1843 Petition to Change the Overton-Putnam Line

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No 17
Petition prayingto change the line of the county Putnam and Overton so as to be the county Putnam

Overton 1843

No. of Ref. 14 Oct 1843
Read and order to be transmitted ?????
16 Oct 1843


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To The honorable the general assembly of the state of Tennessee your humble petitioners by leave to petition to your honorable Body praying that you will attach ouses are in our Lands and Tennements which lies in the county of Overton to the county of Putnam as the Walton Road is the dividing line Between said county and apart of our farms lies in Both counties and Where as some of our houses are in Both sides of the county line and our land lying in Both counties and Whereas it is Troublesome and to the disadvantage of your petitioners to have to pay their Revenue in two counties. We hope that you will attach us to Putnam county for which your honorable Body may ever ??? to serve the cinser (sic) thanks of your honorable petitioners Septembe the 9 1843

Caleb Ward
Austin Webb
William Webb
Thomas Cooper
Henderson Buck
Jesse Pollard
James Clark
Wm Clark
Henry Clark
Enoch Green
John Whitaker
Rob Officer

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(Note: This page is extremely difficult to read)

Petition of Sundry Citizens of Overton County praying the line between Overtan ???? include petitoners in the county of Putnam.

No. of Resn 28 Nov 1843
Read and Referred to the ???? and County lines
L. D. Mitchell Clk

???? the county lines ???? unfavorable? to the praying petitioners
5 Dec 1842

Petition for Putnam

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To the honorable the General Assemby of the state of Tennessee your humble petitioners beg leave to petition to your hononable body praying that your honorably boy will so change the line between the county of Putnam and the county of Overton to include sitizens of Putnam county that our situations will be never to one county seat and that No injury land result to the county Overton by ??? your humble petitions know that Overton county is a large county and release that she has more territory than is required by the constitution per one county and believing that small counties aree for the conveniences of the people and ought to be so moe for the good and welfare of the community we therefore pray that one petition may be granted for which your honorable body may cover expert to theirs the same thanks by your petitioners.
Leonard Ail - 1
Ezekeiah Lee - 2
Lewis J. Adkins - 3
Thomas Adkins - 4
Elly Silvery - 5
Joshua Selvey - 6
Henry Weatherton - 7
Henry Barger - 8
Point Barger - 9
Enoch Green - 10
William L. Walker - 11
Joseph Garrison - 12
James Whitaker - 13
John Kinders - 14
Henry Dorothy - 15
George Ely - 16
Avoton Ely - 17
John O. Webb - 18
Henry Clark - 19
John Goss - 20
Joseph Bartlett - 21
Henry West - 22
Elyte ??? - 23
James Bennet - 24
James ??? - 25
Levi L. Murphee - 26
Stephen D. Cole - 28
Thomas C. Webb - 29
Lewis Barnes - 30
Samuel Welch - 31
Wilson Wilmoth - 32
Thomas Simpson - 33
John C. Webb - 34
Benjamin Webb - 35
Thomas Cooper - 36