Shared with me by Reda Bilbrey

Zop Jackson Relations

Eanick Jackson Ringo PO Jackson Tenn

Tomas Tucker Ringo PO Jackson Tenn

Rashey Jackson Gaines Borough Tenn

Mairon Jackson Gaines Borough Tenn

Henry Tucker Smith Co Tenn

Ruthey Jackson Salley Jackson

Barbary Suton Ringo PO Jackson Co Tenn

Wash Jackson Hartsville PO Wright Co Mosorough

Mairon Jackson Iron Co Mosorough

Polley Kertis ArCansis

Patsey Nelson Iron Co Mo

David Jackson Family Texes

Randle Woolbright Wooburn PO Warren Co Ky

Hirom Jackson family

Wash faris Gaines Borough PO Jackson Co Tenn

Lusa an Fairis Ky

Claburn Jackson family

John Coomer Polley Walker haton burgh PO Jackson Co Tenn

Calvin M. Jackson Creelesboro PO Russels Co. Ky

David Louisa Missouri Tenn

Lisabeth Jackson Gaines borough PO Jackson Co Tenn

Louizer Jackson Relations

Johnathan & John Jackson went to Western District

Singleton Loveall Arion Jackson went to Mosury

Newell Jackson famly

Ely & Levy Jackson Cookeville PO Putnam Co Tenn

Gorge Washington went to Miss River

Dick went to Davison Co Tenn

Tomas Dicke near white plaines

Andrew went to Arkansis

Carline went to Arkansis

Pashent went to Arkansis

Sam Wolbright famly Mayfield

Lark Johnson famly Mayfield PO

D. Carter Bryant Lucinda Woolbright (wife) Gainesborough PO

Jim Jackson Letha Jane Mayfield PO

William Jesey Woolbright Gainesborough PO

Enick Ashburn Woolbright Gainesborough

Angline Wash Jackson wife

John More wife Mary

Lisabeth went to Arkansis

Martain Woolbright Valley PO Putnam Co Tenn

Dithy Morgan Martin Lisabeth duff Galarayes Mill PO Worin Co Ky

George Wolbright Sary Woolbright Louisvill Ky