Born: 14 January 1832 in White County, Tennessee
Died: 14 September 1917in Putnam County, Tennessee
Buried: Wilhite Cemetery (also known as Reagan Cemetery)in White County, Tennessee
Parents: Solomon and Gennettie (Sliger) Wilhite

Married: Rebecca Narcissa Anderson 5 April 1860 in Putnam County, Tennessee
Born: 30 August 1844 in White County, Tennessee
Died: 14 April 1924in Putnam County, Tennessee (Death Certificate says 12 April 1924)
Buried: Wilhite Cemetery (also known as Reagan Cemetery) in White County, Tennessee
Parents: James and Nancy (De Freese) Anderson


  1. Nathan Wilhite
  2. Onslow Wilhite
  3. Howard Wilhite
  4. Hortence Wilhite
  5. Elijah Wilhite
  6. Rowling Wilhite


  • Brother: Solomon Robinson Wilhite - 8th Tennessee (Dibrell's) Cavalry Regiment
  • First Cousin: William Lafayette Sliger - 25th Tennessee Infantry Regiment


13 th(Gore's) Tennessee Cavalry
(also known as 8 thTennessee Cavalry)
Company H


  • Entered the service as a Private and left the service as a Private
  • Enlisted 15 Sep 1862 at White County
  • 12 Oct 1862: Present
  • 30 Jun - 31 Dec 1864: Present as the company Farrier



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  • Filed May 25, 1905
  • Accepted
  • Resident of Cookeville, TN
  • Member of 13th TN Cavalry
  • Born: 14 Jan 1832 in White County
  • Enlisted : 1862 in George Dibrell's Command; 13th Cavalry. Captain James Barnes Company
  • Wife is 60 years old
  • four sons
  • Attest: Joseph Hudgens & W. L. Dyer

Supporting Documents:

  • J. T. Pointer (27 Sep 1905) - Tax Assessment



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  • Filed 3 November 1917
  • Accepted
  • Died on 14 April 1924
  • Lived in Tennessee all her life
  • Born in White County, Tennessee in 1844
  • Maiden Name: Rebecca Narcissa Anderson
  • Husband was born in 1832 in White County
  • Married 5 April 1860 by Rev. Jesse Hickman
  • Witness: Mr. John H. Hill
    • Has known her all her life.
    • She was born in White County,
    • Was well acquainted with her husband.

Supporting Documents:

  • Frank Dibrell (19 Sep 1905) - Everything is enclosed except Certificate of Trustee indicating indigency. Please send before the next board meeting.
  • Jno Hickman, Secretary (18 Sep 1905) - Need Certificate of Trustee.
  • Tennessee Board of Pension Examiners (9 Dec 1905) - Request Pension Records
  • War Department (12 Dec 1905) - Sent Service Records
  • J. N. King (2 Nov 1917) - Her marriage license should be in White County. Widow lives 16 miles away and is too frail to go get it. She has two living witnesses to the ceremony. Both are old and frail. JNK will have to go to them.
  • J. N. King (8 Nov 1917) - Is the current proof sufficient?
  • J. N. King (9 Nov 1917) - He has known applicant for 35 years. He has seen the marriage record that states they were married 5 Apr 1860.
  • Andy Sliger and J. E. Nicholas (8 Nov 1917) - They have known applicant all her life. They know that they have been married.
  • Special Examiner (21 Nov 1917) - You husband was paroled at Washington, GA and you are entitled to a pension
  • J. N. King (3 Dec 1917) - What additional proof is required? The Clerk at White County found the marriage bond but not the license.


  • 1850 Census: White County, TN, Page 76
  • 1860 Census: Putnam County, TN, Page 73
  • 1870 Census: White County, TN, Page 379B
  • 1880 Census: Putnam County, TN, Page 103C
  • 1900 Census: Putnam County, TN, Page 29A
  • 1910 Census:


Putnam County Herald
20 September 1917, Vol. XV, No. 38, Page 1

  • E. M. Wilhite - E. M. Wilhite one of the oldest and most highly esteemed citizens of Putnam county, died Sunday at his home in the Second district. He was affectionately known by the people of the county as "Uncle Mack," and had been prominently identified with Putnam county since its organization. He was about 86 years old and was a Confederate veteran. He had been a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian church for seventy-five years. He is survived by several children and by his aged wife, to whom he was married about sixty-five years ago. In his younger days, he was one of the best known stock traders of this section of the state.

Putnam County Herald
17 April 1924, Vol. XXII, No. 30, Page 1

  • Mrs. Rebecca Narcissa Wilhite , widow of the late Mack Wilhite, died Monday at her home in the 2nd district of this county. She was 79 years old and was a most estimable Christian lady. She is survived by four sons and a large number of grandchild and great-grandchildren. She had been a devoted member of the Cumberland Presbyterian church from her childhood. Her remains were interred at the family cemetery Tuesday afternoon and funeral being attended by many relatives and friends. Her husband was the best known of the pioneer citizens of this county. For many years he ws one of the leading livestock dealers of this section of the state. He preceded his wife to the grave a few years ago.


  • Death Certificate: Putnam County, TN (1917) - #525 - E. M. Willhoit
  • Death Certificate: Putnam County, TN (1924) - #301 Sic Willhite
  • Putnam County Herald
    21 January 1915, Vol. XIII, No. 3, Page 2
    A Birthday Family Reunion - The writer and wife attended the birthday dinner of E. M. Wilhite on the 14th inst., and although Uncle Mack was 84 years old that day, he and his faithful wife were getting around unusually active for their age and doing everything possible to make the guests feel at home and we did so feel. It was great day, long to be remembered, for the old time Southern hospitality shown by this venerable old couple, whose history reaches back to a time when nearly every man's word was as good as his bond. The writer never saw a better dinner, not one better served, and he had dined at large hotels in different states and cities and in Washington City with one leading Statesman, but never saw anything better anywhere. There were 5 persons dined, including children. The neighbors all around Uncle Mack's were there and all seemed to one mind and accord, to do honor to their distinguished friend and safe counsellor, both in church and state. Uncle Mack received 235 birthday cards and 16 letters and 32 nice presents. He received cards from Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, Nebraska, Tenn., Minnesota, Montana and Wisconsin, and to make the occasion the more impressive and to attach more honor, there were four Ex-Confederate soldiers of the just, though lost cause seated at the first table, namely Uncle Mack, W. L. Ray (See W. L. Ray), Wm. L. Dyer and little Jacob H. Davis, the fighting Johnny Reb of the 60's. It was as quiet a crowd of well thinking citizens as we generally see. After dinner when we began to think of taking the parting hand for our homes, Uncle Mack asked us all to repair to the quiet family room of his and sister Wilhite and sing and hold prayer, which we did, the service being conducted by Bro. W. L. Ray; assisted by J. B. Barnes, the writer and others Uncle Mack and his wife, with others were made shouting happy in the Savior's love and we had an old time hand shake and expressed hope of meeting after death where there will be no more parting and no more good-byes. After which we all left for our homes feeling that it was good to have been there. This day will be long remembered as a social religious occasion. Respectfully yours, J. N. King

Elijah M. Wilhite

Elijah McCamel and Rebecca Narcissa (Anderson) Wilhite

Photo Source:

Stray leaves from Putnam County history : pioneer families, sights and sounds from the past, old school groups, Civil War soldiers, Page 233

Sliger and Related Families, Page 222A