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Tennessee W
Margaret Price decd
widow of Thomas who died on the ___________ of ________ in the state of ________ who was a private the __________ commanded by Captain _________ of the __________ commanded by __________ in the __________ line for Revolutionary War.

Inscribed on the Roll of Nashville at the rate of 40 Dollars __________ cents per annum, to commence on the 4th day of March 1836.

Certificate of Pension issued the 13 day of Feb 1832 and ???? to

Moore A Dibrell
Sparta Tennessee

Arrears to the 4th of ______ semi-annual allowance ending
{ Revolutionary Claim }
{ Act July 7, 1838 }

Recorded by R McRae Clerk
Book D Vol. 1 Page 355


In order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress of the 7th July 1838 entitled an acted granting half pay and pensions to certain widows.

State of Tennessee}
White County} On the 4th day of November AD 1843 personally appeared Margarett Price a citizen of said county aged seventy-fore years before me Shadrich Price one of the acting Justices of the peace in and for the county and state aforesaid who being first duly sworn according to law doth on her oath make the following decaration in order to obtain the benefit of the ???? made by the act of Congress passed July the 7th 1838 entitled an act granting half pay and pensions to certain widows, that she is the widow of Thomas Price who was a private in the Revolution of the United States she states that she has no personal knowledge of his service but that her knowledge is from hearing him and his Brother William Price and Col. Henry McKinney and others say upon the subject her recollection from these persons is as follows she states that she has a record of her said husbands age now in possession made out in his own hand in writing which was the family bible of her fathers and which presented to her at the death of her father in which her husband and her age are both recorded and according to that date he was born in the year 1766 that she often heard him say that he bore arms at sixteen which would have been in 1782 at which time he turned as a volunteer under his father Thomas Price who was a volunteer Captain in Rutherford County State of North Carolina when the old Capt Price then lived that her said husband was permitted by his father in consequence of there being great danger in leaving a boy of his sise at home on the account of the ???? and his elder Brother William was going out also she states she can't give the day or month of the year but they was ???? to Ned Hamptons there had a battle with the British his Major or Col she dose not now recollect he was also in a battle at Black stakes in South Carolina he then returned home as she believes and then went out again and was in the Battle at King's Mountain then had been kicked with a horse a few days before the Battle and was left back to guard some pack horses and after the Battle of King's Mountain they returned home again and then turned out again and went to the State of Georgia and was in the siege of Augusta at which Battle his father Capt Thomas Price was killed in Battle he then returned home and went no more in to the British was all these tours?? was under his father she heard him say that he was in the services two or three years in all and all the time a mounted volunteer and sometimes was sent to carry in papers from port to port but she can't give the ???? she states she become acquainted with her late husband some short time after he left the service and in the month of May on the sixteenth day in the year 1789 she intermarried with said Thomas Price that they were married by an Lahnither Brown an acting Justice of the Peace in the county of Burk state of North Carolina at the house of said Brown has no record of these marriage but has a record or register of the birth of two of her eldest children to wit Shadrach and Sally Price both being on the same sheet with my age and my late husbands together with names and ages of her two brothers William and Thomas Robertson her own maiden name being Robertson it being one side of the title page of the new testament part of her fathers old family Bible with much scribling on the title page side which book and record has been in her possession ever since she was married or had any children my son Shaderach was born May the 1st 1791 an my daughter Sally was born March the 23rd 1793 which will hereby appear by said record which is this day taken out of said Bible in my presents and marked A on the title page side under the word Testament and to be filed and sent with this declaration as evidence of Birth of my children the hand writing of her age and the age of her late husband she believes is in her husbands hand writing the balance of the ages she is not certain who wrote them but is certain the age of her children is correctly set down she states that after this intermarriage they moved to the state of Virginia Greene County then back to Rutherford County North Carolina thence to the state of Kentucky then to Tennessee Jackson County then to White County where her late husband departed this life on the 13th day of February 1827 of Tutmanas Astana (??) which disease he had a long time with she states she was not married to him prior to his leaving the service but the marriage took place previous to the 1st day of January 1794 to wit at the time a born stated?? she states that his name is not on the pension roll of any agency in my state that she never knew untill very lately that there was any ban in her favor otherwise she would have applied sooner that she now resides 20 miles from Sparta her county seat and is not able to walk one step or ride on horse back she therefore wrote the war department to make there communication to B. Gabbert at the Falling Water Post Office White County Tennessee as he is my agent in this matter Margarett (her mark) Price she further states she has never intermarried with any other person sworn to and subscribe before me this day and date first above written

