Born: 22 Jun 1844 in White County, TN
Died: 14 Feb 1913 in Putnam County, TN
Buried: Brown's Mill Cemetery, Putnam County, TN
Parents: James M. and Martha Jane (Goddard) Phifer

Married: Martha Elizabeth Phy on 18 Dec 1870 in Putnam County, TN
Born: 17 Dec 1852 in White County, TN
Died: 6 Jun 1920 in Putnam County, TN
Buried: Brown's Mill Cemetery, Putnam County, TN
Parents: Daniel V. and Elizabeth (Brown Bradford) Phy


  1. Mary Phifer
  2. Walter Phifer
  3. Demoval Phifer
  4. Daniel Webster Phifer
  5. Pearlie Phifer
  6. Georgia A. Phifer


  • Brother: William Henry Phifer - 25th Tennessee Infantry Regiment


25 thTennessee Infantry Regiment
Company K


  • Entered military as Private and left as a Private
  • Enlisted 16 Nov 1862 at McMinnville
  • Nov & Dec 1862: Present
  • Jan & Feb 1863: Present
  • Mar & Apr 1863: Enlisted to Bounty
  • May - Oct 1863: Present
  • Deserted from Knoxville on 4 Dec 1863
  • Age: 19



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  • Filed: 2 Dec 1899
  • Accepted
  • Suspended: 11 Nov 1902
  • Allowed by Governor Patterson 14 Jun 1905
  • Residence: Goffton, Putnam County
  • Member: 25th under Col. John H. Hughes
  • Wounded at Murfreesboro when a shell struck a fence and throwing a rail at him. He was wounded in the left hip
  • Born: White County (Now Putnam County) 1843
  • Enlisted: 25th Tennessee Company K
  • Wife is 47 years
  • 1 son and 2 daughters
  • Attest: S. W. Johnson & J. H. Curtis

Supporting Documents:

  • Joseph Phifer (??) - JP was cut off from his command at Knoxville
  • Benton M. McMillan (20 Dec 1899) - Requests the board review this case
  • Thos. A. Head (12 Nov 1902) - Thos. Head states that Phifer told him that he would stay with the army if it stayed in Tennessee. Longstreet left Knoxville with regiment. JP went home and took the oath.
  • Tennessee Board of Pension Examiners (19 November 1903) - The following people sign an affidavit supporting JP's claim: Z. P. Lee, J. F. Thompson, B. C. Carr, D. D. Huddleston>, W. H. Walker, W. L. Dyer, F. M. Bullock, W. H. Phifer, J. N. King, John Harris, A. C. Huddleston, James S. Holman, W. L. Sliger, J. H. Davis, G. M. Cook, C. J. Davis, J. M. Whitson
  • S. W. Johnson (25 Feb 1907) - Supports his claim
  • War Department (11 Feb 1907) - Sent Service Records
  • John H. Verble (7 May 1907) - Supports his claim
  • J. N. King (7 Mar 1907) - Supports his claim
  • G. W. Alcorn (7 Mar 1907) - Supports his claim
  • Thos. Finley (8 Dec 1907) - Supports his claim
  • Joseph Phifer (3 Mar 1907) - JP was in the battles of Murfreesboro and Hoover's Gap. He was always on duty except for the 8 weeks he was in the hospital in Newnan, GA. He was wounded in Murfreesboro when a bomb shell struck a fence, and the fence fell on him. He entered the army under the age of 18 and only had one eye.
  • J. W. Puckett (3 May 1909) Sent in an affidavit for "Uncle Joe"
  • Tennessee Board of Pension Examiners (??) - JP could have returned to his command. Explain why he did not.
  • A. Robinson (3 May 1909) - JP was cut off by the Yankees and could not return to his command.
  • Joseph Phifer (1 Feb 1909) - Gave proof that he did not make these statements



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  • Filed: 29 January 1915
  • Name: Martha Elizabeth Phifer
  • Resident of TN: All her life
  • Born: in Putnam County
  • Maiden Name: Martha Elizabeth Phy
  • Married in Cookeville by Esq. James Peek
  • Husband died 14 Feb 1913
  • Witnesses: W. H. Phifer lives at Cookeville on RR #6


  • Special Examiner (26n Feb 1916) to Mr. H. Brown - Mrs. Phifer listed Mr. Brown as someone the Special Examiner could write to about this case.
  • W. H. Phifer and H. Brown (???) - Joseph Phifer and Elizabeth Phifer were married 18 December 1870, and she lived with him until his death 14 Feb 1913.


  • 1850 Census: White County, TN, Page 36 (Listed as W. J. Phifer)
  • 1860 Census:
  • 1870 Census: Putnam County, TN, Page 128
  • 1880 Census: Putnam County, TN, Page 102A (Listed as Joseph Phyfer)
  • 1900 Census: Putnam County, TN, Page 3B (Listed as Joseph P. Phyfer)
  • 1910 Census: Putnam County, TN, Page 56B


Putnam County Herald
20 Feb 1913,
Vol. XI, No. 8, Page 1

  • The angel of death visited our vicinity last Friday morning and claimed for its victim Mr. Joseph Phifer, who had been in bad health for a long time. We extend our sympathy to the bereaved ones. He was laid to rest at the Brown's Mill graveyard.