Born: 1847 in Jackson County, Tennessee
Died: 2 February 1927 in Putnam County, Tennessee
Buried: Cookeville City Cemetery, Putnam County, Tennessee
Parents: Jonathan Hampton and Margaret Permelia (Huddleston) Moore

Married: Elizabeth Frances "Bettie" Moore about 1870
Born: 1848
Died: after 1920 in McLennan County, Texas [NOTE: In 1907, George M. Moore stated in his Confederate Pension Application that his wife died 4 years ago, but she is clearly listed in the 1920 McLennan County, TX Census.]
Parents: George Denny and Priscilla (Hearn) Moore


  1. Eva Moore


13 th(Gore's) Tennessee Cavalry
(also known as 8 thTennessee Cavalry)
Company H


  • Entered the service as a Private and left the service as a Private
  • Enlisted 2 August 1862
  • 12 October 1862: Present
  • 30 June - 31 December 1864: Present
  • Transferred to Company H 1 July 1864



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  • Filed 19 January 1907
  • Died 2 February 1927
  • Accepted
  • Dropped from Roll on 1 August 1911 because he is in Texas
  • Resumed 13 April 1925 and 13 July 1926
  • Residence: Cookeville, Putnam County
  • Member of Company C of the 13th TN Cavalry. Capt J. B. Woolsey and Colonel George G. Dibrell
  • Wounded at Lautenville, South Carolina above the kneed by a ball passing between the bone and leaders
  • Wife died four years ago, One daughter
  • Attest: J. H. Reagan & Columbus Jackson Davis

Supporting Documents:

  • TN Board of Pension Examiners (15 Apr 1907) - Please send Service Records
  • War Department (18 Apr 1907) - Sent his service records
  • GMM (27 Jan 1908) - Someone Stated to the board that GMM was spending pension on immoral women
  • TN Board of Pension Examiners (22 July 1911) - GMM has not sent in a voucher. We need to find out why.
  • J. N. King (31 Dec 1918) - What is required to be restored to a pension?
  • GMM (Eddy, TX) (15 Jan 1919) - How do I go about getting a pension?
  • TN Board of Pension Examiners (15 Apr 1920) - Received a letter requesting the return of his pension
  • TN Board of Pension Examiners (15 Apr 1920) - Request to be re-instated was received in a handwritten note by
  • GMM. He left for TX 10 years ago. He arrived back in Cookeville 8 Apr 1920.
  • Secretary (19 Apr 1920) - Since GMM went to TX for 10 years, he lost his citizenship, and he must be a resident of TN for 3 years before he can be put on the pension roll.
  • GMM (7 May 1920) - Returned to TN
  • Sid F. Carr (12 July 1920) - Supports his claim
  • GMM (18 July 1920) - He never applied for a pension in TX. He went to TX. Returned to Cookeville on 9 Apr 1920. He has 1 daughter and some brothers residing in Cookeville. He was born in Putnam County. He served three terms as Sheriff. He served as Justice of the Peace of the county.
  • Rutledge Smith (26 Oct 1920) - Supports his claim
  • Secretary to Rutledge Smith (27 Oct 1920) - He cannot be restored until Apr 1923.
  • GMM to Governor A. H. Roberts (29 Nov 1920) - I have a child, Mrs. Worth Bryant. My wife is a sister to Alfred Algood's mother. GMM is requesting the Governor to help him get his pension restored.
  • A. H. Roberts (Governor) (2 Dec 1920) - Supports his claim
  • Secretary to Gov. A. H. Roberts (4 Dec 1920) - Your letter has been received.
  • GMM (10 Dec 1920) - Please restore me to the list of Pension Examiners
  • J. N. King (13 Dec 1920) - GMM was Sheriff of the County for years. He went to TX temporarily for his health. He has no home except unwelcome one from neighbors. JNK supports his claim.
  • Secretary (17 Dec 1920) - We cannot restore him until Aril 1923.
  • TN Board of Pension Examiners (17 Dec 1920) - He cannot be restored until April 1923.
  • J. N. King to Governor Roberts (24 Dec 1920) - JNK supports his claim.
  • Cordell Hull (25 Feb 1921) - Supports his claim
  • Z. L. Shipley, M. D. (1 Mar 1923) - Examined GMM
  • Secretary to Cordell Hull (1 Mar 1921) - He cannot be restored until Apr 1923
  • Ernest M. Boyd (6 Apr 1923) - GMM needs to be restored to the Pensioners.
  • GMM (6 Apr 1923) - My three year wait is up.
  • Tom Scarlett (6 Apr 1923) - GMM is a resident of Cookeville
  • Secretary (24 July 1926) - He was dropped from the rolls, because he left and went to TX.
  • H. D. Whitson (27 Jul 1926) - Supports his claim
  • TN Board of Pension Examiners (2 Mar 1927) - Eva Bryant - Will you pay his funeral expenses?


