Pension Application of John C. Davis
Widow Matilda A. Davis

Aug 7, 1915
Certificate No. 753586
John C. Davis
8 TN Mtd Inf - Co. A
Death July 21, 1915
Spivey, TN

Jun 3, 1920
Certificate No. 799618
Matilda A. Davis
Death Feb 10, 1920

October 16, 1912
Spivy, Tn
1. Born in Jackson County, TN
2. Enlisted in Red Boiling Springs, Macon County, TN
3. Lived in Jackson County, TN before enlistment
4. Occupation: Farmer
5. Not a slave
6. Private, Company A, 8th Mtd Inf
7. Discharged in Nashville, TN
8. Since discharge, lived 5 years in Jackson County, TN;
6 years in Macon County, TN; the rest in Clay County, TN
9. Did not serve in the Confederate Army
10. Present occupation is a farmer
11. 5' 9"; Complexion: Fair; There is a cancer mark on left
breast and one on right breast
12. Not in the military service under any other name
13. Not known under any other name
14. Known now as John C. Davis
15. Live at a Farm one mile north of Spivey, TN

John Monroe
J. F. Griffith

Married to Tilda A. (Purcell) Davis
Married Sept 12, 1886 Clay County, TN by R. Pedigo
County record of marriage exists
Previously married to Mary E. Reeves who died May 20, 1885
Living Children:
Effie Davis born Feb 23, 1876
Bert Davis born Mr 29 1878

Aug 5, 1898

Marriage Certificate from Clay County, TN
J. C. Davis
Matilda Purcell
Sept 12, 1886
M. F. Green, Clerk

Clay County, TN
April 28, 1891
Hulett? W. York age 45
Resident of Walnut Shade, Macon County, TN
He was a private in Co. A 8th Mtd Inf
States the John C. Davis was also a private in Co. A 8th Mtd Inf
Served with John from Feb 2, 1865 to Aug 17, 1865
For last 6-7 John C. Davis was suffering from lung trouble, his back, rheumatism, andbad cough

Sept 27, 1907
Commissioner of Pensions checking
for Confederate Service Records for
John C. Davis
Age 18
5' 9"
Complexion: Fair
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Light
Birth: Jackson County, TN
Occupation: Farmer

Clay County, TN
Nov 18, 1891
John C. Davis, age 45
Resident of Spivey, TN

Monroe County, KY
Nov 11, 1890
John C. Davis
Disabled in the following manner: Rheumatism, Spinal Disease,
Heart Disease, lung trouble
Lives in what is was formerly Jackson County, TN; now Clay County, TN
Age 42
5' 9"
Complexion: Fair
Hair: Light
Eyes: Blue

Declaration for Pension
Clay County, TN
June 10, 1912
Age: 63
Resident of Spivey, Clay County, TN
Enrolled at Red Boiling Springs, TN Jan 2, 1865
Privt Co A 8th Mtd Inf
Discharged at Nashville, TN Aug 17, 1865
Born: Feb 22, 1849 in Jackson County, TN
Lived at Spivey Only

Zachariah Pedigo
William P. Bean

May 8, 1915
Born: Jan 2, 1849 at Jackson County, Tenn
Served in Co. A 8th Mtd Inf
Enlisted at Red Boiling, Springs, Macon County, TN
Married Matilda Ann Purcell
Married on Sept 20, 1886 in Clay County, TN by Robert Pedigo, JP
Court record exists in Clay County, TN
Previously married to Elizabeth Reeves on March 17, 1874
She died May 20, 1885 in Spivey, Clay County, TN
Present was not previously married
Have always lived with present wife
Effie Davis born Feb 23, 1876
Birt Davis born Mar 29, 1878

Declaration of Widow's Pension
Aug 14, 1915
Widow Matilda Davis
Age 63
Resident of Spivey, Clay County, TN
Widow of John C. Davis who enrolled under the name John C. Davis at Nashville, TN on 2nd day of January 1865 as a private in Co A 8th Mtd Inf and was discharged Aug 17, 1865
Married under the name of Matilda Purcell at Spivey, TN on Sept 12, 1886 by Robert Pedigo, JP
She had not been previously married
John C. Davis had been previously married
His wife died at Spivey, Clay County, TN in 1885
John C. Davis died July 26, 1915 at his home in Spivey, TN
No children under the age of 16
Post Office address is Spivey, Clay County, TN
Addie Jenkins
Allie Wood

Addie Jenkins resides in Clay County, TN
Allie Wood resides in Clay County, TN

Abstract from John C. Davis's Service Records

Born: Jackson County, TN
Volunteered: Jan 2, 1865 at Carthage, TN
By: Lt. G. G. Meador
Age: 18 years
Mustered into service: April 7, 1865 at Nashville, TN
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Light
Complexion: Fair
Height: 5' 9"