Born: 26 December 1845 in Cocke County, Tennessee
Died: 11 October 1929in Putnam County, Tennessee
Buried: Whittaker Cemetery, Putnam County, Tennessee
Parents: William Graham and Barthenia (Clark) Sehon/Seahorn

1st Married: Margaret Lea about 1870 in Overton County, Tennessee
Born: 28 September 1850 in Overton County, Tennessee
Died: 12 May 1876 in Overton County, Tennessee
Buried: Betsey Speck Cemetery, Overton County,, Tennessee
Parents: Malacchi and Annie (Cox) Lea


  1. Mary E. Sehon
  2. Lea Ellen Sehon
  3. Annie B. Sehon
  4. James W. Sehon (died as an infant)

2nd Married: Mallie Huffimeister about 1877 in Overton County, Tennessee
Died: about 1879 in Overton County, Tennessee

  1. Lena Willie Sehon

3rd Married: Sarah Marshall Copeland 16 July 1880 in Overton County, Tennessee
Born: 12 April 1859 in Overton County, Tennessee
Died: 29 April 1925in Putnam County, Tennessee
Buried: Whittaker Cemetery, Putnam County, Tennessee
Parents: Captain James R. and Sarah "Sallie" (Hyder) Copeland

  1. Millard Benton Sehon
  2. Stella Gretchen Sehon
  3. Woodlie Octavia Sehon
  4. Margaret Katherine Sehon
  5. Lula Sehon


  • Father-in-law: Captain James R. Copeland - 25th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
  • Brother-in-law: Thomas B. Copeland - 25th TN Infantry Regiment
  • Brother-in-law: John H. Lea - 25th Tennessee Infantry and 13th Tennessee (Gore's) Cavalry Regiment


5 thTennessee (McKenzie's) Cavalry Regiment
Company F


  • Entered military as Private and left as a Private
  • Enlisted 17 March 1862 at Knoxville
  • Jan & Feb 1862: Present
  • 28 Feb - 3 June 1862: Absent; On sick furlough for 20 days from 15 June 1862 by order of General McLien
  • Jul & Aug 1862: Detailed as a courier to Colonel Ben Alston 12 Aug 1862; By Order of Colonel McLien
  • Sep & Oct 1862: Left without permission at Rose Furnace, TN 20 Sep 1862
  • Nov & Dec 1862: Present; Absent without leave from 20 Sep 1862 - 11 Nov 1862
  • 31 Aug 1862 - 28 Feb 1863: Absent; Bounty due $50; Absent without leave 86 days; mounted 261 days
  • Mar & Apr 1863: Present; Absent without leave 81 days
  • 12 March 1864: Age 17; Discharged
  • Name appears on a Register of Discharged Soldiers
  • John F. Sehon
    • Born in Grainger County
    • Age 17
    • Height 5' 6"
    • Complexion: Dark
    • Eyes: Black
    • Hair: Dark



( Download Full Pension Application)


  • 1st Application
  • Filed: 15 October 1909
  • Accepted
  • Member: Col. G. W. McKenzie's Regiment 5th TN Cavalry
  • Born: Cocke County on 27 December 1845
  • Enlisted: 17 March 1862 in Colonel McKenzies Regiment; Captain A. L. Mims Company
  • Battles: served as a courier for Colonel Austin; Was at the seige of Cumberland Gap
  • Wife: 50 years; Three daughters ages 20, 15, 7
  • Now acting as Justice of the Peace
  • Attest: H. F. Nuckols and J. J. Whittaker
  • 2nd Application:
  • Filed: 15 August 1924
  • Residence: Monterey
  • Born: Cocke County on 27 December 1845 (in orderr to get into the army, he gave age as 18 years old).
  • Battles: Brimstone; Cumberland Gap; Boston, KY; Appointed a courier under Col. Austin at Cumberland Gap during seige
  • Wounds: July 1863- got a strain lifting some wagons and was sent home for 10-12 days
  • At the close of the war, he was at Uncle John Clarke's home in McMinn County near Athens
  • Wife: 66 years old; One daughter aged 21 years old; Has one son and six daughters living; one son and 2 daughters dead
  • Owns several properties that pay rent
  • Attest: W. C. Whittaker and W. B. Ray

Supporting Documents:

