Born: 10 Aug 1844 in McMinn County, TN
Died: 18 Jan 1917 in Dekalb County, TN
Buried: Andy Taylor Cemetery, Dekalb County, TN
Parents: Thomas B. and Cintha (Bandy) Waller

Married: Eliza Ann Whittaker abt 1879
Born: abt 1860 Van Buren County, TN
Died: between 1892 - 1900


  1. Andrew F. Waller
  2. Hershel W. Waller
  3. Dora Ann Waller


43 thTennessee Infantry Regiment
Company D


  • Entered military as Private and left as a Private
  • Age: 18 (1 Nov 1861)
  • Enlisted 1 Nov 1861 in Decatur
  • Nov & Dec 1861: Present
  • Jan - Dec 1862: Present
  • Jan - Jun 1863: Present
  • Jul & Aug 1863: On parole and has not reported to his company
  • Captured 4 Jul 1863 at Vicksburg, MS; Prison of War in the hospital
  • Transferred from Vicksburg, MS to Mobile, AL by New Orleans, LA
  • Took the Oath of Allegiance on 15 Jul 1863



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  • Filed: 17 Mar 1892
  • Rejected
  • Residence: Ditty, Putnam County
  • Member of Captain I. R. Binyon Company D, 43rd Infantry Regiment
  • Wounded: at Vicksburg, MS on 22 Jun 1863 when he was shot through the right leg breaking a bone. He was also ruptured.
  • Born: McMinn County, TN in 1844
  • Enlisted: Nov 1863 in the 43rd Tennessee Infantry; Col. J. W. Gillespi, Lt. Col. D. M. Key, in Captain A. W. Hedge Company
  • Paroled at Vicksburg, MS
  • Married: Wife is 31
  • Children: 12, 10 (son), 8, 6 (daughter)
  • Attest: A. W. Hedge and Almond Givens

No Supporting Documents:



  • Filed: 8 Aug 1903
  • Accepted
  • Residence: Blend, Dekalb County
  • Member: Company D, 43rd TN Infantry Regiment
  • Wounded: at Vicksburg, MS; shot in the right leg
  • Diseases: piles and chronic cough
  • Born: McMinn County, 10 Aug 1844
  • Enlisted 30 Nov 1861 in Co. D, 43rd TN Infantry Regiment; Col. J. W. Gallespy, Lt. Col. D. M. Key; Capt J. R. Bunion
  • Wounds: shot through right leg between knee and ankle on 20 Jun 1863
  • Captured and sent to Athens, TN; took the Oath
  • Wife is dead
  • Children: 23, 19, 17
  • Attest: G. T. Smith and Robert Spadling

Supporting Documents:

  • W. N. Adcock (25 Nov 1904) - Tax Accessment
  • W. W. Parker, MD (25 Nov 1904) - Physician's certificate
  • Robert Spradling (2 Dec 1904) - After the surrender at Vicksburg, MS and while on parole, AJW returned to his home in East TN with those in his command. They were ordered to go to parole camps for exchange. Because of his wound, he was unable to comply. The country was captured by Federals, and AJW was unable to get back to his command.
  • Andrew J. Waller (25 Oct 1903) - AJW had applied for a pension before and was rejected because he needed to explain why he did not return to the service. The reason for this was because of the wounds he received in his right leg on 22 Jun 1863 at Vicksburg, MS. He was at his father's home in McMinn County recovering, when Capt. J. R. Binion visited his home. The Captain told him to remain at his father's house, because he could not be of any more service to the army. The Confederate Army had moved south, and AJW did not know where they were located and could not return.
  • Robert Spradling (2 Dec 1904) - RS provides a list of men who served and where they are currently living.


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