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Widow's Indigent Application for Pension

(The following information was copied from a Confederate Widow's Pension Application. The date of the application was June 14, 1909).

Questions for Applicant


Putnam County

Mrs. Fannie Cumby of said State and White County desiring to avail herself of the pension allowed to Indigent Widows of Tennessee Soldiers under Act of General Assembly, approved April 1905, being Chapter 202 of the Acts of 1905, hereby submits her proofs, and after being duly sworn ???? answers to make to the following questions, deposes and answers as follows:

1. What is your full name and where do you reside? (City, State, County, and Post Office)
Ans. Fannie Cumby, Cookeville Route No. 5 (White County) Tennessee.

2. How long and since when have you been a resident of this State?
Ans. All my life time.

3. When and where were you born and what was your maiden name?
Ans. I was born in White CO. Tenn. Jan. 15, 1849, Fannie Brown.

4. When and where was your husband born, state his full name, and when and where you and he married, and who performed the marriage ceremony? (Attach certified copy marriage license in every case)
Ans. Born in VA, James Henry Cumby, Married Sept. 2nd 1867 at the home of ??? Wm. Peak in Putnam Co. Tenn, marriage license destroyed by fire when courthouse burned at Cookeville I am informed.

5. When and where and in what Company and Regiment did your husband enlist or serve during the war between the States?
Ans. Enlisted in 1861, Co. E, 25 Tenn. Regiment at Fountainhead, White Co. Tenn.

6. How long did your husband serve in said Company and Regiment?
Ans. About 2 years and 5 months.

7. When and where did your husband's Company and Regiment surrender?
Ans. I understand in VA, at Appomattox.

8. Was your husband present at the time and place when his Company and Regiment surrendered?
Ans. No

9. If not with his command at surrender, state clearly and specifically where he was, when he left his command, for what cause and by what authority?
Ans. He was at home about Nov. 1863. He was not able to stay longer on account of health, don't know what authority he had.

10. Was your husband a pensioner or an applicant for pension under the laws of Tennessee?
Ans. No

11. When and where did your husband die?
Ans. On the 8th day of Dec. 1893 in White Co. Tenn.

12. At the time of your husband's death, were you living with him as his lawful wife?
Ans. Yes

13. How many children did you have with your said husband? Give sex and age at this time.
Ans. 6 children, 5 girls and 1 boy, 4 living now, Hattie 32 yrs, Nora 31 yrs, Sidney Cumby 26 yr, Jessie, 22 years.

14. What property, real or personal, or income do you have or posses, and its gross value
Ans. Not anything at all, except a little house on about 2 acres of land.

15. What property real or personal, did you posses at death of husband or did he leave you, and what disposition if any, by sale or gift, have you made of the same?
Ans. He was ???????? and left nothing except what it took to pay burial expenses and pay for the 2 acres of land, above mentioned, which I bought shortly after his death.

16. Have you a family? If so, who composes such family? Give their means of support. Have they any lands or other property?
Ans. I am living with my son, Sidney Cumby, and a widowed daughter who has 2 children, they have no property. We have to work for what we get, and said daughter is not able to do much.

Fannie Cumby

Sworn to and subscribed before me this the
22 day of May 1909
JB. Thompson
Of Putnam County

Questions for Witnesses


Putnam County

Wm T. Cumby & John W. Goodwin of said State and County, having been presented as a witness in support of the application of Fannie Cumby for a pension under Chapter 202,Acts of 1905, and after being duly sworn true answers to make in the following questions, deposes and answers as follows:

1. What is your name and where do you reside?
Ans. My name is Wm T. Cumby of Cookeville, Route 4, Tenn.

2. Are you acquainted with the applicant Mrs. Fannie Cumby?
Ans. Yes sir.

If so, how long have you known her?
Ans. Ever since she was a child

3. Where does she reside, and how long and since when has she been a resident of this State?
Ans. White Co. Tenn, has lived in Tenn.all of her life.

4. When and where was she born?
Ans. In White Co. about 60 years ago.

5. Were you ever acquainted with her husband?
Ans. Yes

6. When and by whom were they married?
Ans. Wm. Peck married them in 1867.

7. When and where was he born?
Ans. In 1841 in Lee Co. VA.

8. How long did you know him?
Ans. All my life to his death.

9. When and where did James Henry Cumby enlist in the war between the States, and in what Company and Regiment did he enlist, and how do you know this?
Ans. In 1861 at Fountainhead White Co, in Co. E 25th Tenn. Regiment. I was there and saw him, and went to see them before they left.

10. Were you a member of the same Company and Regiment?
Ans. I enlisted in said Co. in 1862 but I took his place, before I enlisted, and served for him 3 mo. while he was sick.

11. How long did he perform regular military duty?
Ans. 2 years and 5 or 6 months.

12. When and where did his Company and Regiment surrender?
Ans. at Appomattox, VA

13. Were you with his command when it surrendered?
Ans. No

14. Was James Henry Cumby the husband of applicant, present?
Ans. No

15. If not present, where was he?
Ans. at home

16. When and where did he leave his command?
Ans. sometime in 1863, somewhere in East Tenn.

For what cause?
Ans. bad health

By whose authority did he leave?
Ans. I do not know.

How do you know all this? (State fully and clearly)
Ans. from my personal intimate acquaintance with both the widow and James H. Cumby both before, during, and since the war.

17. When and where did James Henry Cumby die?
Ans. In 1893 in White Co. Tenn.

18. Where did he reside at his death and how long had he been a resident of Tennessee at his death?
Ans. White Co., Newark, now Cookeville Route 5. He moved to Tennessee from VA when he was about 4 years old, and he remained here till he died.

19. Do you know of your own knowledge this applicant is the lawful widow of James Henry Cumby?
Ans. Yes sir.

20. Has she remained unmarried since her soldier husband's death and is she now his widow?
Ans. Yes. She has not remarried since his death.

21. What property, effects or income has the applicant, if any, and how do you know this of your own knowledge?
Ans. She owns nothing except a little house and lot.

22. Has the applicant conveyed any property in the last two years or given any away. If so, what was it and to whom?
Ans. She has not.

Note - Let the witness who can answer the greatest number of the questions do so; then let the other witness state in the space below how much of the testimony of the first witness he concurs in and whether or not he can answer any of the questions not answered by the first witness.

William T. Cumby

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 1st
day of June 1909
JB Thompson
Notary Public

The following Certificate of the County Trustee Must be Filled Out

I T. D. Anderson Trustee of White County, Tennessee, hereby certify that the property assessed on the tax books of this County to Mrs. Fannie Cumby the widow of James H. Cumby, amounts to $25.00 real estate and $none personal

T. D. Anderson Trustee
For White County, Tenn.

Certificate of Clerk of Court or Notary Public.

Putnam County

I JB Thompson Clerk or Notary Public, in and for said County, hereby verify that the applicant Mrs. Fannie Cumby resides in said White County and has been a bona fide resident of this State since the _____ day of _______ 18__, and that the witnesses Mr. William T. Cumby & John W. Goodwin are of trustworthy character, and that their statements are entitled to full faith and credit. I do further certify that before answering the foregoing questions, the applicant and said witnesses took the oath herein prescribed, and the full text of the affidavits was read to the applicant and witnesses before the same was signed and subscribed. Witness my hand and official seal this 1st day of June 1909
JB Thompson
Notary Public