Born: 31 July 1844 in Overton County, Tennessee
Died: 19 December 1908 in Putnam County, Tennessee
Buried: Dodson Chapel Cemetery, Overton County, TN (See FindAGrave)
Parents: Thomas and Sarah (Unknown) Anderson

1st Married: Louisa Frances Dodson about 1866 in Overton County, Tennessee
Born: 5 January 1842 in Overton County, Tennessee
Died: 26 May 1880 in Overton County, Tennessee
Buried: Dodson Chapel Cemetery, Overton County, TN (See FindAGrave)
Parents: Thomas Richard and Martha Ann (Johnson) Dodson


  1. Mary Alice Anderson
  2. Sarah Neely Ann Anderson
  3. William Anderson
  4. Martha Anderson
  5. James Anderson
  6. John Lonzo Anderson

2nd Married: Elizabeth Catherine Moore 13 April 1881 in Overton County, Tennessee
Born: 11 November 1839 in Overton County, Tennessee
Died: 27 April 1919 in Overton County, Tennessee
Buried: Dodson Chapel Cemetery, Overton County, Tennessee (See FindAGrave)
Parents: James and Anna (Phillips) Moore
Widow of or Divorced from: Andrew Jackson Swallows


13th Tennessee (Gore's) Cavalry Regiment
(also known as 8th Tennessee Cavalry)
Company F


  • Entered as a Private and left as a Private
  • Enlisted 8 Aug 1862 at Overton County, TN



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  • Filed: 21 Jul 1891
  • Accepted: 6 Aug 1891
  • Residence: Bloomington, Putnam County
  • Member: Company F, 8th Tennessee Cavalry
  • Wounded: Battle of Parker's X Roads on 31 Dec 1862; Shot in the right arm
  • Born: Overton County, TN in 31 Jul 1844
  • Enlisted: Aug 1862, Capt. Jos. Bilbrey's Co. F of Col. G. G. Dibrell's 8th TN Cavalry
  • Living with a son who has family
  • Wife's age 57; One daughter age 17; Two sons 11 and 15
  • Attest: Stephen Decatur Bilbrey and Columbus Jackson Davis
  • 2nd Application Filed: 2 Mar 1907
  • Accepted
  • Attest: L. P. Pendergrass and Columbus Jackson Davis

Supporting Documents:

  • Jesse Barnes (1 Feb 1891) - Supports his Claim
  • Alfred Barlow (16 Jun 1891) - Was at the battle and saw him shot
  • W. J. Anderson (25 Jan 1892) -
    • WJA repudiates claim that he left the army without discharge.
    • WJA was shot through the arm at Parker's X Roads
    • After being wounded, he was captured.
    • Because of his wound and being fit for travel, he was paroled.
    • In March 1863, he received notice that he had been exchanged.
    • WJA went to his command, which at that time was located between Columbia and Franklin.
    • WJA showed General Forrest that his arm was in a sling.
    • General Forrest informed him that he ought to have stayed home.
    • WJA traveled with the company through AL and TN and then to Sparta.
    • General Dibrell furloughed him for 30 days.
  • J. M. Mabury (7 Feb 1892) - Supports his Claim
  • N. B. Young (18 Nov 1893) - Investigated and claims that WJA is a member in good standing.
  • R. F. Julian, Physician (29 Mar 1896) - Physical Exam
  • Thos. A. Head (5 May 1899) - ???
  • Thos. A. Head (6 May 1899) - Supports his Claim
  • Dr. W. M. Boyd, MD (4 Jul 1899) - Physical Exam
  • R. F. Julian, Physician (6 Jul 1899) - Physical Exam
  • J. I. Allison, MD (15 Jul 1899) - Physical Exam
  • James A. Williams (25 Oct 1899) - Supports his Claim
  • John S. Quarles (28 Nov 1899) - Supports his Claim
  • ? (26 Jan 1900) - Accounts of many men
  • James A. Wallace (17 Mar 1900) - Supports his Claim
  • Columbus Jackson Davis (24 Mar 1900) - Supports his Claim
  • D. C. "Crockett" Poston (2 Apr 1900) - Supports his Claim
  • N. B. Young (9 Apr 1900) - Sent an Enclosed Document
  • William Nathan Pharris (9 Apr 1900) - Supports his Claim
  • W. J. Anderson (9 Apr 1900) - Lost use of hand
  • ??? (14 Oct 1903) - Wife is Elizabeth
  • TN Board of Pension of Examiners (2 Nov 1903) - Sent Pension Status
  • War Department (20 Apr 1911) - Sent Service Records
  • Thos. A. Head (?) - Supports his Claim


