Born: 13 November 1826 in Overton County, TN
Died: in 1885 in Warren County, TN
Buried: Faulkner Cemetery, Warren County, TN

Married: Nancy Matilda Graham on 17 August 1848 in White County, TN
Born: 28 March 1828 in White County, TN
Died: 10 April 1909 in Putnam County, TN
Buried: Lovelady Cemetery, Putnam County, TN
Parents: Isaac and Frances "Frankie" (Unknown) Graham


  1. John Maxwell
  2. Frances Permelia Maxwell
  3. Louisa Temple Maxwell
  4. Franklin "Frankie" Maxwell
  5. Susan M. Maxwell
  6. Rutha E. Maxwell
  7. Martha L. Maxwell
  8. Nancy M. Maxwell
  9. Marg H. Maxwell


  • Brother: Captain James Given Maxwell - 28th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
  • Brother: George Maxwell - 4th TN (Murray's) Cavalry & 22 TN Infantry Battalion
  • Son-in-law: J. H. Davis - 13th Tennessee (Gore's) Cavalry Regiment


13 th(Gore's) Tennessee Cavalry
(also known as 8 thTennessee Cavalry)
Company H


  • Entered the service as a Private and left the service as a Private
  • Enlisted 15 September 1862 at White County
    12 Dec 1862: Present



( Download Full Pension Application)


  • Filed 8 November 1905
  • Rejected
  • Residence: Baxter, TN
  • Resident of TN all her life
  • Maiden Name Nancy Matilda Graham; Born 29 March 1828 in White County, TN
  • David was born 13 November 1826 in Overton County, TN
  • David enlisted in Gen. G. G. Dibrell's unit in Barnes Company about 1 Sept 1862
  • David was on his way back to his command when the surrender occurred.
  • David died in Warren County on his return from ???
  • Nancy had nine children; eight girls and one boy. The youngest is 39 years old.


  • Columbus Jackson Davis
  • CJD was aquainted with Nancy for over 50 years.
  • Nancy was born in White County
  • David married Nancy Matilda Graham
  • David enlisted at Cookeville in a regiment organized at Yankeetown TN
  • CJD was a member of the same regiment; company C
  • Their company surrendered at Washington, GA in May 1865
  • David was not with his command when they surrendered.
  • David died in Warren County
  • Nancy has remained unmarried since David's death

Supporting Documents:

  • W. L. Dibrell (27 Oct 1905) - The marriage records for White County for the range 26 May 1840 to 25 May 1849 are gone or destroyed.
  • James Nickles (30 Oct 1905) - Knew Nancy and David Maxwell. Although he did not see them married, he understood that they were. David Maxwell enlisted the same time as JN. They were cut off from their command about six months before the surrender.
  • John Farris (30 Oct 1905) - JF has known Nancy and David for about 50 years. JF went into war with David. They enlisted in Barnes Company of General Dibrell's Regiment. They were sent home on instruction of Gen Dibrell, but before they get back to their command, they were cut off. They were forced to take the Oath of Alligiance.
  • Tennessee Board of Pension Examiners (8 Aug 1906) - Request Service records for DMM
  • War Department (13 Aug 1906) - Returns DMM service records
  • ??? (7 January 1907) to Mr. Rutledge Smith - Nancy is the widow of Davis Maxwell who died 21 years ago.
  • O. K. Holladay (21 January 1907) - Please do what you can for Mrs. Nancy Maxwell. She is 79 years old.
  • O. K. Holladay (22 January 1907) - Please give a report on the status of Nancy's application.
  • Tennessee Board of Pension Examiners (22 July 1908) - NM must provide a certificate from the Trustee. Also, she must show how David got out of the army.
  • Nancy Maxwell (16 Feb 1907) - Swears that she is the widow of David M. Maxwell. She is 79 years old and lives in the 1st Civil District of Putnam County. In fall of 1863, General Dibrell was in Sparta with 8th TN Cavalry. He gave furloughs to many men to visit their families. Dibrell received orders to proceed to Kingston. Lt. Col F. H. Daugherty was detailed to collect the other men. He got 600 men and did scouting in upper Middle Tennessee and Kentucky. David never had the opportunity to rejoin his command before the surrender. David was not a deserter. The men tried to talk Daughery to get back to command, but he would not go.. Her husband died in 1885. Until his death, he suffered on account of exposure and disabilities received while a soldier.
  • Nancy Maxwell (16 Feb 1907) - She files with the board affidavits of Jacob H. Davis, James M. Nickles and John Pharris. Davis and Pharris receive pensions and were in the army with David. When David enlisted, they had six girls. David was a stout able bodied man. After his service, he was never a stout man again.
  • James M. Nichols - 8th Tennessee (Dibrell's) Cavalry and John Farris (16 Feb 1907) - Swear that they were acquainted with David M. Maxwell and served with him during the war. David was not a deserter. Lt. Daughtery was detailed to collect the men left behind when Dibrell left Sparta. He took them scouting until he was captured and sent to Charleston, SC to prison. David had two brothers one of whom was Captain James Given Maxwell.
  • J. H. Davis(16 Feb 1907) - JHD was a Confederate Soldier in Company C, 8th TN Cavalry. He was acquainted with DMM. David was a brave and gallant soldier. He had only two brothers. Each had a family. His brothers were killed in battle: Captain James Given Maxwell and George Maxwell. David was not a deserter. He spent one night at home when Dibrell's regiment left. JHD has known Nancy. She is now living with her son-in-law and is dependent upon him.
  • J. M. Whitson (6 Aug 1908) - JMW was in same command as David. They were on furlough at Sparta in Aug 1863 for a few days to visit family. Gen Dibrell unexpectedly received orders to proceed to East TN. Many men were unable to get back to their command. DM would have gone out with Wheeler on his last raid. When Dibrell's command came to Sparta, many men got furloughs. Dibrell received orders to go to Kingston and left before his men could get back. Lt. Daughtery was detailed to collect the men. Instead of returning to command, he took them scouting. David was not a deserter. The only opportunity to return to his command was when Gen. Wheeler made his last raid in Sept. 1864. Nancy is in her 80th year and is living with her son-in-law John Long.
  • Columbus Jackson Davis (6 Aug 1908) - States that the facts given in the affidavits of J. M. Whitson and W. L. Ray are true.
  • Columbus Jackson Davis (6 Feb 1909) - Mrs. Nancy Maxwell is 81 years old and has made proof of her application. What additional information is necessary.
  • J. H. Verble (???) - NM has property assessed at $226.


  • 1850 Census: White County, TN, Page 118
  • 1860 Census: Putnam County, TN Page 14
  • 1870 Census: Putnam County, TN Page 108
  • 1880 Census: Putnam County, TN, Page 90D


  • Death Certificate: Putnam County, TN (1909) - #70025 - Nancy Maxwell