Born:13 May 1820 in Haywood County, North Carolina
Died:28 August 1902 in Putnam County, Tennessee
Parents:James and Nancy (Holder) Inman

1st Married:Sarah Catherine Riddle on 7 August 1844 in McMinn County, Tennessee
Born:24 March 1818 in Simpson County, Kentucky
Died:24 March 1900 in McMinn County, Tennessee
Buried: Buttram's Methodist Church Cemetery, McMinn County, Tennessee
Parents:Samuel and Mary Ann (Unknown) Riddle


  • Anderson Inman
  • Thomas Inman
  • Emeline Inman
  • Willis Inman
  • Joseph Inman

2nd Married:Dorcus Unknown about 1858 in Tennessee
Born:19 March 1837 in Tennessee
Died:26 February 1873 in Putnam County, Tennessee
Buried: Ray Cemetery,Putnam County, Tennessee


  1. Albertus Unknown (listed as Albertus Inman in the 1870 Putnam County, TN Census)
  2. Amanda Unknown (listed as Amanda Inman in the 1870 Putnam County, TN Census)
  3. Mary J. Unknown (listed as Mary J. Inman in the 1870 Putnam County, TN Census)


  1. Emeline Inman

3rd Married:Martha Jackson Bet. 26 Feb 1873–16 Feb 1874 in Putnam County, Tennessee
Born:abt 1836 in White County, Tennessee
Died:Nov 1877 in Putnam County, Tennessee
Parents:Newell and Anna (Grant) Jackson


  1. Charley C. Inman

4th Married:Mahala A. Testament on 21 February 1878 in Overton County, Tennessee
Born:Apr 1850 in White County, Tennessee
Died:in May 1911in Overton County, Tennessee
Buried:in an Unknown Cemetery in Overton County, Tennessee
Parents:George and Lidia (Livesay) Testament


  • Brother-in-Law:J. Levi Jackson - 4th Tennessee Mounted Infantry - USA
  • Brother-in-Law:Eli (aka Elias Howard) Jackson - 4th Tennessee Mounted Infantry - USA
  • Brother-in-Law:James Alexander Jackson - 25th Tennessee Infantry - CSA


7 thTennessee Mounted Infantry
Company D


  • Entered the service as a Private and left the service as a Private
  • Enlisted 30 April 1865
  • May - Jun 1865: Discharged and final statements given from General Hospital in Knoxville on 9 Jun 1865
  • Mustered Out: 9 Jun 1865 at Knoxville
  • Enlistment Papers Included
  • Born: Haywood County, NC



  • 1850 Census:McMinn County, TN, Page 315
  • 1860 Census:McMinn County, TN, Page 218
  • 1870 Census:Putnam County, TN, Page 210
  • 1880 Census:Putnam County, TN, Page 125A
  • 1900 Census:Putnam County, TN, Page 60B


  • Death Certificate: Overton County, TN (1911) - #67714 - Mohaley Inman
  • Putnam County, Tennessee Deed Book Y, Pages 317-318 (Abstract):
    Thomas Inman & Others to Charley Inmon
    For and in consideration of the sum of Fifty dollars ($50.00) cash in hand paid, by Charley Inman, of Monterey, County of Putnam, and State of Tennessee, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged. We Anderson Inman, Thomas Inman, Willis Inman, Joseph Inman, and Jerry Edgeman, and wife Emeline Edgeman, heirs at law of John Inman, Decd, have this day bargained and sold, and by these presents do hereby transfer and convey unto the said Charley Inman . . .
    Witness our hands, this 17th day of March 1906.
    Thomas Inman and wife Louisa Inman
    Willis Inman
    Anderson Inman
    Jerry Edgeman
    Emeline Edgeman
    . . .
    Acknowledgements of the Deed:
    State of Tennessee, Roane County: Jerry Edgemon and Emeline Edgemon
    State of Texas, Montague County: Anderson Inman
    State of Tennessee, McMinn County: Willis Inman
    State of Tennessee, Meigs County: Thomas Inman and Louisa Inman


  1. John Inman's first wife, Sarah, was alive and well after John moved from McMinn County to Putnam County between 1850 and 1860. A fellow researcher, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., searched the McMinn County records for a divorce between John and Sarah. However, none was found.
  2. At least two of the children living in the household of John and Dorcus Inman in 1870 could not have been John's. Albertus and Amanda were living during the 1860 census. John was living with Sarah at this point in time. Viewing the censuses together, Albertus, Amanda, and Mary J. are probably Dorcus's children by a first husband. The youngest child in the house, Emeline, is probably John's. These children have not been located in subsequent censuses.
  3. Charley Inman is probably the child of John and Martha (Jackson) Inman. No death certificate for Charley has been found.

Mahala Testment Inman

Mahala (Testament) Inman