Born: 4 December 1842 in Jackson County, Tennessee
Died: 7 October 1927 in Putnam County, Tennessee 
Buried: Boyd Cemetery, Putnam County, Tennessee 
Parents: John and Martha (Holladay) Boyd

Married: Rhoda Frances "Fannie" Nichols on 5 September 1867 in Putnam County, Tennessee 
Born: 5 August 1849 in Jackson County, Tennessee 
Died: 2 April 1917 in Putnam County, Tennessee 
Buried: Boyd Cemetery, Putnam County, Tennessee 
Parents: David Henry Douglass and Elizabeth Ann "Betty" (Jared) Nichols


  1. William Lemuel Boyd
  2. John Clinton Boyd
  3. Dallas Bethel Boyd
  4. Zora Ann Boyd


  • Brother: Bransford Boyd - 16th Tennessee Infantry Regiment - CSA
  • Brother: Jefferson W. Boyd - Allison's Squadron Tennessee Cavalry - CSA
  • Brother-in-law: Moses Jasper Nichols - 16th Tennessee Infantry Regiment - CSA
  • Brother-in-law: John Harmon Nichols - 16th Tennessee Infantry Regiment - CSA


16th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
Company K


  • Entered military as Private and left as a Private
  • Listed as J. A. Boyd
  • Enlisted 9 Jun 1861 at Camp Trousdale
  • Jul & Aug 1861: Present
  • Age: 19 (9 Jun 1861)
  • Discharged as a non-conscript 16 Jul 1862

Allison's Cavalry Squadron
Company A


  • Entered military as Private and left as a Private
  • Enlisted 10 Feb 1863 at Alexandria
  • Jan - Jun 1864: Present
  • Captured near Alexandria on 14 Aug 1862
  • Residence: Putnam County
  • Complexion: Fair
  • Hair: Light
  • Eyes: Grey
  • Height: 5' 10"
  • Took the Oath: 13 Sep 1864
  • Transferred to Louisville, KY Prison



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  • Filed: 21 Oct 1902
  • Accepted
  • Residence: Gentry, Putnam County
  • Wounded: during the Battle of Chickamauga on 18 Sep 1863
  • Born: 1843 in Jackson County (now Putnam County)
  • Enlisted: 9 Jun 1861 in Savage's Regiment, Company F, Capt. Fate Allison
  • Wife is 55 years old; Daughter is 22 years old
  • Attest: William H. Harrison and Z. P. Lee
  • 2nd Application Filed 18 Feb 1893
  • Residence: Jared, Putnam County
  • Wife is 44 years old. Children are 22, 19, 16, and 13.
  • Attest: H. H. Dillard and Thos. A. Head

Supporting Documents:

