Born: 28 March 1845 in Rutherford County, North Carolina
Died: 17 December 1913 in Putnam County, Tennessee
Buried: James Bohannon Cemetery, Putnam County, Tennessee
Parents: A Quillen and Rhoda (Ford) Walker

Married: Sarah "Sallie" Bohannon in the summer of 1865 in Putnam County, Tennessee
Born: 26 May 1841 in White County, Tennessee
Died: 7 August 1922in Putnam County, Tennessee
Buried: James Bohannon Cemetery,Putnam County, Tennessee
Parents: James and Rachel (Grimes) Bohannon


  • Henry P. Walker
  • George Dibrell Walker
  • Belle Walker
  • Mary Walker
  • Abner Walker
  • John Campbell Walker
  • Sarah Walker
  • Ada Walker
  • Ida Walker
  • Alvin Walker
  • Daisy Walker


  • Brother: Alexander Walker - 28th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
  • Brother-in-law: Henry Bohannon - 25th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
  • Brother-in-law: James Bohannon - 84th Tennessee Infantry Regiment


13th Tennessee (Gore's) Cavalry Regiment
(also known as 8th Tennessee Cavalry)
Company H


  • Entered military as Private and left as a Private
  • Enlisted 15 Sep 1862 in White County
  • 12 October 1862: Present
  • Had a horse killed



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  • Filed: 12 August 1909
  • Rejected
  • Residence: Cookeville, Putnam County
  • Member of Company H of 8th Tennessee Cavalry
  • Born in Rutherford County, NC in 1845 and moved with his parents to Putnam County in 1850
  • Enlisted in September 1862 in General Dibrell's regiment; Captain James Barnes Company
  • Battles: Parkers X Roads; Triune; Franklin
  • Diseases: contracted kidney disease; exposure and yellow jaundice
  • Hospital: Chattanooga and Atlanta Hospitals for a month. Was able to leave Fairground Hospital in Atlanta about 1 July 1863 and transferred to Chattanooga to join his command. He left there and transferred to Loudon to join General Forrest. He left there and traveled home on food.
  • Wife: 68 years old
  • Resided in Tennessee since he was five years old
  • Attest: J. M. Whitson and Matthew Langford

Supporting Documents:

  • William H. Walker (7 Oct 1909) - Appended to his statement
    • He had passes from the Provost Marshall and was transferred from Chattanooga to Loudon.
    • He had passes from the Provost Marshall to travel to Kingston on a boat, but he missed the boat and walked to Kingston.
    • He went to General Forrest's office in the Court House.
    • He needed to get to General George G. Dibrell's command. He was given passes to get to Starnes Regiment in the Camp at White's Creek for two nights and one day.
    • He went across the mountain to where General Dibrell'ss regiments was in camp.
    • He was feeble and unable to travel long distances. By the time, he reached his father's home, he was unable to go to Sparta.
  • Tennessee Board of Pension Examiners (2 Dec 1909) - They are not satisfied on how WHW got out of the army. General Dibrell was in Sparta in October 1864. WHW should have gone with him.
  • WHW (19 April 1910) - When WHW reached his father's home in the summer of 1863, he was suffering continuously from kidney trouble.
  • Alexander L. Walker (19 April 1910) - He was at home with his father when his brother WHW came home from East TN. When he reached home, he was barely able to sit up. His first attack came after the retreat from Tullahoma.



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  • Filed 5 Aug 1914
  • Rejected
  • Resident of Cookeville, Putnam County, TN, RDF #6
  • Resident of Tennessee all her life
  • Maiden Name: Sallie Bohanon
  • Born 26 May 1841 in the 3rd Civil District of Putnam County
  • Husband was one year younger than her. He was born in North Carolina and moved to Tennessee as a small boy.
  • They were married at the close of the Civil War in 1865 by Rev. Abraham Ford.
  • Husband died in December 1913 at their home in the 3rd Civil District
  • They had 11 children: six girls and five boys. Still living: six girls and three boys.

Supporting Documents:

  • Tennessee Board of Pension Examiners (12 Aug 1909) - Request Service Records
  • War Department (16 Aug 1909) - Sent Service Records
  • Elizabeth Huddleston (21 Jul 1914) -
    • She is seventy-one years old.
    • She was born in February 1843 in the 3rd Civil District of Putnam County.
    • She has resided in Putnam County all her life.
    • She was acquainted with the widow Sallie Walker. Her maiden name was Sallie Bohannon.
    • My maiden name was Elizabeth Bohannon. We were cousins.
    • EH was present at the wedding of Sallie and W. H. Walker. It was at the home of the bride's parents in what is now the 3rd Civil District of Putnam County.
    • They were married in the summer of 1865.
    • The marriage ceremony was performed by Rev. Abraham Ford, a Baptist Minister.
    • Mr. Walker died in December 1913.
  • Ernest H. Boyd (31 Jul 1914) - W. H. Walker died in December 1913. Mrs. Walker is a splendid citizen. She is getting old and is crippled.
  • Special Examiner (26 Aug 1914) - Walker's pension was not granted, because the board was not satisfied with his war record.
  • Jesse Hickman Buck - 8th Tennessee (Dibrell's) Cavalry(10 Oct 1914) - Was acquainted with and served in the war with W. H. Walker. Is also acquainted with his widow. She is a good woman and is badly crippled.
  • Special Examiner (4 Nov 1914) - How did Walker get out of the war?
  • J. L. Quarles (19 Nov 1914) -
    • During the Civil War, he served with W. H. Walker in Company H of the 8th Tennessee Cavalry, Col. G. G. Dibrell's regiment.
    • He knew both W. H. Walker and his widow.
  • Ernest H. Boyd (26 Nov 1914) - Enclosed is a statement of Mr. J. L. Quarles.
  • Special Examiner (9 Dec 1914) - The affidavit of J. L. Quarles does not strengthen the case. He does not say how Walker got out of the war.
  • Columbus Jackson Davis (18 Feb 1916) - If there is additional evidence required for Mrs. W. H. Walker's application, please let him know.
  • W. M. Henry (28 Jan 1921) -
    • He is seventy years old and is a farmer.
    • He was well acquainted with W. H. Walker all his life.
    • He saw WHW a few days after he came back from from the army in 1863. He was in very feeble health and did not recover before the end of the war.
    • He was treated by Dr. John Pointer who is now dead.
  • James Walker (28 Jan 1921)
    • He is a brother of W. H. Walker.
    • He is 76 years old and is a farmer.
    • He knows that the facts submitted by W. M. Henry are true.
    • WHW, James Walker and Mr. Henry all lived in a sparcely settled community in the mountains.
  • Algood Moore, County Clerk (??) - The court house burned in 1899. He knew W. H. Walker and his widow.


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  • 1860 Census: Putnam County, TN, Page 96
  • 1870 Census: Putnam County, TN, Page 132
  • 1880 Census: Putnam County, TN, Page 120C
  • 1900 Census:
  • 1910 Census: Putnam County, TN, Page 55B


Putnam County, TN
Will Book 6
Page 251
Online at FamilySearch

  • Will: W. H. Walker
  • Date the Will was Written: Aug 10, 1911
  • Date the Will was Recorded : Oct 16, 1914


Putnam County Herald
18 December 1913
Vol. XI, No. 51, Page 3

W. H. Walker of Dry Valley died suddenly Wednesday, Dec. 17, 1913, at his home. He was one of the most prominent citizens of that section and was well known as a wagon maker for many years. Mr. Walker was a Confederate soldier, serving Gen. Dibrell's brigade. He was a Mason and Odd Fellow. The funeral was conducted from the home at noon Wednesday, with fraternal rights. Mr. Walker is survive by his wife and several grown children.

Putnam County Herald
8 January 1914
Vol. XII, No. 2, Page 2

Resolutions of Condolence - Resolutions of condolence on death of W. H. Walker, member of Farmers' Union at Caney Fork, No. 1259. Whereas, It has seemed good to the Almighty Disposer of Events to remove from our midst our late worthy and esteemed brother, W. H. Walker; Therefore, Resolved, That we deplore the loss of W. H. Walker with deep feelings of regret , softened only by the confident hope that his spirit is with those who, having fought the good fight here, are enjoying perfected happiness 'n a better world. Resolved, That we tender to his afflicted relatives our sincere condolence and our earnest sympathy in their affliction at the loss of one who was a good citizen, a devoted Christian and an upright man.

Putnam County Herald
8 January 1914
Vol. XII, No. 2, Page 3

Whereas, it has pleased the Grand Master of the Universe to receive into the Grand Lodge above the spirit of our worthy brother, W. H. Walker, who departed this life on Dec. 17, 1913, at his home four miles east of Cookeville, Therefore, Be it Resolved, That in the death of Brother Walker this lodge has lost a most highly esteemed brother, whose devotion to our order has grown stronger and stronger through the many years of his service in its ranks, our county loses a splendid citizen, whose integrity and industry was known of all men, and his family is deprived of the counsel and guidance of a devoted husband and affectionate father. Further, Be it Resolved, That a page of our minutes be set apart to his memory and that the secretary be directed to furnish a copy of these resolutions to the family of the deceased. E. H. Boyd, I. W. McCluen, Norman Massa, J. M. Judd, A. N. Bowden, Com.

Putnam County Herald
10 August 1922
Vo. XX, No. 32, Page 1

Mrs. Walker Dead. - Mrs. Walker, widow of the late Wm. H. Walker, died Tuesday at her home in the Third civil district. She was about seventy years old and was an excellent Christian lady. She had been a member of the Baptist church from childhood. She is survived by several grown children and many other relatives in this county.