Shadrach Price
Justice of the Peace for White

State of Tennessee}
White County } I certify that I have been long acquainted with Margarett Price widow and Relick of Thomas Price and that she is entitled to full credit on her oath or otherwise that I believe her to be of the age she represents herself to be that she is not able from bodily infirmity to attend a court of record to make out her declaration and that she still remains the widow of said Price and has never intermarried with any other person since his death given under my hand and said the 4th day of November AD 1843

Shadrach Price
Justice of the Peace for White

State of Tennessee}
White County } Be it known on the 13(18)th day of December AD 1846 personally came William Price a citizen of the county and made afforesaid and aged Eightione years before me Shadrach Price one of the acting Justices of the Peace in and for said county who being first-duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following statement in favour of Margaret Price an applicant for a pension as the widow of Thomas Price desd who was a soldier in the revolution war he says he was well acquainted with Thomas Price (above mentioned) they being brothers and lived in Rutherford County North Carolina and turn out and joined the company of mounted volunteers under their father Captain Thomas Price who raised a vollunteer mounted company in the said Rutherford County whare he there lived their Lieutenant Felix Walker Insign Tarrett Williams under Major Singleton he says he can not give the year but was sometime previous to the incursion of Ferguson into that county their first battle at Ned Hampton's against Dunless of the part of the many and beat back the british and run there unto ???? fort South Carolina and was in a battle on the Pacolet under Col. Isare Shelby who succeeded in capturing the british within the fort was commanded by one Pad Moore or Patrick Moore there battles under their father was in and after same ????? and Ferguson moving into the county and took part at Gilbert Powers in the afforesaid Rutherford County; about this time as well as I recollect my father and brother Thomas was ordered out and under Col. Shelby and C. Cleark to make an attack on a party of british and torys at Musgrove Mills as was ???? succeed but was not present in the last mentioned engagement and there joining the army leader the command of Cols Campbell Shelby Sevier and others my father Thomas and my self in pursuit of foreigners to the King's Mountain he says he believes his brother Thomas was not ???? in the action but owning to having been disabled by a hurt of horse and the rappid pursuit or march after Farguson but knows he was in the service or gard of bagage of those immediately in the battle and further states that after the King's Mountain battle they continued back in the county of Rutherford a short time occasionally scouting after the brittish and torys and there took a line of march him self his father old Capt. Thomas Price and his brother Thomas Price under the command of Cols Cleark to the seage of Augusta in the State of Georgia and was in several engagements during said seage a part of which time Col. Lea Wills a ridgment of calvary was in command was said to be of the regallers at which place Major Eaton of Leas ridgement was killed my father was killed at the seage of Augusta after which time my brother Thomas and myself became attached to the company of Capt. Moses Shelby to which company we contained during the remainder of our service in the brittish war he further states that the term of services of his brother Thomas Price would amount to three years in the brittish war. he further states that after said war he continued in acquaintance with his brother Thomas above mentioned and believes from all information ever had on the subject was lawfully married to the afforesaid Margaret Price but was not at the weding nor did I see them married a circumstance which if never had existed would no doubt been spoken of during the long acquaintance I had with them after their marriage which took place previous to the first day of January 1794 and that he has been long acquainted with the said Margaret Price and that he believes she is entitled to full credit on her oath in a court of Justice and further this ???? sayeth not sworn to and subscribe this day and date first above written.

Wm Price
Shadrach Price (seal)
Justice of the Peace for White
County State of Tennessee

State of Tennessee}
White County } I Shadrach Price one of the acting Justices in and for the county and state afforesaid do hereby certify that I am well acquainted with William Price who deposed to the foregoing deposition and that I believe him to be the age he represents himself to be and that he is entitled to full credit on on his oath or otherwise given under my hand and seal this 13th day of December AD 1843.