  • 1850 Census: Overton County, Page 113
  • 1860 Census: Overton County, TN, Page 167
  • 1870 Census: Overton County, TN, Page 254
  • 1880 Census: Overton County, TN, Page 251A
  • 1891 Enumeration of Male Citizens: District 18
  • 1900 Census:


Putnam County, TN
Will Book 6
Page 208
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  • Residence: Bloomington Springs
  • Written: 1 July 1908
  • Probated: 29 Dec 1908
  • Wife: E. C. Anderson
  • Heirs: W. M. Anderson (son), S. C. Green (daughter), Mae Anderson (wife of Jas. R. Anderson, dec'd), Della Anderson (wife of Jno. L. Anderson, dec'd), I. E. York
  • Executor: W. M. Anderson (son)
  • Attest: U. S. Putty and Delia Carrall


  • Death Certificate: Putnam County, TN (1908) #70182 - W. J. Anderson
  • Death Certificate: Overton County, TN (1919) #431 - Elizabeth C. Anderson
  • Putnam County Herald, 27 January 1904, Page 5
    We understand W. J. Anderson has secured the mail route on Martin's.
  • Putnam County Herald
    10 May 1905
    Vol. III, No. 14, Page 2

    Anderson, J. L.: Body of J. L. Anderson Found - Was Drowned Near Ellijay, Ga., Feb. 20, While Crossing Swollen Creek - Rev. J. L. Anderson, son of W. J. Anderson of Bloomington, mysteriously disappeared from Ellijay, Ga., last winter, and no trace of him could be found, although careful search had been made until April 29, when his body was discovered in a creek. The following account is taken from the Ellijay Courier of May 4: The remain of the late Rev. J. L. Anderson, drowned Feb. 20th at the ford of Owltown Creek 2 1/4 miles from Ellijay, were discovered by Grover Wood Saturday morning last in Shippen's millpond. The boy who made the discovery had come to the pond early to see about his trot line and found the body lodged against a boom log. The friends immediately gathered to the vicinity and made arrangements to recover and identify the remains. The coroner was sent for and held an inquest. The body having been in the water two months and nine days, was beginning to decay and the features were not recognizable. Deceased had on a pair of arctic overshoes, leggings, his vest, coat and macintosh overcoat all being tightly buttoned. An examination of the clothing disclosed a number of papers, letters, memoranda, etc.,and his watch was found in his right vest pocket. The papers were well preserved and were eligible, and thoroughly idedtified (sic) the boyd as that of Rev, J. L. Anderson, and the clothing he wore was identified by witnesses. A bruise and contusion on the left side of the head had evidently been produced before death, and was probably done by his horse. His wathc had stopped at 6:55 o'clock. After the inquest the body was taken in charge by friends, a nice coffin was procured and the remains were given a decent, christian burial at the Jarrett cemetery. It is a matter of congratulation to all the friends of the beloved and unfortunate brother that the body was discovered. This and the positive inentification (sic) by a legal inquiry will forever set at rest the surmise and false, calumnious reports that were crawling from mouth in certain quarters like slimy snakes in a pond of filth. Rev. A. F. Ellington, the pastor who temporarily succeed Bro. Anders, performed the last offices for the dead. The find of Mr. Anderson's body and clearing up of the mystery surrounding his death are a great consolation to his family in their great grief.