torn piece of paper was discovered. It contained the records of the Thomas Price and Harriet Davis family and is believed to be written by Thomas Price.

The Putnam County Court House burned in 1899. Many of the records were lost, including the marriage records for the year 1885. This piece of paper recorded Thomas and Harriet's marriage date as February (day missing) 1885. This is the only known record of their marriage. In addition, their child, Henry Thomas Price's date of birth is recorded. His tombstone only lists the year of his birth.

Unfortunately, much of the paper was never found.


Thommas Pris was marr (torn paper)
of Febuary 1885

Marylou Davis was born the 16 Novem (torn paper)
Rozsey Pris was born
September the (torn) 1886

(part missing)

Pasco Pris was born August
the 20, 1896
Leonis Pris was born
the 1 day of June 1899
Henry Thomas Pris was born
the 29 of March 1902

(part missing)

Anda Phy and Mary Davis was married

(rest missing)