Born: 17 January 1843 in White County, Tennessee (Tombstone says 10 January 1844)
Died: 2 August 1915 in Putnam County, Tennessee
Buried: Judd Cemetery, Putnam County, Tennessee
Parents: Unknown Phrasier (possibly John Phrasier) and Margaret "Peggy" Dempsey (Margaret Kyle who married David Dempsey)
Occupation: School Teacher

Married: Harriet Bullington abt 1874 in ?Putnam County, Tennessee?
Born: 12 December 1846 in Jackson County, Tennessee
Died: 6 January 1903 in Putnam County, Tennessee
Buried: Judd Cemetery, Putnam County, Tennessee
Parents: George Washington and Malinda (Grider) Bullington


  1. Byron E. Phrasier
  2. Minnie D. Phrasier
  3. John Lee Phrasier
  4. George Washington Phrasier


  • Brother-in-law: Matthias Judd - 1st Tennessee Mounted Infantry - USA


25th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
Company K


  • Entered military as Private and left as a Private
  • Enlisted 25 Jul 1861 at Tullahoma
  • Wounded in the Battle of Murfreesboro
  • In Hospital since 1 Jan 1863
  • Lost left arm at Murfreesboro
  • Captured at Murfreesboro/Stone's River 5 Jan 1863
  • Transferred to Camp Morton, IN
  • Exchanged and furloughed home 10 Apr 1863
  • Residence: Putnam County
  • Height: 5' 8"
  • Complexion: Dark
  • Eyes: Black
  • Hair: Black



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  • Filed: 3 Dec 1891
  • Rejected
  • Residence: Cookeville, TN
  • Member: Co K, 25th Tennessee Infantry
  • Wounded: in left arm at Murfreesboro on 31 Dec 1862; arm was amputated
  • Born: 17 Jan 1843 in White County, TN
  • Enlisted: in 1861 in Capt. A. Ford's Co. in Col. Hughes Regiment 25th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
  • Married: Wife is 48 years old
  • Children: Byron E. - 18; Minnie E. - 14; John - 12; George W. -4
  • Attest: R. W. Nunley and J. H. Curtis

Supporting Documents:

  • Walton Smith (6 May 1892) - Supports claim
  • J. A. Phrasier (7 May 1892) - JAP served as Clerk of the Circuit Court of Putnam County
  • A. W. Boyd (20 Oct 1894) - Supports claim
  • John S. Quarles (26 Nov 1897) - Claims that JAP is not indigent
  • Thos. A. Head (12 May 1899) - Supports claim
  • Z. P. Lee (30 Mar 1899 - Davidson County) - Supports claim
  • J. H. Curtis (3 Apr 1899) Supports claim
  • Columbus Jackson Davis, George M. Moore, Henry P. Davis (10 Apr 1899) - Gave evaluation of the land owned by JAP
  • J. F. Dyer, Physician (10 Apr 1899) - Exam
  • Thos. A. Head (4 Feb 1903) - Describes circumstances of JAP
  • Several citizens of Putnam County support claim


  • 1850 Census:
  • 1860 Census: Putnam County, TN, Page 22 (listed as John Dempsey)
  • 1870 Census: Putnam County, TN, Page 128 (listed as John Demps)
  • 1880 Census: White County, TN, Page 479A
  • 1900 Census: Putnam County, TN, Page 13A
  • 1910 Census: Putnam County, TN Page 5B

Cookeville, Putnam County
Pat Cleburne Bivouac No. 27
Membership Applications

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  • Born on 16 January 1845 in White County
  • Enlisted 17 October 1861 in Company K 25th TN Infantry Regiment
  • Wounded at Battle of Murfreesboro on 31 December 1862
  • Rank: Private
  • Address: Cookeville
  • Occupation: Circuit Court Clerk, Teacher and Farmer
  • Remarks: "I was wounded in the left arm above elbow and had my left arm cut off. Returned home and never in the service any more."
  • Admitted 27 May 1891



  • APRIL 4, 1865 (Page 274-275) - . . . It was just like a boy, but I was surprised that Mr. Frazor would have missed school for all the spinnings that could be started. He is one of the hardest students I ever saw. And one of the best behaved, and most gentlemanly men I ever saw. And what makes it more surprising is that he has had a worse chance than any one almost.
  • APRIL 5, 1865 (Page 275) - . . . I thought there was a wedding at hand at Mr. Lee's but I think it is a mistake. Sarah either thought it herself or wanted us to think it one, for she talked a great deal about quitting school, &c. But says now she is coming all summer. I kind o' think she things maybe she might hook in someone else if Green Selby should fail, but I guess she is wide of the mark when she aims at John Frazor. She is a clever girl and I do not like to wish her any harm but if it wishing her harm to wish her married, I do wish her harm, for she wants to marry so bad that I do sincerely hope that she can get off.
  • APRIL 27, 1865 (Page 279) - . . . And J. Frazor is one who I think can and will make a learned man. Though the prospect is long and rugged and the hill so steep that he has no idea in the world of ever trying to get even half way. But in spite of difficulties that he will never stop till he gets a long way ahead of the common crowd. As to his morals, I know nothing only "they say" he is a good civil fellow and always conducts himself in a perfect propriety and seems at least to have a great deal of natural delicacy about of sentiment. "They say" (very bad authority but I have no other) that his mother is one of the vilest most abandoned of her sex. Any way he is an illegitimate son of a woman named Demps and though he bears his father's name I do not know whether he ever acknowledged him or not or whether it was love for him or shame of his mother.
  • FEBRUARY 20, 1866 (Page 295) - . . . We have not begun school yet but have fourteen scholars, and John Frazor will be here in the morning. . .


Putnam County Herald
5 August 1915
Vol. XIII , No. 31, Page 3

  • John A. Phrazier - John A. Phrazier died at his home, one mile west of Cookeville on Monday, Aug. 2, 1915, after a long illness, and was buried at the Judd graveyard Tuesday. Mr. Phrazier was a gallant Confederate solider, losing an arm at Murfreesboro. After the war he taught school for several years and was superintendent of schools for White county. Later moving to Putnam county he was elected circuit court clerk, serving from 1890 - 1894. He is survived by serveral grown children.


  • Death Certificate: Putnam County, TN (1915) - #136 John Phrayzer
  • The Cookeville Press, 22 February 1893, Page 4
    In this issue will be found the announcement of John A. Phrasier as a candidate for re-election to the office of Circuit Court Clerk for Putnam county. Mr. Phrasier is serving his first term in the office, and has, we understand, made a faithful industrious officer and has done all in his power to serve the public acceptably. Mr. Phrasier is a one-armed Confederate soldier, and that arm was lost in the cause of Democracy and now lies buried far off in the sands of the South. He has a large and expensive family dependent upon him for support. He is a sober, quiet, honorable christian, devoted to law and order, industry and good behavior generally. We believe if endorsed by a re-election Mr. Phrasier will exert himself to the extent of his abilities to make a good, safe and efficient officer.
  • Putnam County Herald, 16 July 1914, Vol. XII, No. 28, Page 2
    John A. Phrasier appears on a list of former Confederate soldiers who served with the late Sidney S. Stanton and who endorsed Colonel Stanton's son, Sidney S. Stanton's bid for office in the 1914 election.
  • John Phrasier Jr vs J. A. Phrasier - Putnam County, Tennessee Chancery Court - 23 January 1915 (FamilySearch - Requires Login) : This court case details John Phrasier's final years.


John Phrasier

John and Harriet (Bullington) Phrasier

Photo Source: Heritage of Putnam County, TN - 2008, Page 139