  • JFS (12 Oct 1909) - Requests status of pension application.
  • Tennessee Board of Pension Examiner (15 Oct 1909) - Service Record Request.
  • War Department (19 Oct 1909) - Sent Service Records
  • G. G. Whittaker (7 Feb 1910) - Requests a status off JFS's pension application.
  • JFS (12 Feb 1910) - He was never able to re-enlist due to the strain on his back.
  • JFS (17 Mar 1910) - Sent what he owes on property
  • JFS (17 Mar 1910) - If he was fit for duty, then the Conscript Officers would have found him and recruited him.
  • Secretary of Pension Board (3 Mar 1919) - Pension is disallowed.
  • Governor A. H. Roberts (31 May 1919) - Supports his claim.
  • JFS (2 June 1923) - Restatement of the facts.
  • War Department (11 July 1924) - Sent Service Records for James M. Raines.
  • Grover C. Whittaker (13 Aug 1924) - Supports his claim.
  • Secretary of Pension Board (10 Feb 1925) - Pension is disallowed.
  • Grover C. Whittaker (3 Mar 1925) - Sending in an affidavit of JFS.
  • JFS (3 Mar 1925) -
    • Father and Mother lived at Morristown, TN during the war.
    • JFS was 16 years old. His cousin G. W. Carter came home with Mr. Hanse who was on furlough and persuaded him to go enlist.
    • He enlisted at Clinton, TN on 17 Mar 1862.
    • He was assigned to duty with the Cavalry and was cut off from his command at Big Creek Gap near Boston, KY.
    • He went without food and water for four days when he found some parched corn.
    • He rejoined his command and was forced to stay in ranks for fear of eating too much.
    • He went to a camp and found a man with batter cakes. He tried to eat but could not stomach it.
    • He stayed in the mountains; The hills were steep. He got up in the mountain by letting the horses lead and hang onto their tails.
    • The wagon guards were captured at Brimstone. JFS was recaptured at Huntsville and sent to Kingston, TN.
    • About 5 or 6 months after enlistment, he got a strain in his back. The surgeon him home. He went to Loudon on a boat. Then took train to Morristown. Marsh Henry was on furlough. JFS let him take his horse.
    • He returned to his command about two weeks later. He was appointed as courier under Col. Austin at Cumberland Gap during seige.
    • Yankee scouts found them hiding in a house near Briar Field Gap and captured General Austin.
    • Captain Mims retturned from Knoxville and gave JFS a discharge with a promise that he would re-enlist.
    • He rode to Morristown then to Dutch Bottoms in Cocke County to his Uncles Frank and John Clark.
    • There was a Company of Texas Rangers. JFS wasnted to be a scout but could not on account of his back.
    • He went to Alex Morelocks near Riceville in McMinn County and stayed a year.
    • After the war, George Carter, J. C. Dawson & JFS walked to Overton County. His Father told him to go to Jeff Whittaker on Cumberland Mountain, Putnam County.
    • The son of Jeff Whittaker said that he would got with them to Jack Walker's (uncle).. He introduced JFS to Aunt Clem Walker.
    • He clerked at Sam Hampton's store in Cedar Springs.
    • Jack Ray, Sam Hampton and JFS built a store on Pond Ridge.
  • Grover C. Whittaker (18 May 1925) - Please reconsider giving JFS a pension.
  • Secretary of Pension Board (3 Jan 1926) - JFS is not pensionable because he did not re-enlist at the age of 18.
  • G. G. Whittaker (1 Sep 1926) - Please reconsider JFS's pension request.
  • Grover C. Whittaker (30 Dec 1926) -
    • JFS enlisted underage
    • While lifting a government wagon, he got a strain in his back rendering him unable for duty.
    • Captain Mims gave him a discharge in hopes that he would re-enlist. Given at Pine Mountain, KY.
    • His discharge was destroyed at the home of J. H. Ray in Beaver Hill, TN.
  • Grover C. Whittaker (24 Jan 1927) - Attached a letter from JFS.
  • Special Examiner (28 Jan 1927) - JFS did not re-enlist, and he owns property and therefore not indigent. He is not pensionable.
  • JFS (23 Feb 1927) -
    • At age 18, he thought of joining the Texas Rangers.
    • He went to his uncles home in McMinn County. He and two cousins walked to Overton County to where his father was raised.
    • He stayed in Overton County for three weeks to get work experience.
  • JFS (24 Jan 1927) - Re-statement of the facts. He lists his cousin as G. W. Carter.
  • Secretary of Pension Board (26 Jan 1927) - he pension is disallowed.
  • Grover C. Whittaker (10 Mar 1928) - The legislature just passed a law that would allow JFS's pension.
  • JFS (owned Monterey Hardware Company) (8 May 1928) -
    • His mother lost her mind before the war.
    • His father lost his after the war.
    • One sister in the Nashville asylum.
    • One sister in the Knoxville asylum.
    • One sister married Evd Smith.
    • It unfair that JFS cannot get a pension.
  • H. Grady Maddux (19 May 1928) - Tax Assessment
  • Grover C. Whittaker (27 Jun 1928) - Get tax assessment.
  • Secretary of Pension Board (3 July 1928) - Pension is disallowed.


