Born: 10 Mar 1842 in Smith County, Tennessee 
Died: 18 Mar 1914 in Putnam County, Tennessee 
Buried: Cookeville City Cemetery, Putnam County, Tennessee 
Parents: Howell H. and Nancy Elizabeth (Jones) Bryant

1st Married: Sarah McBroom after 1860 in Putnam County, Tennessee 
Born: 18 February 1843
Died: 20 December 1863 in Putnam County, Tennessee 
Buried : McBroom Cemetery (Bryant Ridge),Putnam County, Tennessee
Parents: William and Mary (Unknown) McBroom

2nd Married: Matilda Frances (McBroom) Lee on 25 May 1865 in Smith County, Tennessee
Born: 17 May 1845 in Jackson County, Tennessee 
Died: Between 1880 - 1892 in Putnam County, Tennessee 
Parents: Anthony and Mary (Crook) McBroom
Widow of:
Unknown Lee


  1. Lafayette Bryant
  2. Ann/Amy Bryant
  3. Worth Bryant
  4. Clara Bryant
  5. Flora Bryant
  6. Clay V. Bryant

3rd Married: Mary Caroline Madden on 26 Aug 1892 in Putnam County, Tennessee 
Born: 14 October 1846 in Jackson County, Tennessee 
Died: 9 Mar 1923 in Putnam County, Tennessee 
Buried: Cookeville City Cemetery, Putnam County, Tennessee
Parents: Hosea and Rider (Terry) Madden


  • Brother: Smith M. Bryant - 17th Tennessee Infantry Regiment


17th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
Company K


  • Entered military as Private and left as a Private
  • Enlisted 9 Jun 1861 at Camp Trousdale
  • Aug 15 - Dec 31, 1861: Present
  • May - Dec, 1892: Present
  • Jan & Feb 1863: Present
  • May - Jun 1863: Present



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  • Filed: 22 Oct 1895
  • Accepted
  • Residence: Cookeville, Putnam County
  • Member: 17th Tennessee Infantry Regiment, Company K
  • Wounds: contracted rheumatism in the service
  • Born: Smith County, 1842
  • Enlisted: May 1861 in Co. K, 17th Tennessee Infantry Regiment; Captain S. B. McBroom, Commanded by Taz W. Newman, A. S. Marks, and Lt. Col Wat W. Floyd
  • Wife is 49 years old
  • One daughter 22 years old, one son 20 years old, and one grandson 9 years old
  • Attest: O. D. Parkison and Flemuel McBroom

Supporting Documents:

  • I. B. Stewart (Roane County - 30 Sep 1895) - Supports claim. AB's wife was on her death bed. AB got a furlough to come home to see her. She died right after the furlough. IBS got a furlough at the same time.
  • A. Bryant (21 Aug 1899) - AB might run for County Court Clerk, but he thinks he may be too feeble.
  • Special Examiner of the Tennessee Board of Pension Examiners (20 Sep 19?5) - Explain the leave of absence that AB took during the war
  • D. C. Gossage (15 Jan 1906) - Tax Assessment
  • Tennessee Board of Pension Examiners (19 Jan 1906) - Request service records from the War Department
  • J. B. S. Martin, MD (15 Jan 1906) - Physician's Certificate
  • A. Bryant (18 Jan 1906) - AB is sending in his doctor's statement
  • War Department (23 Jan 1906) - Sent copy of service records
  • Tennessee Board of Pension Examiners to Mary C. Bryant (9 Nov 1915) - You were married after 1 Jan 1890



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  • Filed: 31 August 1915
  • Name: Mary Catherine Bryant
  • Residence: Cookeville, Route 9
  • Resident of TN: All her flife
  • Born: in 1846 in what is now Putnam County
  • Maiden Name: Mary Caroline Madden
  • Married in August 1892 in Cookeville by Rev. C. E. Herrigus
  • Husband died 18 March 1914
  • Witnesses: Finis Palk and W. H. Anderson
  • Finis Palk was a grandson of Absalom Bryant through a daughter of his first wife.


