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__Jackson County
} _Martha Hale of said State and County, desiring to avail herself of the Pension allowed to Indigent Widows of Tennessee Soldiers, under Act of General Assembly, approved April, 1905, begin Chapter 202 of the Acts of 1905, hereby submits her proofs, and after begin duly sworn true answers to make to the following questions, deposes and answers as follows:
What is your full name and where do you reside? (Give State, County and Postoffice).
Martha Hale, Flynn's Lick, Jackson County, Tennesse

How long and since when have you been a resident of this State?
All my life

When and where were you born and what was your maiden name? I don't know my age.
Born in Jackson County, Tenn, My maiden name is Martha Allen

When and where was your husband born -- state his full name, and when and where were you and he married, and who performed the marriage ceremony?
(Attach certified copy marriage license in every case.) in Jackson, Co., Tenn. Thomas Hale, We were married about 1853 I think. Joshua Staile, a Methodist preacher performed the marriage ceremony

When and where and in what Company and Regiment did you husband enlist or serve during the war between the States? in Company K, 8th Tenn Inf. Regiment I think

How long did your husband serve in said Company and Regiment? about 1 year

When and where did your husband's Company and Regiment surrender? I don't know

Was you husband present at the time and place when his Company and Regiment surrendered? no he was dead

If not with his command at surrender state clearly and specifically where he was when he left command, for what cause and by what authority? He come home on a sick furlough and died before the war closed

When and where did your husband die? in 1862 or 1863 in Jackson Co, Tenn

At the time of your husband's death, were you living with him as his lawful wife? Yes

How many children did you have by your said husband? Give sex and age
at this time. 4 Children 2 Boys and 2 Girls I can't remember thier ages

What property, real or personal, or income do you have or possess, and its gross value? None of any kind

What property, real or personal, did you possess at death of husband or did he leave you, and what disposition, if any, by sale or gift, have you made of the same? When he died we owned a few hogs and a cow

Have you a family? If so, who composes such family? Give their means of support? Have they any lands or other property? I have no family.

Sworn to and subscribed before me, this the 2d day of May 1907
Marion Johnson
Notary Publid
of Jackson County

Jackson County
J W Medders
of the said State and County, having been presented as a witness in support of the application of Mrs. Martha Hale for a Pension under Chapter 202, Acts of 1905, and after being duly sworn true answers to make to the following questions, deposes and answers as follows:

What is your name and where do you reside? J. W. Medders I reside at Flynn's Lick, Jackson County, Tennessee

Are you acquainted with the applicant, Mrs. ________________ If so, how long have you known her? Yes Since she was a child

Where does she reside, and how long and since when has she been a resident of this State? In Jackson County all her life

When and where was she born? in Jackson Co. can't give date of her birth

Were you ever acquainted with her husband? Yes

When and by whom were they married? I don't know

When and where was he born? in Jackson Co.

How long did you know him? from his boyhood on _______?

When and where did Tom Hale enlist in the war between the States, and in what Company and Regiment did he enlist, and how do you know this? Sworn in at Nashville, Tenn, Co. K, 8th Tenne Regt. I enlisted in the Confederacy with him at the same

Were you a member of the same Company and Regiment? I was

How long did he perform regular military duty? About 1 year

When and where was his Company and Regiment surrendered? I don't know

Were you with the command when it surrendered? No

Was Tom Haile the husband of applicant present?

If not present, where was he? Dead

When and where did he leave his command? at Camp "Big" ?? Creek, S.C.

For what cause? Sick

By whose authority did he leave? A furlough and ___________? from Headquarters

How do you know all this? (State fully and clearly) I was there when he left the Co. A great many of the boys were _______ and when he left we bade him goodbye. Several of us sent letters home by him

When and where did Tom Haile die? I was in Ca________? when we heard of his death

Where did he reside at his death and how long had he been a resident of Tennessee at his death? Always live in Tenn

Do you of your own knowledge know that applicant is the lawful widow of Tom Haile? I do

Has she remained unmarried since her soldier husband's death, and is she now his widow? She has

What property, effects or income has the applicant, if any, and how do you know this of your own knowledge? She has no property at all no income stays around with her children. I see her often

Has applicant conveyed any property in last two years or given any away, if so, what was it and to whom? No

NOTE -- Let the witness who can answer the greater number of the questions do so; then let the other witness state in the space below how much of the testimony of the first witness he concurs in, and whether or not he can answer any of the questions not answered by the first witness. Joseph Lock and John W. Allen both concur in the answer to questions no 2-3-4-5-7-11-17

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 2d day of May 1907

James W. Medders (gave his mark) (witness signature}
Joseph Lock (gave his mark)
John W. Allen
Marion Johnson (notary public)

The following Certificate of the County
Trustee Must be Filled Out

I, J. P. Grisham Trustee
of Jackson County, Tennessee, hereby certify that the property assessed on the tax books of this County to Mrs. Martha Hale the widow of Thomas Hale amounts to $ nothing real estate and $ none personal.

J. P. Grisham Trustee
For Jackson
County, Tenn.

Certificate of Clerk of Court or Notary
Jackson County
I, Marion Johnson Clerk or Notary Public, in and for said County, hereby certify that the applicant, Mrs. Martha Hale resides in said County, and has been a bona fide resident of this State since the _______ day of birth 18__, and that the witnesses, Mr. J. W. Meadows, Joseph Lock and J. W. Allen are of trustworthy character, and that their statements are entitled to full faith and credit. I do further certify that before answering the foregoing questions, the applicant and said witnesses took the oath herein prescribed, and the full text of the affidavits was read to the applicant and witnesses before the same was signed and subscribed.
Witness my hand and official
seal this 2d day of May 1907
Marion Johnson (notary public)

Notary Public County

Before any questions are answered, the Clerk or Notary shall swear applicant and the witnesses in the following words: "You do solemnly swear that you will true answers make to each of the questions asked of you, and the evidence you shall give will be the whole truth; So help you God." Additional affidavits may be attached, if blank spaces are insufficient. All affidavits must be made before an officer using a seal. Only widows who were the wives of Tennessee soldiers need apply -- and now are widows. Those married since December 31, 1869, not entitled. Two witnesses are necessary to make out claim. Attach certified copy marriage license in every case, or certificate of Clerk of County Court, under seal, that license is filed in his office, duly certified by officiating minister, or the affidavit of the officiating minister, or the affidavit of two witnesses of the ceremony.