  • Soldier's Discharge Papers (31 Jul 1862) -
    • Age 17 (11 Dec 1861)
    • Born: Jackson County
    • Height: 5' 9"
    • Complexion: Fair
    • Eyes: Blue
    • Hair: Light
  • Absalom Bryant (11 Feb 1893) - informs board that Joseph Holladay is clerk for Putnam County
  • F. M. Amonette, MD (26 Jul 1900) - Supports his claims. States that JAB was captured in 1863 and was held a prisoner until the surrender.
  • James A. Boyd (26 Jul 1900) - Affidavit to his service
  • Thos. A. Head (1 Aug 1900) - Submitting an affidavit from JAB
  • ??? (7 Jul 1903) - Supports his claim
  • John Johnson (12 Oct 1903) - Supports claim
  • Jeptha Driver (13 Oct 1903) - Supports claim
  • J. L. Reasoner (13 Oct 1903) - Supports claim
  • P. S. Cole, MD (19 Oct 1903) - Physician's Certificate
  • A. Stanton (22 Oct 1903) - Supports claim
  • F. H. Jared (22 Oct 1903) - Supports claim
  • James A. Boyd (28 Jan 1904) - Gives a statement of his service records
  • Joseph Holladay (29 Jan 1904) - Supports claim
  • Tennessee Board of Pension Examiners (30 Jan 1904) - Requests Prison records from War Department
  • James A. Boyd (2 Feb 1904) - Gives description of his capture at Uncle Joseph Johnson's in Alexandria, TN
  • War Department (3 Mar 1904) - Returned Allison's Squadron records
  • Tennessee Board of Pension Examiners (17 Jun 1904) - Requests Prison records from War Department
  • War Department (21 Jun 1904) - Returned Service Records
  • William F. Askew (21 Jul 1905) - Supports claim
  • James A. Boyd (21 Jul 1905) - Gives statement as to his service record
  • Quimby Dyer (1 Jan 1906) - Supports claim
  • James A. Boyd (2 Apr 1906) -
    • JAB joined Captain H. H. Dillard's Co. K, 16th Tennessee Infantry Regiment. He was transferred to Col. Don Allison's Squadron, Captain Fate Allison's Company A.
    • He was captured in Alexandria, TN and sent to prison in Camp Morton, IN. He was transferred to Camp Douglass, IL and then to Rock Island Prison, IL.
    • While fighting in the Battle of Chickamauga, he was wounded in the hip by a bomb shell. His hip was dislocated. He was carried off the battle field by William Askew, a citizen of Dekalb County.
  • Tennessee Press Association (10 Apr 1906) - Letter from JAB
  • John H. Verble (26 Oct 1906) - Supports claim
  • P. Y. Jared (26 Oct 1906) - Supports claim
  • James A. Boyd (27 Oct 1906) - Gives the following account of his Civil War Service
    • On 5 Jun 1861, when he was 17 years old, he joined Captain H. H. Dillard's Co. K, 16th Tennessee Infantry Regiment at Cookeville, TN.
    • On 9 Jun 1861, he was mustered in.
    • The unit was ordered to go to the North Western Virginia Campaign. He fought in the battles of Shenandoah Valley, Missionary Ridge, Lookout Mountain, Lynchburg, Petersburg, Richmond and others.
    • In the latter part of 1862, the unit was ordered to Pocotalige, SC and stayed until about April 1863. Then they were ordered to Mississippi. Then in the summer of 1863, they were ordered to Georgia and were stationed at Chattanooga.
    • There, he was discharged on account of his ill health and due to his age. He returned to Putnam County and remained there about 6 weeks.
    • He joined Col. Don Allison's Cavalry at Alexandria, TN. He drilled in Alexandria for about 6 weeks.
    • The unit fought in the Battle of Chickamauga.
    • During the battle, he was wounded by an exploding bomb shell and was carried from the battle field by Private William Askew of Temperance Hall, Dekalb County. He was then carried to the hospital where he spent time recovering.
    • After his recovery, he was made a courier for Wheeler's Cavalry.
    • He remained in the service until about Sep 1864.
    • He and Private John Johnson were captured at Alexandria, TN. They were transferred to a prison in Nashville, before being transferred to Camp Morton, IN. He remained at Camp Morton for about two months.
    • Then he was transferred to Camp Douglass, IL for about 6 weeks. After which, he was transferred to Rock Island Prison, IL where he stayed until the end of the war.
    • After the end of the war, he went to Indiana to find a job to earn money to go home. He was hired by Rice Neugen.
    • He went to Louisville, KY by railroad. At Louisville, he wanted to go home so badly that he left everything he had with Mr. Neugen with the understanding that he would get it later.
    • His bunkmate at Rock Island Prison was Dan Gipson of Alabama.
    • He is a Free Mason.
    • He is a member of Pat Cleburne's Bivouac, U. C. V.
    • He is a Methodist.
    • He is a Democrat.
    • He served as Superintendent of the Southern Methodist Sunday School at Gentry, TN.
    • He served as Deputy Sheriff of Putnam County.
  • Ernest H. Boyd (30 Oct 1906) - Ernest's father is a cousin to JAB. Requests a copy of JAB's service records.
  • Boyd & Boyd (30 Oct 1906) - Supports claim
  • J. W. Puckett (30 Oct 1906) - Supports claim
  • E. S. T. Boyd (1 Nov 1906) - Related to JAB. Supports his claim
  • D. C Gossage (3 Nov 1906) - Supports claim
  • John C. Boyd (7 Nov 1917) - Son of JAB. Reports that his father died on 7 Oct 1927.
  • John C. Boyd (2 Nov 1927) - son of JAB. His father has died. Will they pay funeral expenses?
  • Comptroller of the Treasury (3 Nov 1927) - Reply to John C. Boyd
  • J. A. Boyd (26 Jul ??) - Saw Dr. Amonette
  • J. D. McKinley (??) - Supports claim


