Born: 27 October 1837 in Jackson County, Tennessee
Died: after 5 March 1918 in Putnam County, Tennessee
Buried: probably in an unmarked grave in the Carroll Dyer Cemetery, Putnam County, Tennessee
Parents: James and Jane Jennie (Finn) Dyer

Married: Louisa Pippin about 1857 in Putnam County, Tennessee
Born: 30 September 1840 in Jackson County, Tennessee
Died: 24 March 1924in Scott County, Missouri
Buried: Sikeston City Cemetery, Scott County, Missouri
Parents: William M. and Sina (Finn) Pippin


  1. Adalaide Dyer
  2. Milton M. Dyer
  3. Mariah L. Dyer
  4. Martha L. Dyer
  5. William Wirt Dyer
  6. James C. Dyer
  7. Senia Jane Dyer
  8. Wade W. Dyer
  9. Seler R. Dyer
  10. Alcy M. Dyer
  11. Edmund F. Dyer
  12. Della Dyer


  • Brother-in-law: James W. Pippin - 28th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
  • Brother-in-law: Alfred Carroll Pippin - 28th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
  • Brother-in-law: Joseph Pippin- 28th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
  • Brother-in-law: Robert J. Tyree - 8th Tennessee (Smith's) Cavalry


28th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
Company B


  • Entered the service as a Sergeant and left service as a Private
  • 8 July 1915 - Wade W. Dyer enlisted 7 Sep 1861 and resigned 31 Oct 1861. He was reported absent without leave.
  • Age: 27 years old
  • 3 Oct 1861: Present for duty
  • 7 Sep - 31 Oct 1861: Present
  • 28 Apr 1862: Resigned 31 Oct 1861
  • 28 Feb - 31 Aug 1862: Absent without leave



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  • Filed N1 November 1913
  • AWOL - Disapproved
  • Resident of Oran, MO
  • Age 76 years
  • No Property and no children to support me.
  • Entered service in Cookeville, TN in June 1862.
  • Colonel John P. Murray
  • Captains and Lieutenants: Anderson, Matheny, Ridley, Draper, Wm. Elrod, Owin Maxwell.
  • Company A. 28th TN Infantry
  • Battles: Perryville, KY, Fishing Creek, and Missionary Ridge.
  • 11 July 1913: W. E. Dyer entered the service in Cookeville, Tenn in June 1862. His Col. was John P. Murray, Captain, Anderson, Matheny; 1st Lieutenant Ridley Draper; 2nd Lieutenant Wm. Elrod; 3rd Lieutenant Owin Maxwell; Company A, Regiment of 28th Tennessee Infantry. Mr. Dyer was 1st Sergeant of the Company. At the time of surrender, he was very sick and not expected to live.
  • 16 July 1913 - War Department to Hon. J. D. Bowman: All information in the official records is provided for Pension.
  • 30 August 1913: Enclosed is the application of an old Soldier.
  • 2 September 1913: You are required to furnish all relevant data of his service.
  • 8 September 1913 - War Department: Records show that Wade W. Dyer, age 27, enlisted 7 Sep 1861. On the muster roll dated 31 August 1862, he is listed as absent without leave.
  • 20 November 1913: Applicant is charged with being absent without leave. WWD can appeal to the Board of Revie.


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  • Scott County, Missouri
  • Name: Waid W. Dyer
  • Occupation: Day Laborer
  • Born: 27 October 1837
  • Residence: Oran, Scott County, Missouri
  • Mustered into CSA as First Sergeant in Company A, 28th TN Infantry
  • Battles of Fishing Creek Kentucky
  • Furloughed and went home with measles which settled into his eyes and lungs. Was not able for duty for five years. After that, command was so far away that I could not get to them.
  • Declared sane by Grant Adams on 25 Feb 1907.
  • W. R. Dyer of Illinois says that he knew him as a soldier in the service of the CSA.
  • 26 Feb 1907 - Application is enclosed. J. L. Hales,, Jno Friend, J. F. Allen or W. J. Maxwell (mayor of the city) knows WWD.



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  • Filed: 3 July 1915
  • Rejected
  • Residence: Baxter
  • Member: Company A, 28th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
  • Born: Jackson County, 27 October 1837
  • Enlisted: June 1861, Col. John P. Murray; Captain J. A. Matheny; 3rd Lieutenant Owin Maxwell; 1st Lieutenant Ridley Draper; 2nd Lieutenant Wm. Elrod; Orderly Sergeant: Wade W. Dyer
  • Battles: At Fishing Creek, contracted measles and lung trouble
  • Applied for a pension in 1913-1914 in Missouri
  • Married; Children 4 sons and 4 daughters
  • Resident of Tennessee since Feb 1914
  • Attest: Hop T. Lee

Supporting Documents:

  • A. B. Garrison of Butler County, KY (7 Jun 1915) - Supports his claim
  • Hop T. Lee (2 Jul 1915) - The Federal Soldiers went to make him take the oath. They did not because they believed him to be no good and about to die.
  • Tennessee Board of Pension Examiners (3 Jul 1915) - Requests service record
  • War Department (8 Jul 1915) - Sent service records
  • Special Examiner (20 Jul 1915) - His pension is disallowed.
  • WWD (5 Mar 1918) - Would like a home in the soldiers home.
  • Alfred Ebert of St. Louis, MO (30 Dec 1935) - He would like his grandfather's WWD service record.
  • Mrs. Harry Harwood of Kirkwood, MO (28 Feb 1936 - She is the daughter of WWD and would like to have his service records.
  • Mrs. Harry Harwood of Kirkwood, MO (4 Mar 1936) - She is the daughter of WWD and would like to have his service records.
  • Eslie M. Lewis of Los Angeles, CA (6 Jan 1941) - She is a daughter of WWD and would like to have his date of birth and date of death.
  • Special Examiner to Eslie M. Lewis (10 Jan 1941) - Sends her WWD's birth date and service record.


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  • 1880 Census: Bollinger County, MO, Page 476D
  • 1900 Census: Scott County MO, Page 4B & New Madrid County, MO, Page 236B
  • 1910 Census: New Madrid County, MO, Page 240A (living with daughter Martha Terry)
  • 1920 Census: