Southern Division
A. A. R. Ex'r
No. 723397
John C. Whitaker
Pvt. Co. "K" 4th TN Mtd. Vol. Inf

Department of the Interior

Bureau of Pensions
Washington, D. C.
December 11, 1889


It is alleged that John C. Whitaker enlisted November 1st, 1864 and served as a private in Co. "K", 4th Regt. Tenn. Mt'd Vol. Inf also as a _____ in Co. ______, ____ Reg't commanded by Col. Blackburn and was discharged at Nashville Tenn, August 25, 1865.

It is also alleged that while on duty at Cherry Creek, and Carthage, Tenn on or about Nov and Dec, 1864, he was disabled by injuries received by being knocked off his horse, by coming in contact with a tree while on retreat at skirmish at Cherry Creek, Tenn, which he thinks resulted in trouble with his kidneys a short time after Carthage, Tenn. and was treated in hospitals of which the names, locations, and dates of treatment are as follows: regimental surgeon.

In case of the above-named soldier the War Department is requested to furnish an official statement of the enrollment, discharge, and record of service so far as the same may be applicable to the foregoing allegation, together with full medical history. Please give the rank he held at the time he is claimed to have incurred the disability alleged, and if the records show that he was not in line of duty during that period, let the fact be stated.

Very Respectfully,
Green B. Rains

The Officer in Charge of the Record and Pension Division, War Department

South Division
Orig. Inv. 723397
John Whitaker
Co. K 4 Reg't Tenn Vol. Mtd. Inf.

Department of the Interior
Bureau of Pensions
Washington, DC
Jan 31st, 1903

Sir: To aid this Bureau in preventing any one falsely personating you, or otherwise committing fraud in your name, or on account of your service, you are required to answer fully the questions enumerated below.

You will please return this circular under cover of the inclosed envelope which requires no postage.

Very Respectfully,
B. F. Ware

Mr. John Whitaker
Putnam Co, Tenn

1. When were you born? Answer. January 26, 1844
2. Where were you born? Answer. Putnam County Tenn
3. When did you enlist? Answer. Novr. 1864
4. Where did you enlist? Nashville Tenn
5. Where had you lived before you enlisted? Answer. Putnam Co, Tenn
6. What was your post-office address at enlistment? Answer. Cookeville Tenn
7. What was your occupation at enlistment? Answer. a Farmer
8. When were you discharged? Answer. Aug 25, 1865
9. Where were you discharged? Answer. Nashville, Tenn
10. Where have you lived since discharge? Give dates, as nearly as
possible, of any changes of residence, at Cookeville Putnam Co Tenn, my
present PO is Goffton Putnam Co. Tenn
11. What is your present occupation? Answer. a farmer
12. What is your height? Answer. 5 feet 10 inches. Your weight? 156 The color of your eyes? Gray The color of your hair? light Your complexion? fair. Are there any permanent marks or scars on your person? If so,describe them. none
13. What is your full name? Please write it on the line below, in ink, in the manner in which you are accustomed to sign it, in the presence of two witnesses who can write.

John Whitaker

1. Henry P. Davis
2. Andy Sliger
Date: Feby 13, 1903

South Division
Orig No. 723397
John Whitaker
Co. K, 4 Reg't Tenn Mtd Vol Inf

Department of the Interior
Bureau of Pensions
Washington, DC
Mar 12, 1898


You will kindly answer, at your earliest convenience, the questions enumerated below? The information is requested for future use, and it may be of great value to your family.

Very Respectfully,
H. Chey Evans, Sr.

John Whitaker
Putnam Co Tenn

No. 1. Are you a married man? If so, please state your wife's full name, and her maiden name. Answer: Yes, Zilla nee Furguson

No. 2. When, where, and by whom were you married? Answer: Aug 1894 Putnam County Tenn Tom Burnett J. P.

