Born: 11 Feb 1837 in Clinton County, KY
Died: 24 Aug 1908in Putnam County, TN
Buried: Daniel C. Webb Cemetery,Putnam County, TN
Parents: Jesse and Priscilla (Grimes) Tallent

1st Married: Louticia Eldridge between 1860 and 1870 in Overton County, TN
Born: 15 Mar 1845 in Tennessee
Died: 14 Jan 1886 in Putnam County, TN
Buried: Daniel C. Webb Cemetery,Putnam County, TN
Parents: Zachariah and Mary (Unknown) Eldridge


  1. Nora Belle Tallent
  2. Cora D. Tallent
  3. Prisa Tallent
  4. Jason Tallent
  5. Polk S. Tallent
  6. Charles Tallent

2nd Married: Drucilla "Pet" Rector in May 1886 in Cumberland County, TN
Born: abt 1851/2 in Putnam County, TN
Died: 15 May 1934 in Putnam County, TN
Buried: Brotherton Cemetery,Putnam County, TN
Parents: William and Sarah "Sallie" (Pyron) Rector


  1. Opal Tallent


8 thKentucky Infantry Regiment
Company H


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  • Filed: 7 Nov 1905
  • Accepted
  • Residence: Brotherton, Putnam County
  • Member: 8th Kentucky Infantry Regiment, Company H
  • Wounded: On picket between Clinton and Wayne County, KY
  • Born: Clinton County, KY in 1837
  • Enlisted: Col. Shanal, Lt. Col. Tucker, Major McQuery, Captain Shanal
  • Wounds: Shot in the breast and right arm
  • Wife is 54 years
  • Children: two sons 16, 14 and two daughters 17, 11
  • Resident of Tennessee for 43 or 44 years
  • Attest: B. F. Ferguson and Letilia B. J. Ferguson
  • 2nd Application Filed: 26 Mar 1903
  • Wife is 53 years old
  • Resident of Tennessee for 38 years
  • Attest: B. F. Ferguson and Elgia Moles
  • 3rd Application Filed: 1 Jul 1892
  • Wife is 42 years old
  • Children: 26, 21, 18, 16, 15, 13, 11
  • Attest: John Clark and Eliga Moles

No Supporting Documents



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  • Filed: 9 January 1924
  • Died May 1934
  • Residence: Brotherton, Putnam County, TN
  • Born in 1851 in Putnam County
  • Maiden Name: Drucilla J. Rector
  • Icel Tallent was born in either 1836 or 1837 in Clinton County, KY.
  • They married in Cumberland County, TN by Squire Frier.
  • Husband died in 1908 in Putnam County, TN
  • Witnesses Rhoda West and P. L. West
    • Lived at Route #1 in Brotherton, TN
    • Have know Drucilla Talent for 60 years
    • Drucilla has lived in TN all her life.
    • She was born in 1851 in Putnam County, TN.
    • She and Icel Tallent were married by Squire Frier.
    • Icel Tallent died in August 1908.
    • Dated 5 January 1924

Supporting Documents

  • T. H. Cooper MD (10 Oct 1892) - He has examined IV Tallent and found that he has a wound in the right breast, passing through the right lung and passing out above the right kidney.
  • J. S. Bilbrey (28 Oct 1892) - A. Bryant JP certify his affidavit (affidavit not found).
  • B. F. Ferguson and L. B. J. Ferguson (15 Oct 1892) - IV Tallent was at our house when he was wounded in the fall of 1862. He was shot in the right arm and the right chest. They lived in Overton County at the time.
  • ??? (19 Jun 1902) -
    • These men are in favor of Ex-Confederates drawing a pension when entitled to it, but they believe that I. V. S. Tallent is not entitled.
    • He came home from Kentucky in time of the war and followed stealing horses.
    • He says that he was wounded in the war, but it was done at ?Baredy? house.
    • We always understood that he gave Mr. Moles $5 to say that he is boy that he spoke of.
    • When Mr. Tallent was drawing his pension, he went to buying and selling whiskey and keeping a ??? in the county.
    • He has been indicted for drunkness and disturbing public worship.
    • He says that he has three $20 bills that he does not have any use for.
    • Mr. Tallent is a bad character in the neighborhood and has been discredited. He is not allowed oath in the courts.
    • When he filed, he had three boys about grown and a very good farm.
    • The witness that testified for him being in the service was not in the army, but was just a boy. He lay in the woods and made whiskey with Mr. Tallent.
    • He stole the citizens horses.
    • He stole a horse from a colored man and tied him in the mountains til he almost starved to death.
    • He told the darky that he would find his horse if he would give him one bushel of wheat.
  • Tennessee Board of Pension Examiners (10 Mar 1904) - Requests service records
  • War Department (15 Mar 1904) - Send Service Records
  • W. H. Jernigan JP, C. P. Jernigan Notary Public, H. D. Whitson C. Judge, D. C. Gossage Co Clerk, J. T. Pointer Trustee (???) - We know Icel Tallent. He is law abiding citizen and a man of good moral character.
  • B. F. Ferguson, Eliga Moles, and John Eldridge (???) -
    • They make oath that they know IT and that he was a soldier in 8th KY Infantry.
    • While on pickett duty near Albany, KY, in about Oct 1862, IT was shot twice: once through the right arm rendering it useless and through the breast passing clear through the body.
    • These wounds rendered him useless for the service.
    • He was carried from Albany to Elderidge Cove, TN to the home of Cal Elderidge.
    • He remained at Elderidge's home for about a year, unable to get out.
    • He was unfit for military service thereafter.
  • Secretary of the Pension Board (29 Jan 1924) - Please send in the date of your marriage.
  • Rhoda West (22 Mar 1924) - Rhoda West was present at the marriage of Drucilla Rector and Icel Tallent. It occurred in May 1888.
  • Catherine Rector (27 Mar 1924) - She was present at the marriage. It happened some time in May 1888.
  • Drucilla Tallent (28 Mar 1924) - The Cumberland County marriage records were burned in a court house fire.


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