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  • John F. Sehon living in Monterey, TN
  • Age: 77 years on the 27 Dec 1922
  • Confederate Soldier
  • 5th TN Cavalry - Co. F
  • Father was a farmer and a smith.
  • Father's names was W. G. Sehon and was born in Overton County, TN. He lived at Morristown. He voted for the Union, but finally went with his state.
  • Mother's name was Barthania Clark who was the daughter of James Clark and E. Daniels who lived at Holston River in Grainger County now Hamblen County.
  • Parents owned one negro man and refused $2500 for him. They also owned one negro woman who was the mother of five children.
  • Parents lived in a log house that had 8 rooms. It was weather boarded.
  • As a boy, JFS farmed in the summer and went to school in the fall at Morristown, TN. Worked in crops along side negros. As soon as he could split middles, he went to plowing. He was raised to work.
  • Attended school at the Academy at Morristown. School ran about three months.
  • Enlisted in the army on 17 March 1862 at Clinton, TN.
  • The company was first sent to Kentucky. They scouted most of the time.
  • The first battle was Brimstone, Scott County, TN.
  • He was discharged at Camp Pine Knot, KY. His discharge was burned up in the dwelling of J. H. Ray (his cousin in Overton County).
  • After the war, he left East TN and came to Overton County to go into the Goods business with two of his cousins: J. H. Ray and his brother-in-law Hampton.
  • After the war, he was in the Mercantile business in Overton County for about 18 years. Then the Livery business for about 6 years in Overton County. He has been in Putnam County for about 12 years. He has belonged to the Methodist Church for about 50 years.
  • Names of members of his company that he can remember: G. W. McKenzie, Colonel; A. L. Mims, Captain; G. W. Harper, 1st Lieutenant; R. A. McNabb, 2nd Lieutenant; Dervitt, 3rd Lieutenant; Lewis, Sergeant; Jas. Allen; G. W. Carter; Henries Williams; Broxies; McMahan; Hopkins; Headricks; Evanes. Most all the company was from Cocke County, East Tennessee. They had brave good boys in the company. They got accustomed to bushwhackers. JFS got strain with government wagon, lifting a stalled wagon.
  • After the strain, his captain asked if he didn't want to go home. He said that he got used to the army, but he was hardly able for duty. He said that JFS had been faithful and that if JFS would promise that if he got able he would return, then the captain would fix it so that he could go home. JFS left for McMinn County. There was so much fighting around Knoxville to Bristol, that he went to Cocke County with some Texas Rangers. Since he was no good for service, he was advised to return. He wound his way back to McMinn County where he stayed with his uncle Jno Sharp and Bro in law Morelock.
  • Other veterans living nearby: Uncle Sherd Horn, Monterey; Rev. G. D. Byrne, Monterey; Jno H. Lea, Liviingston; Henry Paragon, Livingston; D. A. Bagwill, Monterey; F. M. Copeland, Monterey; J. R. Copeland, Captain and father-in-law.


  • 1850 Census: Cocke County, TN, Page 361
  • 1860 Census: Grainger County, TN, Page 409 (listed as John F. Sehorne)
  • 1870 Census:
  • 1880 Census: Overton County, TN, Page 292D (listed as J. F. Sehon)
  • 1900 Census: Putnam County, TN, Page 67B
  • 1910 Census:
  • 1920 Census: Putnam County, TN, Page 162B


  • Putnam County Herald,4 May 1925, Vol. XXIII, No. 2, Page 1
  • INTERESTING ITEMS OF NEWS FROM MONTEREY -- Miss Edna Gentry, Reporter -- MRS. SEHON CALLED TO REST -- On Wednesday, April 29, the death angle (sic) called to Rest, Mrs. Sarah M. Copeland Sehon, at her home, after a few weeks of illness. Mrs. Sehon was born April 12, 1859. Age 66 years and 17 days. She was the wife of John F. Sehon. They were married July 18, 1880, to this happy union was born five children. She was a devoted member of the Methodist Church and had been for thirty-five years To know her was to love her. She was a friend to all. She met everyone with a smile and kind word. She is survived by her husband, J. F. Sehon, five childre: Mrs. Jackson, and Mrs. James B. Carson, Jr., of Oneida, M. B. Sehon, Mrs. W. J. Rose, and Mrs. E. B. Berry of Monterey, also two step daughters Mrs. W. A. Livingston of Monterey, and Mrs. Huddleston of Okeman, Okla., two brother, Joe Copeland, of Livingston and Mrr. Copeland of Texas, also five grandchildren. The services were attended by a large concourse of grieving friends and relatives. The last respects shown to the deceased were the beautiful foral designs, given by relatives and friends. The remains were interred in the Monterey Cemetery. The pall bearers were W. J. Rose, Mr. Jackson, James B. Carson, Jr., E. B. Berry, Bill Gray Sehon, and L. P. Speck.


  • Death Certificate: Putnam County, TN (1925) - #300 - Sarah Marshall Sehon
  • Death Certificate: Putnam County, TN (1929) - #25278 - John F. Sehon
  • Standing Stone, Tenn. Monterey, Early History - John F. Sehon, Page 66.


John F. Sehon is the fourth man from the left.
Left to Right: Joe Hall, James Jackson Whittaker, G. D. Burns, John Sehon, General John Wilder.
Source: Pictorial History of Putnam County, Tennessee,Page 66

John F. Sehon

John F. Sehon is the first man on the left.
Col. H. E. Crouch, John Simpson, John Henry Ray
Source: Standing Stone, Tenn. Monterey Early History, Page 178