Shadrach Price (seal)
Justice of the Peace for White
County State of Tennessee

State of Tennessee}
White County } I Nicolas Owheim clerk of White County hereby certify that Shadrach Price Esquire whose name is subscribed to the foregoing declaration and official as Justice of the peace was there and now is one of the acting Justices of the Pease in and for said county duly commissioned.

State of Tennessee}
White County } On this 6th day of January 1852 Shadrach Price age sixty years personally appeared before me and made oath in due form of law that he is the son of Thomas Price deceased who was a private in Captain Thomas Prices Company of North Carolina Militia in the war of the Revolution that he is informed and believes that his said father served three years in the Revolutionary War and died in the the County of White in the month of February 1827 leaving a widow whose name was Margarett Price and who did not again intermarry but remained a widow up to her death which was on or about the 4th day of April 1845 that the said Margarett Price left the following children who are now living Shadrach Price, George Price, Meshach Price, Thomas Price, Sally McDaniel Easter Carr and Mary Rutledge. That his said father never drew a pension and that his mother also never drew a pension but made application affiant make this declaration for the purpose of drawing from the United States the amount of pension that may be found due to his deceased Father and Mother and their heirs and hereby constitutes Moore C. Dibrell attorneys with power of substitutions my attorney to reopen and present said claim.

Shadrach Price (seal) before me
the state above W. W. Moore (seal) Justice of the Peace

[Bible Record]

Margret Robsn was born in the year of our Lord 1768 Augst the 6th

William Robison was born in the year of our Lord 1770 December the 8th

Thomas Robinson was born in the year of our Lord 1772 June 1st

October 18, 1937

Thomas Price

The Quartermaster General
Memorial Branch
War Department
Washington, D.C.

Dear Sir:

Reference is made to your request for information in regard to Thomas Price, who was a private with the North Carolina troops, and died February 13, 1827 in White County, Tennessee.

The data which follow were obtained from papers on file in pension claim W.1078, based upon the service of Thomas Price in the Revolutionary War.

Thomas Price was born July 9, 1766, place not shown. He was the son of Thomas Price, the name of his mother was not given.

While a resident of Rutherford County, North Carolina, Thomas Price enlisted, served as a private with the North Carolina troops under his father, Captain Thomas Price under Colonels Shelby and Clark; he was in a battle at "Ned Hampton's" and in the battles of Pacolett and Musgrove Mills. He was in the service during the battle of King's Mountain, but was not engaged in that battle, as he was left to guard pack horses; his father, Captain Thomas Price, was in the battle. Thomas Price was in the battle of Black Stocks and was in the siege of Augusta, where his father was killed, after which he served under Captain Moses Shelby; length of his entire service between two and three years.

The soldier, Thomas Price, married May 16, 1789 in Burke County, North Carolina, Margaret Robertson; she was born August 6, 1768, place not stated, nor were the names of her parents given.

After their marriage, Thomas Price and his wife, Margaret moved to Greene County, Virginia; from there back to Rutherford County, North Carolina; from there to Kentucky; from there to Jackson County, Tennessee; thence to White County, Tennessee. Thomas Price died in White County, Tennessee, February 13, 1827.

His widow, Margaret Price, applied for pension November 4, 1843, at which time she was living in White County, Tennessee. The pension was allowed.

The widow, Margaret Price, died April 4, 1845, and was survived by the following children: Shadrack Price who was born May 1, 1791; Sally McDaniel who was born March 23, 1793; George Price; Meshach Price; Thomas Price; Easther Carr; and Mary Rutledge.

William Price, brother of the soldier, Thomas Price, was eighty-one years of age, in 1843, there living in White County, Tennessee.

The widow's brothers, William and Thomas Robertson, were born respectively -- December 8, 1770 and June 1, 1772.

The application for headstone for Thomas Price is returned herewith. There was no correspondence enclosed.

Very truly yours
A. D. Hiller
Executive Assistant
to the Administrator