1839 Petition to Establish Putnam County, Tennessee

Source: Tennessee Legislative Petitions, 1837 - 1839

Petitions 27 and 28 of 1838 were transcribed in the order that they appear on microfilm. No effort was made to re-order the pages from the film. The quality of the film was poor and difficult to read. Both petitions deal with the establishment of a new county: Putnam. It was difficult to tell where Petition 27 ended and Petition 28 began. For that reason, they are combined into the transcription below.

In instances where the writing was indecipherable, either the best guess was made or ??? were entered in place of the transcription.

[Page 1]

The Petition of Sundry Citizens of White County praying the line between White and Dekalb be permanently Established

18 January 1839

[Page 2]

John Phyan
Thomas ????
Robt. H. McManus
David Snodgrass
William Simpson
Matthias Hudson
Lewis Pettit
T?? Adams
Thomas Snodgrass
Eli Sims
Jesse G. Graham
W. Murphy
Geo. Clizie
Jesse B. ???
Ligiah Bohanon
???? Hill
Abslow Bradly
Samuel James
William ????

[Page 3]

H. M. Rogers
James T. A. Clery

[Page 4]

John McDaniel - 19
James Jones - 20
Richard England - 21
Thomas A. Crowder - 22
G. H. Baker - 23
William Lisk - 24
N. Oldham
John Jones
Hugh Gracey
Larkin Ustenant?
W. A. Jenkins
Dab I Stephens
John Taylor
Joshua Mason
Andrew Gamble
George Dufreese
Joshua Pennington
W. ? Smith
John Mason
Joseph W. Roberts
Ozias Denton
J. C. Hillery
William Glenn
Hugh Cook
Shane Holder
Richard England
William Little
Richd Midgett
A. S. Rogers
Benjamin Mays
Mos Goodall
William M. Bryant
Hiram A. Gibb
L. J. Barr
John England Jr
Augustus Levi
James Snodgrass
John T. Whitfield?
S. R. Doyld
S. G. Burton
John M??ing
Samuel Couch
Creeds Taylor
H. E. M. Moore??
Solomon Duncan
Wm. Bruster
Jesse Walling
A. P. Eastland

[Page 5]

To the honorable the General Assembly for the State of Tennessee
Your honorable Petitioners beg leave to ask your honorable body to grant them relife and to take unto consideration ?property? of giving them a new county to wit: Beginning on the South west corner of Jackson County continuing thence north with the line thence to the Cumberland River thence up the River to the mouth of Indian Creek thence up the creek and including Washington Sadlers and thence to a post on Martin's Creek including the ???? thence to the mouth of Spring Creek thence up the same to Pitely? thence including the Camp Ground thence East ??? Fentress county to the Morgan county line south with the same this corner ???? thence a line ???? dividing ridge between CalfKiller and Falling Water then to the ?? where the Cherry Creek Road Crosses ?Jackson? creek thence to where the Rock Island Road crosses the Falling water thence to Ditty's thence down Cane Creek to the ?Dekalb? County line thence to the Beginning

[Page 6]

which would be of great importance owing to the situation of the county and great distance to any court house as they well ever pray

Thomas J. Shaw
Craven Maddux
Jas T. Hughes
J. M. Lee
Samuel Maxwell
Wm. Mansell
Witcher Cardwell
Elijah Cane
Wm. Crofford
Hue Walters
Wm. F. McDowell
Jonathan Smith
Bobby Smith
Willie B. Smith
Elijah S. Ellis
Kinchen D. Cooper
[marked out unreadable]
Thomas S. Clark
Marta B. Mansell
Andrew Brown
Samuel Wilson
John Rowlers
Samuel Maxwell
Guria Maxwell
Joseph ???
John Burr
Henerson Tily
?P. Johnson ????
K. W. Price
Rily Dyer
Thomas K. Julian
Wm. Baker
Jackson Manisell
Moses Whitehead
Henry Maxwell
William Gibson
Elias Green
Barnt Richardson
Cornelus Hickey
James Whitehead
James Kalans?
Carroll S. Dyer
James Staples
??? Terrell
Joseph ????

