Born: 6 October 1841 in Madison County, Illinois
Died: 8 November 1915 in Putnam County, Tennessee
Buried: Sand Springs Cemetery, Putnam County, Tennessee
Parents: Ligard Fine and Nancy (Thomas) Henry

Married: Rachel E. Williams on 17 January 1861 in Putnam County, Tennessee
Born: 19 December 1843 in Putnam County, Tennessee
Died: 1 July 1917 in Putnam County, Tennessee
Buried: Sand Springs Cemetery, Putnam County, Tennessee
Parents: Joseph and Penny (Vandiver) Williams


  1. John Morgan Henry
  2. William Madison Henry
  3. Nancy Jane Henry
  4. Mary Jane Henry
  5. Fannie F. Henry
  6. Joseph Dibrell Henry
  7. James Thomas Henry
  8. Ligard Fine Henry
  9. Charles Dock Henry
  10. Elisha Nelson Henry
  11. George Trousdale Henry


  • Brother-in-law: James M. Miller - 25th Tennessee Infantry


25th Tennessee Infantry
Company K


  • Enlisted as a Private and left service as a Private
  • Age 20
  • Enlisted 25 Jul 1861 at Tullahoma
  • 25 Jul - 31 Oct 1861: Present
  • Sep & Oct 1862: Present. Got sick furlough 10 Feb for 15 days. Absent without leave from that time till 12 Nov but in charge of Surgeon most of the time.
  • Nov & Dec 1862: Present
  • Jan - Aug 1863: Present
  • Sep 1863 - Feb 1864: Wounded in the battle of Chickamauga and sent to the Hospital at Newman, GA on 26 Sep 1863 by Surgeon Fryar.
  • 6 Apr 1864: At the Hospital. Was wounded in the Battle of Chickamauga
  • Mar - 31 Aug 1864: Absent. Wounded in battle of Chickamauga & sent to Hospital at Newman, GA by Surgeon of Regt.
  • Sep - Dec 1864: Absent



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(File at


  • Filed: 25 August 1892
  • Resident: Calfkiller in White County
  • Resident of TN: Since 1844
  • Enlisted in Col Stanton's Regiment, Col. John M. Hughes. Capt. A. J. Johnson
  • Battles: In the battle of Chickamauga
  • Wounded: Received a gunshot wound in left arm & elbow. Almost lost total use of left arm.
  • He has a wife and sever children at home
  • Ages: 49, 22, 18, 16, 13, 11, 8, 5
  • 1 girl and 6 boys

Supporting Documents:

  • GWH to J. N. King (3 Mar 1903) - Request that he help with getting GWH's pension.
  • Alex Welch (7 Apr 1903) - GWH was wounded in Battle of Chickamauga and sent home. GWH made a good soldier.
  • Alex Welch (7 Oct 1903) - He and GWH were comrades. The reason GWH did not return to the army was that he was severly wounded in the Battle of Chickamauga by having left arm shattered. He went home for a furlough and was cut off by Union army.
  • J. T. Pointer - Trustee (20 Jan 1905) - GWH owns 93 acres valued at $100.



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  • Filed: 4 January 1916
  • Maiden Name: Rachel Williams
  • Born: 19 December 1843 in White County, Tennessee
  • Married: 17 January 1861 in Putnam County by H. B. Johnson
  • Husband Died: 8 November 1915 in Putnam County
  • 11 Living Children: 8 boys and 3 girls
  • Friend who will always know where you live: T. W. Officer
  • Witnesses: Thomas Ford
    • Has known her 40 - 50 years
    • Date: 29 December 1915

Supporting Documents

  • Mary Jane Officer (18 Dec 1915) - She was present at their wedding on 17 January 1861 and saw them married.
  • Tennessee Board of Pension Examiners (5 Jan 1916) - Request to the War Department to verify GWH was wounded at Chickamauga
  • War Department (8 Jan 1916) - Reports that GWH was wounded at Chickamauga


  • 1850 Census: White County, TN, Page 124
  • 1860 Census: Putnam County, TN, Page 30
  • 1870 Census: Putnam County, TN, Page 144
  • 1880 Census: Warren County, TN, Page 339B
  • 1900 Census: Putnam County, TN, Page 54A
  • 1910 Census: Putnam County, TN, Page 75B


  • Death Certificate: Putnam County, TN (1915) - #193 - George Henry (File at
  • Putnam County Herald, 4 November 1915, Page 1 (File at ChroniclingAmerica - Column 2)
    A family reunion took place at the home of Uncle George Henry and wife Aunt Rachel, on last Sunday, Oct. 31.
    There was a great host of friends and relatives present, among whom were Jasper Henry, James Miller, W. M. Henry and wife, A. Stamps and wife of Cookeville, Route 5, Andy Jones of near Shade Grove, Rev. Frank Henry of Calfkiller, T. W. Officer and wife and many others to numerous to mention.
    Uncle George and Aunt Rachel have reared a family of eleven children, eight boys and three girls, the youngest of whom is 28 years old. There were all present on this occasion. It was a great sociable occasion, the pleasant conversations and hearty handshakes were enjoyed by all present. A most delightful dinner was served and after dinner was over the the congregation ???? to order by W. M. Henry and the crowd assembled on and in front of the porch. Jim T. Henry, with his organ and singing class from Rocky Point rendered the song service, and oh, such a beautiful song service led by W. M. Henry. No wonder the song service was beautiful when we come to think about four singing masters begin in the family and most all of the relatives singers. A very touching prayer was offered by their son, Rev. Elish Henry.
    Some very interesting talks were made by W. M. Henry, Rev. Elisha Henry, Rev. G. F. Henry, and Jim T. Henry. W. M. Henry closed the service by calling a handshake and a general revivial of religion followed.
    T. W. Officer and A. P. Roberson counted the congregation and reported that there were 120 relatives and 65 others, make a total of 185 present.
    The benediction was pronounced by Rev. G. F. Henry and the congregation went to their homes feeling greatly benefited.
    Gracie Clouse, Mand Randolph, Com.
  • TN Supreme Court Case: Julia Kerr, et al vs Sol Harrison - 1885 - White County, Tennessee.


George W. and Rachel (Williams) Henry


Photo Source: Pictorial History of Putnam County, Tennessee, Page 99.