  • 1850 Census: Jackson County, TN, Page 249
  • 1860 Census:
  • 1870 Census: Putnam County, TN, Page 190
  • 1880 Census: Putnam County, TN, Page 160D
  • 1900 Census: Putnam County, TN, Page 3B
  • 1910 Census: Putnam County, TN, Page 211A
  • 1920 Census: Putnam County, TN, Page 1A


Putnam County, TN
Will Book 6
Page 413
Online Copy at FamilySearch

  • Written: 12 Oct 1926
  • Probated: 3 Jun 1930
  • Executors: J. C. Boyd (son)
  • Residence: Baxter
  • Heirs: Lem Boyd, dec'd; J. C. Boyd, D. B. Boyd, and Zora Holleman (his children)
  • Attest: Lawrence Grace, Baxter; R. L. Richardson, Baxter; Edgar Field, Baxter


Putnam County Herald
10 October 1927
Vol. XXV, No. 8, Page 1

  • AGED CITIZEN DIES AT HOME OF SON - James Boyd Was Civil War Veteran; 83 Years Old. -- James A. Boyd, Confederate veteran and one of the best known and most highly respected citizens of Putnam county, died Friday at his home in Baxter. He was 88 years old and had spent his entire life in this county, except during his four years service in the Confederate army. He volunteered in April 1861, as a soldier in Cap. H. H. Dillard's company of Col. John H. Savage's regiment. He spent the last several months of the war as a prisoner in the Rock Island federal prison. He devoted his life to farming. From his young manhood he was a member of the Southern Methodist church. He served for 25 years as superintendent of the Sunday school of the noted old Pleasant Grove Methodist church the oldest Methodist church in this county. In his young manhood he married Miss Fannie Nichols of this county, who died several years ago. He is survived by three grown children, J. Cohn Boyd, and D. B. Boyd of Baxter, and Mrs. Henry Holleman of Granville. A son, W. J. Boyd, died about two years ago. Several hundred people, from over Putnam county were present at the funeral services at Baxter Sunday afternoon. Services were conducted on the lawn of the home by the Rev. J. D. Harris and Dr. H. L. Upperman. The Baxter Rock Springs and Granville Masonic lodges conducted funeral services at the grave. On every hand the most glowing tributes were paid the deceased. His record of fifty years as a steward in old Pleasant Grove church and his long service as superintendent of its Sunday school were referred to by hundreds of people. Many old men and women, who had known him intimately all their lives, stated that he was never known to make an unkind remark about any person but supon the other hand, he always greeted everyone, old and young with words of encouragement and appreciation. Had he lived until December, he would have been 84 years old, but until his death his mind and memory were perfectly clear and unimpaired and every Sunday saw him active in Sunday school and church. He was the oldest member of Rock Springs Masonic lodge, also the oldest Mason in Putnam County. He was the last surviving confederate soldier of Company "F" of the 16th Tennessee Regiment, Capt. Dillard's company, which was the Putnam county company first organized. In addition to his children, grandchildren and great-grand children, he is survived by many other relatives and a host of friends in this county who will always revere his memory.

Putnam County Herald
17 October 1927

Vol. XXV, No. 22, Page 1

  • Resolutions. -- Whereas, Our Heavenly Father has been pleased to call to His Heavenly home our beloved brother, James A. Boyd, on October 7th, 1927, and Whereas, Brother James A. Boyd was a worthy member in good standing of the Masonic Fraternity and had faithfully performed the duties of a member and officer over a long period of service, always leading by both precept and example in every good work, and, Whereas, Brother James A. Boyd was a highly respected citizen, a kind husband and father and friend and a loyal Christian gentleman there, Be it Resolved, that we, a committee appointed, express for the Excelsior Lodge Number 657 F, and A. M., Baxter, Tennessee, our highest esteem for him, for his life, ideals and service and our gratitude to the Heavenly Father for him, and we further express our sincere sympathy to his immediate family, friends and all members of the lodge. Be it further Resolved, that we cause these resolutions to be spread upon the minutes of said lodge, and that copies be sent to the famil of Brother James a. Boyd and to the newspapers of Putnam and surrounding counties. W. A. Ellis, J. W. Brown, H. L. Upperman