No. 3. What record of marriage exists? Answer: County Court Clerks Marriage Record Cookeville Tenn

No. 4. Were you previously married? If so, please state the name of your former wife and the date and place of her death or divorce. Answer: Yes, (Alta Brewington) died 14 Jun 1884

No. 5. Have you any children living? If so, please state their names and the dates of their birth. Answer: Yes 6 -- Elkance 33 years old. John L. 31 years old, Steve 28 years old -- Surrilda 23 years old - Vince 19 years old - William 12 years old

Date of Reply March 19th 1898

John Whitaker

Department of Interior
Bureau of Pensions
Washington, DC
January 3, 1915

Sir: Please answer at your earliest convenience, the questions enumerated below. The information is requested for future use, and it may be of great value to your widow or children. Use the inclosed envelope, which requires no stamp.

Very respectfully,
G. M. ????

John Whitaker
Cookeville, Tenn
R. D. 6

No. 1. Date and place of birth? Answer, Jan 26 1844 The name of organization in which you served? Answer. in 4 Tenn Co K Mounted Infantry in Conol Joe Blackburn Ridgment

No. 2. What was your post office at enlistment? Answer: Cookeville Tenn

No. 3. State your wife's full name and her maiden name. Answer. Zily Furgsan was her maden

No. 4. When, where, and by whom were you married? Answer: We ware mairried in Putnam County on the 28 day of Aug 1894 by W. T. Burnett J. P.

No. 5. Is there any official or church record of your marriage? no If so, where? Answer,

No. 6. Were you previously married? If so, state the name of your former wife, the date of the marriage, and the date and place of her death or divorce. If there was more than one marriage, let your answer include all former wives. Answer. yes first wife to my last wife firs mairriage Alty Brewington. We ware mairried in Putnam Co Tenn June 1865 By John Jackson Secan mairriage Nancy Madewell we were mairred by J. L. Shyell JP

No. 7. If you present wife was married before her marriage to you , state the name of her former husband, the date of such marriage, and the date and place of his death or divorce, and state whether he ever rendered any military or naval service, and, if so, give name of the organization in which he served. If she was married more than once before her marriage to you, let your answer include all former husbands. Answer. ___

No. 8. Are you now living with your wife, or has there been a separation? Answer, No Sepration we have lived to gether sence we mairred

No. 9. State of names and dates of birth of all your children, living or dead. Answer. I have got 4 living children and 8 children dead I can not give a corect date of the birth of nun of them for i have no records of ther births.

Date April 3, 1915

John Whitaker
(his mark)

Application for Reimbursement

This form not be used if the deceased pensioner left a widow or minor
children under sixteen years of age

State of Tennessee
County of Putnam }

On this 6th day of March, A. D. 1929, before me, the undersigned, personally appears D. L. Whitaker, aged 62 years, a resident of Cookeville, R. R. No. 6. County of Putnam, State of Tennessee, who makes the following declaration as an application for, and claim is hereby made for, reimbursement from the accrued pension for expenses paid (or obligation incurred) in the last sickness and burial of John Whitaker, who was a pensioner of the United States by certificate No. 1,128,791, and who died Jan. 29th, 1929, at Cookeville R. 6 Tenn and was buried at Rocky Point Church, Putnam Co. Tenn

That the answers to questions propounded below are full, complete, and truthful to the best of my knowledge, information, and belief, and that no evidence necessary to a proper adjustment of all claims against the accrued pension is suppressed or withheld.

1. What is the full name of the deceased pensioner? John Whitaker
2. In what capacity was decedent pensioned? (As soldier, sailor, or as a widow, minor child, dependent relative, etc.) soldier
3. If decedent was pensioned as a soldier or sailor --

  • (a) Was he ever married? (Answer yes or no) Yes Jackson, and 3rd Zillie Ferguson
  • (b) How many times, and to whom? Three, 1st Altie Brewington, 2nd Nancy
  • (c) If married, did his wife survive him? No none of them
  • (d) If so, is she still living? (Answer yes or no) nil
  • (e) If not living, give full names and dates of death of all wives (1st) Altie died in 1884 (2) Nancy died 1898, and Zillie died 1920
  • (f) Was he ever divorced? (Answer yes or no) no
  • (g) If so, is the divorced wife still living? (Answer yes or no.) nil
  • (If living, a copy of the decree of divorce must be filed.)
  • (h) If not living, give her full name and date of her death. all dead

