Born: 15 December 1838 in Union County, GA
Died: 12 February 1915 in Saline County, AR
Buried: Fairplay Cemetery, Hot Springs County, AR
Parents: Thomas and Susan (Sterrett) Summerville

Married: Amanda C. Bailey on 24 October 1890 in Dekalb County, AL
Born: ca. 1866 in Alabama
Died: after 1930 in Hot Springs County, AR


  1. William J. Summerville
  2. Hannah Summerville


20 thAlabama Infantry Regiment
Company D


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  • Filed: 21 Oct 1901
  • Rejected
  • Residence: Monterey, Putnam County, TN
  • Enlisted: 20th Alabama Infantry, Company D
  • Battles: Port Gibson, MS; Dalton, GA; Jonesboro, GA
  • Wounds: Blindness left eye; Right foot & ankle; right shoulder
  • Born: Union County, GA on 15 Dec 1838
  • Enlisted June 1861; He was first wounded serving under Capt. Pratt, Company D, 20th Alabama Infantry; Col Garnette, 2nd Colonel Doadman, Lt. Glass, 3rd Colonel Deadman
  • He was captured
  • Wife is 39 years
  • 1 son and 1 daughter
  • Residence of Tennessee for 18 years
  • Attest: J. C. Walker & J. H. Verble

Supporting Documents:

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  • 1850 Census: Habersham County, GA, Page 238 (listed as W. S. Summerville)
  • 1860 Census:
  • 1870 Census:
  • 1880 Census:
  • 1900 Census: Putnam County, TN, Page 66A
  • 1910 Census: Saline County, AR, Page 68A


  • Death Certificate: Arkansas 2/2/1915 (William Summerville)
  • Arkansas Confederate Widow's Pension Application #23474 (Amanda C. Summerville)
  • Putnam County Herald, 19 October 1904, Page 4
    Written by W. M. Somerville

    Tom Watson the Man

    Editor Herald:-I see you have traveled the democratic road until you have come to the forks. Seeing no democrat near or in the distance going your way, you have made a successful running switch and landed on a safe and sound platform, with Tom Watson at the helm.

    Same over here. I have been lifelong democrat. I have supported every democratic nominee for president from 1860 up to the present time. I cast three votes for old blote Grover, who sold out to the republican party and brought disaster to democracy. My vote in '96 and 1900 was for W. J. Bryan, the biggest man in the United States.

    I am standing today on the Kansas City platform, looking for the six million and a half democrats who endorsed that platform and cast their votes for Bryan, but see them not.

    A flashlight thrown out and investigation made shows they have repudiated democratic doctrine and got onto the republican platform-made a landslide into the ranks of the goldbugs and ??? sharks of Wall street - endorsed Parker for president, who is standing squarely on the republican platform and has as many trust magnates, corporations and monopolies backing him as Roosevelt has.

    Here are a few of the gentlemen who are running the democratic machine as national committeemen or immediate advisers of Parker: George Foster Peabody, who hold a large interest in 12 trusts; William F. Sheehan in 14; August Belmont in 38.

    Will the 6,470,656 democrats who voted for Bryan in 1900 repudiate the Kansas City platform and vote for Parker, who stand for everything the republicans represent? What is the difference between Parker and Possessive anyhow?

    Will the newspapers that so vigorously condemn Roosevelt for favoring the trust and corporations and eating with a half yankee, half negro in the Whitehouse turn their 13-inch guns on Parker and bespatter him from end to end with printer's ink for eating and drinking of the same cup with negroes? Can the kettle call the pot black? Nay, it is dog eat dog.

    I appeal to all true Southern democrats and old Rebel soldiers to cast their votes for Watson and let the New York yankees go to hades. We used to shoot them with bullets. Now shoot them with ballots, and keep shooting, and in a short time we will be victorious. Vote for Watson!
    W. M. Somerville
    Co. D. 20th Ala. Regt. Inft.
    Monterey, Tenn., Oct. 18