  • 1850 Census: Jackson County, TN, Page 240
  • 1860 Census: Putnam County, TN Page 16
  • 1870 Census: Clark County, AR Page 274
  • 1880 Census: Putnam County, TN, Page 92C
  • 1900 Census: Putnam County, TN, Page 22B
  • 1910 Census:
  • 1920 Census: McLennan County, TX, Page 201A

Cookeville, Putnam County
Pat Cleburne Bivouac No. 27
Membership Applications

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  • Born on 27 August 1847
  • Enlisted on 16 August 1862 in Company C of the 8th Tennessee Cavalry
  • Rank: Private
  • Wounded at Lawtonville
  • Captured in East Tennessee in 1864 and paroled a few days later
  • Paroled 11 May 1865
  • Address: Cookeville
  • Occupation: Sheriff
  • Admitted 27 May 1891


Putnam County Herald
February 3, 1927
Vol. XXV, No. 9, Page 1

George M. Moore Passes Away - George M. Moore, Confederate veteran and former Sheriff of Putnam County, died suddenly, of heart failure, Tuesday night. His death came as a shock to his relatives and friends. He was in his eighty-second year. He was born near Cookeville and had resided practically all of his life in this community.

At the age of 16 he volunteered as a Confederate soldier in Dibrell's Regiment, serving until the close of the Civil War and making a splendid record as a Confederate soldier.

In 1888 and again in 1890, he was elected Sheriff of this county, in 1902, he was again elected Sheriff--having served, in all, three terms as Sheriff of this county.

He was a kind hearted and sympathetic man who had many friends.

He is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Eva Bryant, also by four brothers and one sister, as follows: Mike Moore, William Moore, R. H. Moore and Algood Moore, all of this city, and Mrs. Thomas Fastings of North Carolina, also by many other relatives in this county.

Prior to his election as sheriff of this county, he had served for several years as a Justice of the Peace.

Funeral services were conducted Wednesday afternoon at the home of his daughter, Mrs.Eva Bryant, by Rev. Sam Edwards, in the presence of a large gathering of relatives and friends, following which the remains were interred, besides those of his wife, in the family lot in the Cookeville cemetery.

The deceased was a member of the Methodist church and was a constant attendant at church services. Kind hearted, sympathetic and always glad to assist anyone who needed his aid, he never bore malice against anyone and, no doubt, died enjoying the good will and esteem of everyone who knew him.

In his prime, he was a power in the political affairs of this county, and in his races for public office, whether successful or not he always had a strong and loyal following and always received a large vote. This was due to his great kindliness of heart and the fact that he was always ready and willing to lend a helping hand to anyone who was in distress.

There are now very few surviving Confederate veterans, death has claimed almost all of their number. It will soon be 62 years since the close of the Civil War. The few who yet survive are now bowed down beneath the weight of years and before many more years pass they will all have passed to the great beyond and will live only in the affectionate memory of a grateful people.


  • Death Certificate: Putnam County, TN (1927) - #3753 - Geo Monchoates Moore
  • Putnam County Herald
    15 April 1920, Page 9

    Geo. M. Moore of Eddy, Texas, is in Cookeville visiting relatives. Mr. Moore had been in Texas for ten years, married there and is engaged in the hotel business. He was sheriff of Putnam county for several terms and has many friends here, all of whom will be glad to know that he is well and prosperous.
  • Putnam County Herald
    29 April 1920
    Vol. XVIII, No. 18, Page 1

    Geo. M. Moore, who has been making his home in Texas for the last ten years, and who was born and reared near Cookeville had made his return to his natice (sic) county and state to make it his permanent home again. In so doing, his receiving a hearty welcome and good wishes from a large circle of relatives and a host of friends besides. Mr. Moore enlisted in the Confederate army under the command of General George Dibrell at the early age of sixteen years and made a gallant, brave soldier for the righteous but lost cause until he was discharged at the close of hostilities, April 1865. He was elected and served Putnam county two terms as sheriff, making an efficient, quiet, inoffensive. Mr. Moore has many warm true friends in his home county. A FRIEND
  • Putnam County Herald
    19 May 1921
    Vol. XIX, No. 20, Page 1

    GEORGE M. MOORE - We understand that Mr. George M. Moore is a candidate for sheriff, seeking the nomination at the hands of the Democratic Party, and will make proper announcement of his entrance into the race in due time. Mr. Moore is a native of Putnam county and well-known to most of our citizens. He is qualified for the office, having served two terms as sheriff in the years past. He also served faithfully as a soldier in the Confederate army under the gallant Dibrell and that "Wizard of the Saddle," the immortal Forrest. The veterans of the "Lost Cause "are rapidly passing from activities of life, and Mr. Moore is probably the last Rebel soldier who will ever ask for office from the Democrats of Putnam County.
  • The Semi-Weekly Putnam County Herald
    17 September 1923
    Vol. XXI, No. 75, Page 1

    GEORGE M. MOORE ANNOUNCES FOR SHERIFF - George M. Moore announces as a candidate for Sheriff of Putnam County subject to the Democratic primary. Mr. Moore is thoroughly familiar with the duties of the office having served two term as Sheriff in the past. Mr. Moore was a gallant Confederatee soldier, and doubtless will be the last of the Boys of '61 to ask for office at the hands of the Democracy of Putnam county. He will very much appreciate the support of any and all Democrats.