Born: 29 March 1828 in Jackson County, TN
Died: 3 February 1911 in Jackson County, TN
Buried: John W. Young Cemetery, Jackson County, TN
Parents: Littleberry and Winnie (Walker) Young

Married: Helen S. Turner about 1848 in Jackson County, TN
Born: 21 March 1827 in Jackson County, TN
Died: 5 May 1898 in Jackson County, TN
Buried: John W. Young Cemetery, Jackson County, TN
Parents: John S. and UNKNOWN Turner


  1. Elizabeth Young
  2. Mary Young
  3. John Young
  4. Oliver Young
  5. Ellen Young
  6. Winnie Young
  7. Frances Young
  8. Roda Young


4 thTennessee Cavalry Battalion
Hamilton's Tennessee Cavalry


  • No available military records



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  • Filed: 10 May 1907
  • Rejected
  • Residence: Cookeville, Putnam County
  • Member: Company A, Captain Harris Co. Col. Dick Morgan's Regiment
  • Diseases: Severe measles which settled in his lungs; typhoid fever which settled in his legs
  • Born: Jackson County, 29 March 1828
  • Enlisted: 14 February 1862 in Colonel Dick Morgan's Regiment; Captain Winton Harris Company A. Tennessee Cavalry
  • Battles: Two - three skirmishes on the Cumberland River
  • Diseases: diarrhea and was in the hospital for about three weeks
  • Captured in the Fall of 1864 and was a prisoner of war for about three weeks; Made his escape from the Federals at Carthage and was unable to get back to his command
  • Wife has been dead for about nine years
  • Children: Staying with his youngest daughter who is 40 years old. One son and 8 daughters. Only five of which are living
  • Attest: J. L. Garrison

2nd Application:

  • Filed: 26 November 1909
  • Member of Company B 4th Tennessee Cavalry, Captain V. B. Harris and O. K. Hamilton
  • Attest: Thomas L. Eaton & A. M. Hestand

Supporting Documents:

  • JWY (19 Feb 1907) -
    • JWY entered the army on 14 February 1862.
    • In the summer of 1864, he was captured at Cummings Mill by Paines cavalry, Captain Brandon's Company.
    • He was carried from the foot of the Cumberland Mountain in Livingston, Overton County to Carthage, TN with 50 other prisoners.
    • While passing through Carthage, they were halted by an officer in command. The guard's attention was diverted.
    • They stopped at Ed Turner's house (JWY's brother-in-law). While the guard's attention was turned, JWY stepped around a corner of the house into a back room and made his escape.
    • After he left, he made his way home to Jackson County and stayed there.
  • A. J. Ford (9 May 1907) - Supports his claim
  • John R. Pippin (15 May 1907) - JWY's wife is dead. The farm left to him by his wife's father is almost gone. He went to live with a child who has plenty of everything. This child owned a Tobacco Factory and interest in Fertilizer Factory. JWY cuts timber to sell. Some thinks that he uses his money to buy liquor. JRP cannot tell about that. There was a bill filed against the Old Ladies' place. JWY went and made a deed to this child to try to beat the others out of their money.
  • JWY (27 March 1908) - Requests status of his pension
  • J. A. Williams (14 Jul 1908) - Supports his claim
  • A. J. Dudney & E. Stamps (25 Jul 1908) - Supports his claim
  • Citizens of S. S. Stantons Bivouac No 24 (27 July 1908) - Supports claim: J. A. Williams, John S. Boroughs, N. B. Young, M. G. Butler, L. Washburn, J. J. Williams
  • JWY (13 Oct 1908) - In the later part of 1863
    • Major Shaw sent JWY to Jackson and Putnam Counties to gather men in that section who were at their homes.
    • While on duty, JWY was surprised and captured by the Yankees.
    • The Yankees took him and about 100 others to Carthage. Among them were John Garrison and John Whitefield.
    • The prisoners were formed in a line in the streets of Carthage.
    • JWY just happened to be stopped by the home of a relative. Without being noticed, he stepped around the corner into the house and was concealed until the Federals left.
    • He was to meet his command; but by the time he got back to Jackson County, Major Shaw had crossed the mountains.
    • It was impossible for hime to rejoin since the Federals were there.
  • JWY (living in Jackson County) (22 Oct 1909):
    • His command was ordered t Sparta in order to move across the TN River.
    • He lived near a road from Obed's River in Overton County to Sparta.
    • On the march, Captain W. B. Harris and Major Shaw gave him permission to go see his wife and family.
    • The next morning he was surprised and captured by Yankees.
    • He was placed in a jail at Carthage
    • He stayed there 3-4 weeks until ready to move to a northern prison.
    • JWY had a brother-in-law [Edmond Turner] who was friendly to him living in Carthage.
    • On the way to the railroad, the Federal Soliders stopped at the home of his brother-in-law to consult.
    • The door to the house was open and JWY slipped inside the house.
    • The guards and other prisoners moved on. He supposes that they never missed him.
    • His brother-in-law hid him while the town was full of Federal Soldiers.
    • As soon as they left, he tried to get back to the Confederate Army.
    • He could not get back to his command.
  • Tennessee Board of Pension Examiners (30 Nov 1909) - Requests Service Records from War Department
  • War Department (3 Dec 1909) Sents status. Unable to find JWY's records. Were able to find a William J. Young.
  • W. H. Young (13 May 1910) - Requests status of pension
  • Columbus Jackson Davis (15 Aug 1910) - CJD describes the same story as JWY. Says he was captured by Captain Frances' men.
  • JWY (22 January 1911) - Details how he got out of the army:
    • He was in Jo Shaw's Battalion
    • While encamped on the Upper Cumberland River, they were ordered to Sparta.
    • Major Shaw ordered JWY to go to Cummings Mill to get some flour, meal and salt on Blackburn's Fork.
    • While at the mill, he was captured and kept four weeks at Carthage, they started to prison, and JWY made his escape.
    • His command had crossed the mountain and was never able to get back.


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  • Putnam County Herald
    2 February 1911
    Vol. IX, No. 6, Page 1
    Young, John:
    Uncle John Young died Feb. 3rd at the home of his daughter Mrs. D. A. Montgomery and his remains were carried to his old home place near Shiloh.


  • Chancery Court Loose Records, Jackson County, TN: State of Tennessee vs Z. M. Young: Zebulon Young is a brother of John W. Young. John S. Turner of Smith County was the father of John's wife: Helen. Several children and spouses are mentioned.