  • Columbus Jackson Davis(30 Aug 1915) - The statements made by Mrs. Bryant were true. AB deeded over his property to Finis Palk, his grandson, for taking care of him.
  • Tennessee Board of Pension Examiners (2 Sep 1915) - Request his service records.
  • War Department (10 Sep 1915) - Sent his service records
  • D. D. Stewart (26 Sep 1915) - Absalom Bryant was his close friend, and he would be willing to help his widow.
  • Marriage Certificate: A. Bryant married Mary C. Madden on 26 August 1892 by Rev. C. E Heriges in Putnam County.


  • 1850 Census:
  • 1860 Census: Putnam County, TN, Page 60
  • 1870 Census: Putnam County, TN, Page 182 (listed as Absalom Briant)
  • 1880 Census: Putnam County, TN, Page 184C
  • 1891 Enumeration of Male Citizens: District 1
  • 1900 Census: Putnam County, TN, Page 7B
  • 1910 Census: Putnam County, TN, Page 6A


The Cookeville Press
26 Oct 1899
Vol. XIII, No. 43, Page 5

  • Bryant's House Burned -- Last Tuesday the house with all its contents belonging to ex-county clerk A. Bryant, which is two miles west of town, was destroyed by fire. There was no one in the house at the time but Mr. Bryant, who being a cripple was barely able to save himself. The fire originated from a defective flue. The loss will amount to about $800 with $500 insurance.


Putnam County Herald
19 March 1914
Vol. XII, No. 11, Page 1
(Chronicling America)

  • A. Bryant Dead -- Former County Court Clerk A. Bryant, aged 72, died at his home 3 miles south of Cookeville, on Wednesday morning March 18, 1914, after an illness of several weeks. He was a Confederate Veteran, a member of the Methodist Church and one of the most highly esteemed citizens of Putnam County. He contracted rheumatism during his service in the army and for more than forty years was unable to walk, his limbs being badly distorted. He was notwithstanding his afflictions one of the most cheerful and optimistic of men. He was a remarkably well informed man, a great reader, and a splendid conversationalist. Mr. Bryant served from 1886 - 1894 as County Clerk of this county and prior to that time was for several years County Superintendent of Schools. He is survived by his wife and four grown children, Hon. Worth Bryant, a prominent lawyer of this city; Mrs. Flora Noonan of Cookeville, Clay V. Bryant, a well-known lumberman of Nashville, and Lafayette Bryant of Kansas; also a grandson of Finis Palk whom he had reared. He was laid to rest in the Cookeville Cemetery this afternoon.


  • Death Certificate: Putnam County, TN (1914)#49 - A. Bryant
  • Death Certificate: Putnam County, TN (1923)#307 - Mary Caroline Bryant
  • Descendants of Howell H. Bryant - Upper Cumberland Researcher, Vol. XXVII, No. 3, Page 23
  • Cookeville in Retrospect - by Gertrude Whitney - Pages 11-12
    Right here I want to mention another father and son, who in the early days left a lasting impression of things worthwhile on my memory. A. Bryant, then the County Court Clerk, I believe, had his office, in the courthouse, and was truly the most fortunate of unfortunates, for while rheumatism had made it impossible for him to walk, his young son, Clay, carried him tenderly in his arms, placed him in the buggy, and took him to and from his work every day. I can see them now -- father and son -- going home together at the close of day. Clay has a splendid reward in his memory of this "service of love" well done. I believe he is now in the lumber business, prosperous, as he should be, and happy with his family. Mrs. Bryant, the former Edna Hogan of Cookeville, and their fine daughters -- living in Nashville. Worth is still an attorney, residing in Cookeville. The two daughters, Clara and Flora Bryant Noonan -- both had been non-complaining sufferers for years.
  • Putnam County Herald, 8 August 1904, Page 6
    A. Bryant (better known as Dick) one of Cane Creek's prosperous farmers, has been experimenting with a new fertilizer for corn which is proving to be a success. He clams that the crop will be increased from 50 to 100 percent, a nd the cost of the fertilizer will not exceed 30 cents per hundred or 60 cents per acre.
  • Bryant Family Bible