Born: 19 May 1843 in Overton County, Tennessee
Died: 10 March 1920in Putnam County, Tennessee
Buried: Quarles Cemetery, Putnam County, Tennessee
Parents: William Hawes and Ruth (Hyder) Quarles

1st Married: Zarelda M. Jones
Born: 1840
Died: 26 October 1877 in Putnam County, Tennessee
Buried: Quarles Cemetery, Putnam County, Tennessee


  1. Daniel Quarles
  2. Mary Quarles

2nd Married: Mary Ann King on 18 August 1878 in Putnam County, Tennessee
Born: 4 January 1859 in Roane County, Tennessee
Died: 17 October 1937 in Putnam County, Tennessee
Buried: Quarles Cemetery, Putnam County, Tennessee
Parents: Joseph Calloway and Fannie (Qualls) King


  1. Emily Quarles
  2. Lou Ellen Quarles
  3. Kate Quarles
  4. James Quarles
  5. Ida Lee Quarles
  6. Stephen Brice Quarles


  • Father-in-law: Jospeh Calloway King - 8th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
  • Nephew: William Braxton Quarles - 8th Tennessee (Dibrell's) Cavalry Regiment
  • Niece's Husband: H. R. Terry - 25th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
  • Brother-in-Law: Enoch Buck - 84th Tennessee Infantry & 28th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
  • Brother: William Jacob Quarles - Shaw's Battalion of Tennessee Cavalry Regiment
  • Brother: James Quarles - 8th Tennessee (Dibrell's) Cavalry Regiment
  • Twin Brother: Joseph Lafayette Quarles - 8th Tennessee (Dibrell's) Cavalry Regiment
  • Cousin: J. N. Nelson - 8th Tennessee (Dibrell's) Cavalry Regiment


13th (Gore's) Tennessee Cavalry
(also known as 8 thTennessee Cavalry)
Company H


  • Entered the service as a Private and left the service as a Private
  • Enlisted 15 Sep 1862 at White County
  • 12 Oct 1862: Present
  • 31 Jan 1863: Prisoner of War at Camp Butler, IL
  • 31 Dec 1862: Captured at Parkers Cross Roads
  • 11 Jan 1863: Captured at Ark Post, AR
  • 31 Jan 1863: Prisoner of War at Camp Butler, IL



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  • Filed 4 April 1905
  • Rejected
  • Resident of Algood, TN
  • Member: Co H 8th TN Regiment
  • Born: 1843 in Putnam County
  • Enlisted in Summer in 1862; George Dibrell's Command Company H; Col. Dibrell, Lt. Col. Dantley; Captain James Barnes, Lt. Colonel John Hill; Jobe Ray & Joe Bartlett
  • Wife is 45 or 48 years old
  • One son and 2 daughters
  • Attest: Joseph Hudgens & William Lafayette Sliger>

Supporting Documents:

  • No Supporting Documents



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  • Filed 10 April 1924
  • Accepted
  • Resident: 19th Civil District of Putnam County, Post Office Algood
  • Resident of TN all her life
  • Stephen Decatur Quarles was born 19th Civil District of Putnam County.
  • They were married 18 August 1878 in Putnam County by Esq J. J. Peek, JP.
  • SDQ died 10 March 1920 at home in Putnam County.
  • She has two sons and three daughters.
  • She is living with her son-in-law Carol Jones.
  • Witness: J. N. Nelson
    • JNH lives in Algood, TN.
    • He was acquainted with her since her marriage to SDQ.
    • Mary Ann Quarles was born in Roane County and moved with her parents to Putnam County about 1860.
    • Joseph Nelson Hyder and Stephen Decatur Quarles were first cousins.
    • SDQ died 10 March 1920 at his home in Algood.

Supporting Documents:

  • MAQ (28 Apr 1926) - Please consider her pension and let her know if additional evidence is required.
  • Special Examiner (30 Apr 1926) - Your pension is disallowed. War Records have no account for his time after August 1863. He said he quit the army in the Fall of 1864.
  • Special Examiner (20 Aug 1926) - The board is not in session. Her application will be considered in the next session.



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  • Filed 1 September 1927
  • Accepted
  • Died 17 October 1937
  • Resident of Algood in the home of C. V. Jones
  • Maiden Name: Mary Ann King
  • Born 4 January 1859 in Roane County
  • Husband was Stephen Decatur Quarles who was born 19 May 1842 in Putnam County
  • They were married 18 August 1878 in Putname County by Joseph Peek, Justice of the Peace
  • SDQ enlisted at Farley's Store in White County in George G. Dibrell's Regiment and Captain Jim Barnes Company H.
  • After serving one year, Col. Dibrell disbanded his regiment at Sparta. The men could go home. SDQ was cut off by enemy troops and was unable to return to his command.
  • SDQ died at his home in Putnam County on 20 March 1920.
  • Children: A daughter who died in infancy in 1879; James Lafayette Quarles - 46 years old; Diella Quarles Burton - 43 years of age; Ida Lee Quarles Jones - 39 years of age; Stephen Brice Quarles - 33 years of age
  • Witnesses: J. N. Nelsonand James N. King
    • J. Nelson Hyder - Algood, TN and James N. King - RR#5 Cookeville
    • MAQ resides at Route 2 Algood and has been a resident of TN all her life
    • She was born in Roane County in 1859.
    • They were married 18 August 1878 by Joseph Peek

Supporting Documents:

  • J. N. King (???) - SDQ called JNK to his home to dictated and asked him to write this letter to the board. SDQ is in very bad condition.
    • SDQ tried to get back to his command. Some of them lost their horses in the attempt. Jas Terry was one of them. Both Mr. Farrises and their widows are receiving a pension. SDQ, Terry, and the Farrises were all cut off from their command. SDQ feels that they should all be pensioned. Mr. Hickmand please present these facts to the board.
  • SDQ (???) - One son is very poor. The other son was drafted into the army. SDQ is down with heart trouble. His wife is not stout. He needs the pension and feels that he deserves the pension. He was with Dibrell in the same company as John Pharris, Tom Pharris and James Nicholas. They all came home and got cut off from their command.
  • Algood Moore (????) - He certifies that the marriage records for part of the year 1878 were destroyed by court house fire.
  • Tennessee Board of Pension Examiners (10 Sep 1908) - Request Service Records
  • War Department (15 Sep 1908) - Sent Service Records
  • SDQ (22 Sep 1908) - He came home to Putnam County in the latter part of the war. He came home under the direction of his First Lieutenant John Hill and Captain James Barnes (Hill was in command when captured. They were ordered on a scouting expedition to round up scattered recruits. When first captured, he got a chance to get away from the enemy. Rather than run the risk of being killed or sent to prison, he surrendered and took the oath, as did his officers. Also John Farris, Thos. Farris, Jas Nichols and other who are now getting a pension. His only alternatives were to join the Federal army, go to prison, lay in the mountains hidden or take the oath. He chose the latter as the war was almost over. He was never an able bodied man. He went into the service at the age of 18.
  • J. H. Verble, Trustee (22 Sep 1908) - Sent Tax Records
  • S. F. Carr, Register (22 Sep 1908) - Lands are listed in the Mortgage Records for $900.
  • James M. Nichols - 8th Tennessee (Dibrell's) Cavalry (14 Feb 1909) - He and SDQ were in the same company. Men who lived in Putnam County were permitted to visit their homes. Before they could get back to their command, General Dibrell left Sparta, and his men were cut off the enemy. SDQ was in bad health at the time.
  • George M. Moore (14 Feb 1909) - GMM belonged to General Dibrell's command when they came to Sparta in 1863. SDQ was permitted to go to his him. GMM remained with the command at that time. SDQ was not in good health.
  • J. N. Nelson (14 Feb 1909) - JNH belonged to General Dibrell's command in the same regiment as SDQ. When Dibrell came to Sparta in 1863, SDQ and others were permitted to come home. SDQ had a bad cough at that time. JNH was sick at that time and was given a permit to come home. He was sick for 4 months.
  • O. D. Holladay (23 Feb 1909) - Request a Status Report
  • Mrs. Francis Henry (21 Jan 1913) - She has known SDQ all her life. She is 68 years old. SDQ was in the Confederate army for about two years. He came home about the close of 1863. SDQ was sick when he came home from the army. He had a bad cough, and it was believed that he would not live long. He has had a bad cough ever since.
  • Lucinda White (21 Jan 1913) - She said that she knew SDQ was a Confederate soldier. When he came back from the war, he had a bad cough and has coughed ever since.
  • Joseph Hudgens (20 Jul 1915) - He was in the same command as SDQ. General Dibrell intended to disband his army when he came to Sparta. He told the men to go home, get some clothes and return. When SDQ got home, he was captured and never got back to his command. The men that did not get captured found Major Hughes and Major Bledsoe and did the best service that they could.
  • J. N. Nelson (20 Jul 1915) - He was in the same command as SDQ. He came to Sparta with him under Dibrell. He was furloughed home on a sick furlough the day they arrived in Sparta and left SDQ there with the command. He understood that Dibrell had planned to disband at Sparta, go home and see folks. He understood that the applicant was captured and his horse taken from him. He further states that the applicant and no other member were able to return to their command.
  • SDQ (20 Jul 1915) - Restatement of the facts.
  • SDQ by J. N. King (12 Aug 1915) - He wants to know if his proof is not sufficient what additional evidence is required. SDQ came home on orders of General Dibrell. He was unable to return to his command. He joined Col. Hughes here in the mountains. Most of the men were forced by circumstances to take the oath, be killed, or go to prison. All but 2 or 3 are getting pensions. Some are drawing pensions but were not captured as he was. They took the oath at Carthage while he was a prisoner. He never took it until the last part of his company took it. After escaping, they burned Uncle Jim Eldridge house. He was without a horse and all his army taken from him. He was forced to take the oath, be killed or go to prison.
  • J. N. King (2 Apr 1924) - Mary Ann Quarles is his sister. Please mail a widow's application so she can file without delay.
  • Algood Moore (9 Apr 1924) - He certifies that the marriage records for 1878 were destroyed by a court house fire.
  • Mary Ann Quarles (22 Apr 1925) - Under the new pension bills, she believes that she is entitled to a widow's pension.
  • Mary Ann Quarles (18 Aug 1925) - She has no means of support except a small amount of rent from the old place that SDQ gave to his children. She is his second wife. Please let her know what additional proof is required.
  • Mrs. S. Brice Quarles (11 Dec 1937) - She was informed that burial expenses for Mrs. Mary A. Quarles was paid to Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Jones, none of which has been paid on the burial expense. Mrs. Quarles doctor, J. A. Butler of Algood, also says that he has not been paid for two years except when her husband paid him. "What I dould like to know is why was it paid to this one child and not applied to burial expenses. They (Mr. and Mrs. Jones) have received all her nineteen dollars and also the income form her farm in the last severla years of which she was only invalid about a year. I think you should see that this matter is straightened out before legal assistand is sought."
  • Mary B. Gamble to Mary Quarles (13 Dec 1937) - We have received your letter.


