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Source: Moses Byers Pension Papers for "War of 1812"

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Family Record

Moses Byers was born March 15th 1790

Elizabeth Byers was born May 7th 1795

Osborn Washington Byers was born Sept 26th 1812

Elias Harrison Byers was born February 22nd 1815

Malinda Byers was born January 10th 1818

Oliver H. Perry Byers was Born January 18th 1820

Andrew Nelson Byers was born March 21st 1822

Mary Elizabeth Byers was Born July 21 1852 and deceased the 7 day of June 1853

Moses Byers died January 12 -- 1865 1863

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Alexander Watson Byers was Born September 21st 1825

Amanda Byers was born January 23th 1827

Emily Byers was born October 12th 1829

Leonidas Cooke Byers was born August 2nd 1832

Aljanon Sidney Byers was January 5th 1837

Richard Fieldon Byers was born August 30th 1837

William Jasper Byers was born June 26th 1840


Leonadus Byers Died October the 18th 18

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Elias Byers

Elizabeth Mahaley Byers was born July 4th 1836

Frances Mayren Byers was born July 10 1838

Watson Cook Byers was born April 2 1840

Osburn H. Byers was born December 18th, 1841

William H. Byers was born May 28 1844


Elias Harrison Byers was born November 2th 1840

Manda Louisa Byers was bourn October 6th 1843

Bolliver Hustin Byers was born December th 1846

William Jasper Byers was born June the 26 1840


Markis Lafat Byers was Born January 6th 1842

Margit Elizabeth Byers was born Aprile 12th 1844

William Jaspers

William J. Byers and Selia M. Byers was mared December the 16 1858

Crocket Layfet Byers was born December the 30th 1849

Sarah Elysabeth Byers was born Oct 4th 1861

Thomas Zebeedee Byers was born April the 15 1864

Lady Franses Byers was born September the 30 1866

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Moses Byers and Elizabeth Cooke was Married the 13th Oct 1811

Elias H. Byers and Elizabeth Knard was Married November 21, 1833

W. J. Byers and Sela Marlissa Bradford was Mared December the 6 1858

William Jasper Byers

Richard L. Byers and Tabitha Rosinid Haris was maried January the 11 1858.

Thomas Kinaton and Amandy Byers was marid July 6th 1840

Oliver Perry Byers and Nancey Pippin was maried September 5th 1839

Alexander N. Byers and Elitha Grimes was Maried March 4th 1841

Andrew N. Byers and Nancy Fin was March September the 19th 1844

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Andrew N. Byers
Jerome Byers was born November 25th 1845

Byanthey Byers was born September 18th 1849

Mary Lysabeth Byers was born July the 21 1852

Ardela Byers was born June the 7 1852

Mails Byers was born the June the 9 1856

Sheels Byers was born July the 5 1858

Fernado Byers was Born November the 14 day of 1861

Brantley Byers was born November the 14 in the year 1864

Richard H. Byers Tebith R. Harris was married January the 4 1858

Tyelor Marriel Byers was bornd June the 22, 1859

William Byers was born Nobvember the 25 1867

Moses T. Byers was born ??? the 16 1864

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William Jasper Byers and Malisia Bradford was mared the 16 the of December 1858

Crocket Lafat Byers was bornd December the 30 1847

William Ulisu Byers was born August the 14 1869