John Farris




Born: 20 Feb 1828 in White County, TN
Died: 14 Apr 1914in Putnam County, TN
Buried: Lovelady Cemetery, Putnam County, TN
Parents: Joseph and Margaret (Mills) Farris

Married: Mary Jane Whitson about 17 July 1848 in White County, TN
Born: 27 May 1830 in White County, TN
Died: 22 Sep 1915 in Putnam County, TN
Buried: Lovelady Cemetery, Putnam County, TN
Parents: Jeremiah and Catherine (Bray) Whitson


  1. Harriett Farris
  2. Dudley R.Farris
  3. Pleasant Farris
  4. Mary Farris
  5. Thomas Farris
  6. W. Birch Farris
  7. Margaret Farris


  • Brother: Thomas Farris
  • Brother-in-law: James M. Nichols - 8th Tennessee (Dibrell's) Cavalry
  • Brother-in-law: Jeremiah Whitson - 13th (Gore's) Tennessee Cavalry
  • Nephew: John Burr Breeding - 25th Tennessee Infantry Regiment


13 th(Gore's) Tennessee Cavalry
(also known as 8 thTennessee Cavalry)
Company H


  • Entered military as Private and left as a Private
  • Enlisted on 15 Sep 1862 at White County, TN
  • 12 Oct 1862: Present



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  • Filed: 25 May 1903
  • Accepted
  • Residence: Cookeville, Putnam County, TN
  • Member: Captain James Barnes Co., Dibrell's Regiment 8th TN Cavalry; under Forrest
  • Wounded: in Humbolt, TN
  • Born: White County, TN on 20 Feb 1828
  • Enlisted: in 1862 in Captain Barnes Co. Dibrell's 8th TN Regiment under Forrest
  • Got out of the Army: After the Battle at Calf Killer above Sparta in 1865; Sent on a detachment to Putnam and Overton Counties to keep Tinker Dave Beatty in check. Was with Daughtery at Surrender
  • Wife is 73 years old
  • 3 daughters and 2 sons
  • Attest: George M. Moore & James S. Holman

Supporting Documents:

  • Tennessee Board of Pension Examiners (26 Jan 1905) - Request Service Record
  • War Department (28 Jan 1905) - Sent Service Record
  • D. A. Verble, Jr. (21 Mar 1905) - Supports his claim
  • W. L. Dibrell (17 May 1905) - Supports his claim
  • D. C. Gossage (12 Jun 1905) - D. A. Verble is the county Justice of the Peace
  • W. L. Ray & Joseph Hudgens (7 Aug 1905) - Support his claim
  • J. T. Pointer (???) - Tax Assessment
  • Thos. A. Head (20 May 1908) - Supports his claim. Lt. Col. Daughtery sent a small detachment of men to protect the citizens from Tinker Dave Beatty. The detachment was cut off from Forrest's command as they were too far into Federal lines.



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  • Filed: 2 May 1914
  • Accepted
  • Residence: Cookeville, Putnam County, TN, all of her life
  • Born: in the neighborhood
  • Maiden Name: Whitson
  • Husband was born about 2 miles from where he died on 20 Feb 1828. His name was John Farris. We were married by Shade Price, a Justice of the Peace.
  • He died at home on 14 April 1914.
  • We had nine children. Living: Dudley - 58; Mary - 53; Thomas - 50; Margaret - 44. The others are dead.
  • Witness: Thomas Farris
    • He had known Jane Farris all her life. He was her husband's brother.
    • They were members of the same unit: Company H of the 8th TN Regiment.

Supporting Documents:

  • C. M. Nickles (1 May 1914) - He was present at the marriage of John Farris and Mary Jane Whitson by Shade Price, Justice of the Peace. They were married at her Uncle Joe Bray's house. She (CMN) is about 74 years old now and was 12 years old at the time of the marriage.
  • James M. Nichols - 8th Tennessee (Dibrell's) Cavalry- He was a soldier with John Farris. Knew him to be a moral upright citizen and a good soldier.
  • O. N. Draper (2 May 1914) - John Farris owned 125 acres valued at $300.


  • 1850 Census: White County, TN, Page 72
  • 1860 Census: Putnam County, TN, Page 5B (listed as John Pharis)
  • 1870 Census: Putnam County, TN, Page 110B (listed as John Farriss)
  • 1880 Census: Putnam County, TN, Page 91A (listed as John Ferris)
  • 1900 Census: Putnam County, TN, Page 1B (listed as John Pharris)
  • 1910 Census: Putnam County, TN, Page 9A


Putnam County Herald
17 July 1913
Vol. XI, No. 29, Page 1

  • Two miles south of this city, in the same residence in which they went to housekeeping within a few days after their marriage, live John Farris and his wife, Mary Jane Farris, two of the oldest and most highly respected people of this county. John Farris is in his 86th year, while his wife is in her 84th year. They were married sixty-five years ago, near their present home and both belong to prominent pioneer families of this county. When they were married the farm on which they live was in White County, as Putnam county had not then been organized. John Farris served gallantly throughout the civil war in the Confederacy army, and is a Confederate pensioner. Both he and his wife are wonderfully preserved. They live by themselves, and his wife does her own housework and he attends to his work just as he did twenty years ago. They are a devoted old couple. One of their sons, J. F. Farris is a merchant of this city. Hon. Jere Whitson and Judge H. D. Whitson of this city are nephews of Mrs. Farris.


Putnam County Herald
16 April 1914
Vol. XII, No. 15, Page 5

  • John Pharris died at his home a few mile south of the city Tuesday, Apr. 14, 1914, aged about 85 years. He had been in unusual health up to a few days ago. He was buried at the Lovelady Cemetery. Mr. Pharris is survived by his wife and several children. He was one of the oldest and best known men in the county.

Putnam County Herald
30 September 1915
Vol. XIII, No.39 , Page 5

  • Mrs. Mary Jane Pharris died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Thomas Nicholas, one mile east of Cookeville last Sunday, Sept. 26, 1915, aged 85 years. She was the widow of the late John Pharris, and for many years a member of the Methodist Church. Four grown children survive Mrs. Pharris. She was buried in the Lovelady Cemetery.


Photo Source: Stray leaves from Putnam County history : pioneer families, sights and sounds from the past, old school groups, Civil War soldiers, Page 233