  • 1850 Census: Overton County, TN, Page 62
  • 1860 Census: Putnam County, TN, Page 7
  • 1870 Census:
  • 1880 Census: Putnam County, TN, Page 82D
  • 1900 Census: Putnam County, TN, Page 75A
  • 1910 Census: Putnam County, TN, Page 36B
  • 1920 Census: Putnam County, TN, Page 208B


Putnam County Herald

  • Stephen Decatur Quarles obituary was published in the Putnam County Herald right after his death. It was referenced in later editions of the paper. Unfortunately, the TN State Library & Archives Newspaper collection does not have a copy of that particular issue.

Pointer and Quarles Family - Zola Pointer [this obituary was found in the personal effects of R. B. Terry, a son of Julia Ann Quarles Terry]

  • Stephen D. Quarles, a confederate veteran, and one of the best known citizens of Putnam Co., died Wednesday night of influenza at his home in the nineteenth civil district of this county. He was about seventy six years old and had spent his entire life in Putnam Co. He was an unusually intelligent and well informed man of the highest integrity and most gentlemanly bearing. He served with great gallantry as a Confederate soldier throughout the Civil War. He was twice married and is survived by his last wife and by several grown children. He was a twin brother of J. L. Quarles, a well known citizen and business man of Sparta, who survives him. He was a son of William H. Quarles and a grandson of Major William P. Quarles, an officer of the Revolutionary army, who immigrated to this county from Virgina in the early settlement of this country and located at White Plains, where one of his descendants Esq. C. H. Huddleston now lives. Both father and grandfather of the deceased were among the most prominent and actives leaders in the pioneer history of this section of the state. One of his fathers sisters was the wife of Col. Adam Huntsman, a distinguished lawyer of his day who defeated David Crockett in a memorable rase for congress. Another of his fathers brothers was Judge James T. Quarles, one of the ablest lawyers of this section of the state ever produced. Stephen D. Quarles, until impaired health forced his retirement from active life, was for forty years prominently identified with public affairs of Putnam Co.. He was a good citizen and a man of the kindliest instincts. His remains were interred Thursday afternoon at the Quarles family cemetery at White Plains where his ancestors and many kindred sleep.

Putnam County Herald
21 October 1937
Vol. XXXV, No. 42, Page 3

  • Mrs. Qualls Dies - Mrs. Mary Ann Qualls, 78, died Sunday after a long illness. She is survived by two sons, Brice of Madison, and James L., of Waverly; two daughters, Mrs. Carve Jones and Mrs. A. O. Burton of Algood; two brothers, Will King of Cookeville and Roley King of Monterey. Funeral services were conducted at the home of Mrs. Jones by the Rev. J. T. Majors. Burial was in the family cemetery near Algood.


Putnam County, TN
Will Book 6
Page 307
Online at FamilySearch

  • Written: 26 Jan 1917
  • Recorded: 17 Mar 1920
  • Executors: Mary Ann Quarles
  • Widow: Mary Ann Quarles
  • Heirs: J. L. Quarles (son), S. B. Quarles (son), Lou Ellen Burton (daughter), Ida Lee Jones (daughter)


Stephen Decatur Querles

Quarles Family

Left to Right: Stephen Decatur Quarles, Stephen Bice Quarles, Mary Ann (King) Quarls
2nd Row: James Lafayette Quarles, Lou Ella Quarles, Ida Quarles


James Lafayette Quarles

James Lafayette Quarles
Twin Brother to Stephen Decatur Quarles


Photo Source:

  1. Photo of Stephen Decatur Quarles and Family: Cookeville and Putnam County, Page 47
  2. Photo of James Lafayette Quarles: Descendant of Stephen Decatur Quarles: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.