4. Did pensioner leave a child under 16 years of age? (Answer yes or no) nil
5. Is any such child still living? (Answer yes or no) nil
6. Were any sick or death benefits paid on pensioner's account? If so, give name of society and amount paid. no
7. Was there insurance (life, accident, or health) in force on life of pensioner at time of death? (Answer yes or no) No
8. If so, give the name of each company in which a policy was carried and the amount in which each policy was written. nil
9. Who was the beneficiary named in each policy? nil
10. What was the relation of each beneficiary to the pensioner? nil
11. Were the premiums paid by the deceased pensioner? nil
12. If not paid by the deceased pensioner, state the amount of premiums paid by each person who made payment on that account. nil
13. Is there an executor or administrator, or will application be made for appointment of any person at administrator? no
14. Did the deceased pensioner leave any money, real estate, or personal property? nothing of value
15. If so, state the character and value of all such property. nil
16. What was the assessed value (last assessment) of the real estate? had none
17. How was the pensioner's property disposed of? he had used his means before he died
18. Did pensioner leave an unendorsed pension check? (Answer yes or no) Yes, check came, but was returned
19. What was your relationship to the deceased pensioner? I am his son
20. Are you married? (Answer yes or no) yes
21. What was the cause of pensioner's death? old age & dropsy
22. When did the pensioner's last sickness begin? About last May 1928
23. From what date did the pensioner become so ill as to require the regular and daily attendance of another person constantly until death? about two months
24. Give the name and post office address of each physician who attended the pensioner during the last sickness. Dr. C. P. Martin, Cookeville, Tenn
25. State the names of the persons by whom the pensioner was nursed during the last sickness D. L. Whitaker and wife Betsy Whitaker, and affiant employed John Whitaker, who was a nephew of dec'd
26. Where did the pensioner live during last sickness? at home of this affiant
27. Has there been paid, or will application be made for payment to you or any other person, any part of the expenses of the pensioner's last sickness and burial by any State, county, or municipal corporation? (Answer yes or no). I have done paid all.

All of those items have been paid by me
D. L. Whitaker
Cookeville, Tenn
Route #6

Also appeared Hop Bohannon and ____ who, being duly sworn, make the following statement, each for himself, that they know the claimant hereto and that their answers to the following questions are true:

1. Did pensioner (if a soldier or sailor) leave a widow or a minor child under age of sixteen year surviving? no

2. When did the pensioner die? About the last of January 1929

3. Did pensioner leave any property? If so, state its character and value No

4. Our means of knowledge of the above statements made by use are: We knew the deceased pensioner for 45 years and lived within a few miles of his place

Name Hop Bohanon
PO Address Cookeville, Tenn
Name J. L. Hill
PO Address Cookeville, Tenn

Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 6th day of March A. D. 1929 and I certify that the contents of the foregoing application were fully made known and explained to the claimant and witnesses before swearing, that I have no interest, direct or indirect, in the prosecution of this claim, and I further certify that the reputation for credibility of the witnesses whose signature appear above is good

J. B. Thompson
Notary Public
Cookeville, Tenn
My commission expires Oct 7, 1931

Statement of attending Physicians

Give pensioner's name in full John Whitaker
Give date of commencement of pensioner's last sickness about June 1st 1928
Give date of pensioner's death Jany 29, 1929
From what date did the pensioner require the regular and daily attendance of another person constantly until death? don't know
During what period did you attend the pensioner? Jany 1929
State nature of disease from which pensioner died nephritis
Give name of any other physician who attended the pensioner in last sickness none
Does your bill include a charge for all medicine furnished the pensioner during last sickness? My bill paid
Has you bill been paid; if so, by whom? Yes, by D. L. Whitaker
Give the names of each person who acted as nurse and mention any other facts within your knowledge which would be helpful in adjusting this claim for reimbursement: D. L. Whitaker, Mrs. Betsy Whitaker and John Whitaker

C. P. Martin, MD
Attending Physician

I certify that the foregoing statement is correct
Mch 8, 1929