Putnam County Herald
5 April 1917
Vol. XV, No. 14, Page 1
Obituary at Chronicling America

  • Mrs. Fannie Boyd, wife of James A. Boyd, died Monday night of heart failure at her home in Baxter. She was about sixty-five years old and was a most estimable Christian lady. She had been a devoted member of the Southern Methodist Church from her childhood. She was a daughter of David Nichols, one of the leading pioneer citizens of Putnam county. She is survived by her husband, and four grown children: John C. Boyd and D. B. Boyd of Baxter, Mrs. Henry Holeman of Granville, and W. L. Boyd of Texas; also by the following brothers and sisters: Rev. B. B. Nichols of Boma, J. P. Nichols of Buffalo Valley, J. C. Nichols of Lebanon, L. B. Nichols of Los Angeles, Calif., Mrs. G. D. Byrne of Monterey, Mrs. T. C. Holladay of Lebanon and Mrs. Elizabeth Boyd of Cookeville. She leaves a large number of other relatives in Cookeville and Putnam County who mourn her loss. Funeral services were conducted Tuesday afternoon by Rev. R. J. Craig.


  • Death Certificate: Putnam County, TN (1927) - #22903 James A. Boyd
  • Death Certificate: Putnam County, TN (1917) - #415 Roda F. Boyd
  • Stray Leaves From Putnam County History : "His parents started to TX with a family of 7 children. They got typhoid fever -- all died except 3 children. His brother, Jefferson Wiseman Boyd, and her brother, Joseph Holladay, went west and brought the 3 surviving children back to Putnam Co. He was one of the surviving children." [Page 235]
  • Nuggets of Putnam County History, Vol. 1, Page 180: "John C. Boyd married Martha Holladay. Only one of their children, a son is now living. James A. Boyd, a Confederate veteran, now advanced in years, resides at Baxter. Until his removal from the 12th district to Baxter a few years ago, he had been actively identified with the Pleasant Grove Church from his childhood, having been Supervisor of its Sunday School for almost 25 years. He is a man of the strictest integrity and enjoys the confidence and esteem of all you knew him."
  • The Cookeville Press, 5 February 1896, Page 5 : In this issue will be found the announcement of James A. Boyd, of the Twelfth district, as a candidate for sheriff of Putnam county. Mr. Boyd is well known all over the county as an intelligent, industrious citizen, strictly moral and attentive to business. His qualifications for the high and responsible duties of the office are first class. He is an old ex-confederate soldier, having gone through the blood scenes from '61 to '65, coming out in rags and as poor as a church mouse. But he did not give up, but went to work to restore law and order and to accumulate a sufficiency of this world's goods to educate and support a large and interesting family of sons and daughters. He has always been a enthusiastic working Democrat, and if elected he will make a sheriff the people of Putnam count will be proud of.
  • The Cookeville Press, 24 October 1901, Vol. XV, No. 42, Page 5 : Deputy Sheriff J. A. Boyd is dangerously ill with flux at his home in the 12th district. Mr. Boyd is one of the county's best citizens and his many friends anxiously hope he may speedily recover.
  • Putnam County Herald, 31 May 1917, Vol. XV, No. 22, Page 3: James A. Boyd of Baxter visited relatives here last week. He has sufficiently recovered from his recent illness to attend the Confederate reunion next week in Washington City.
  • Putnam County Herald, 27 January 1904, Page 3
    The weather has been severely cold for the past two months, but Jas. A. Boyd is prepared for the cold weather since a coal mine has been found on his farm, and of fine quality.
  • Putnam County Herald,16 July 1914, Vol. XII, No. 28, Page 2
    James A. Boyd appears on a list of former Confederate soldiers who served with the late Sidney S. Stanton and who endorsed Colonel Stanton's son, Sidney S. Stanton's bid for office in the 1914 election.
  • Nichols Family Bible - Upper Cumberland Genealogical Association, Vol. XIV, No. III, Fall 1989, Page 110.
  • History of Putnam County, Tennessee, Page 18: Of the thirteen children of John and Elizabeth Boyd, four married and settled in Putnam county—John C., Alexander., Jefferson W., and Bransford. John C. Boyd married Martha Holladay. They are survived by one son, James A. Boyd, of Baxter, a Confederate veteran and a highly esteemed citizen.

James A. Boyd

Photo Source: When the South Was Southern, Page 336