[Page 7]
Jordan Harris
William Gentry
Daniel Campbell
William H. Carr

Petition of Sundry citizens of Overton, White & Jackson Praying a New County

Petition No 2

[Page 8]

John Stephens
Albert Stanton
Elijah Ellis
Woodson Ellis
Albert L. Ellis
John Campbell
Henry Campbell
Joseph Ray
Hiram Bowman
Wm Nash
Travis Elmore
George Cardwell
Washington Cardwell
Hyder Calloway
Joshua H. Ray
??? ESton
David R. McCaleb
Amos Spear

[Page 9]

To the honorable the General Assembly of the "State of Tenness"

Your humble petitioners state that owing to the great distance which they reside from any court house. They pray your honorable body to take their case into consideration and grant them a New County taking part of White on the North thereof part of Overton on the South thereof, and a part of Jackson the South thereof to wit: Beginning on the Jackson county line running ??? North to the Cumberland River. Thence up the river with the mountains to the mouth of Indian Creek thence up the creek to the place where Washington Sadlers line, thence East on a direct line to wher ethe Widow Poteet lives on Spring Creek. Thence East to the camp grounds, thence East to the Cumberland Mountain and on to line of Morgan County, Thence South with the line of Jack county to the South west corner. Thence running as the ??? the Ridge between the Calf Killer and falling water. And on to where the Cherry Creek Road crosses Post Oak Creek. Thence a direct line to Rock Island road crosses the falling waters. Thence a direct line to where the Carthage Road crosses Cane Creek near Ditty. Thence down the Creek to the line of Dekalb county ad West with its line. It will greatly releave there of many ??? afford thence an equal chace to enjoy the common labors and rights of these country as they will ever pray.

John Welch
Anderson Cole
James Cole
Matheny H. Wallace
Charles Burgess
James Bohannon
Jesse Rogers
John Jackson
James C. Marchbanks
Wm. K. Bradford

Isaac Buck
Jas. Marchbanks
Edward Jones
Augustine Lee
John Barnes

[Page 10]

The Petitions of Sundry Citizens of Overton, Jackson and White praying a new County may be granted them


20 Oct 1839


[Page 11]

Elias Chaffin
Reuben Whitson
Thomas Conway
Absalom Sims
Martin Sims
Solomon Madewell
Lem Philips
Thomas Barnes Sr
John Jackson
Thomas Saylors
Jeremiah England
Jacob Philips
Jacob Grimes
David Philips
Abraham Philips
John Rippitoe
Sam Pack
Michael Saylors
Robert Whitaker
Wm. M. Marchbanks
Sam Hooten
Robt McQuilliams
Montgomery Kinaird
Absalom Williams
John Brown
Henry Brown
Preston Stewart
Isaac Brown
Jonathan Brown
Thomas Fowler
Isaac Crage
James Jackson
Austin Webb
Archibald M. Lindsey
Nathan Bartlett
William Webb Jr.
Thomas Cooper
Berry G. Hooks
John Dowel
Joseph Laycock
Thomas Scarlett
Moses Scarlett
John Scarlett
Silas Scarlett
Wm Webb Sr.
Wm Ramsey
Austin Choat
Jonathan Buck
Moses Grant
Wm Hensley
John M. Bullock
Wm. Rogers
Sam Madewell
John C. Huddleston
Wm. Bohannon Jr
Silas W. Gentry
George McGee
Thomas Edward
John Goddess
Campbell Bohannon
Charles Burton
Daniel Bartlett
D. W. Hawes
James Peek
Thomas Callowat
George Maxwell
Stephen D. Little
Thomas J. McBride

Burton Marchbanks
John A. Bradford
Wm. C. Bounds
Washington Burgess
Samuel McCaleb
Isaac A. Huddleston
Wm. W. Huddleston
Charles Huddleston
David Huddleston
John Whitaker
Jacob Bradford
Joel Burgess
Willima Bullock
Jacob Hyder
W. H. Quarles
T. C. Quarles
Caleb Ward
Stephen D. Ward
James Bohannon
Jesse Graham
Lee R. Taylor
Wm Hudgens
John S. Whitaker
Hilson Oxendine
John Hunter
Newel Jackson
Samuel Ayers
Thomas Robinson
Albert Townsend
J. L. B. Graham
John L. Hyder
Thomas Welch
Pleasant Randolph
Wm Whitaker

[Page 12]

Dudley Hudgens
Jesse B. Clark
John M. Henry
John Madewell Sr
James Madewell
John Dixon
John Madewell Jr
John Bohannon
James Kiniard
?Samuel? Madewell
Wm Whitaker Sr
Jonathan R. Hyder
John Madewell
Daniel Walls
David Whitaker
George Bohannon
Thomas Bohannon Jr.
John Clark Jr
Jonathan Nicholas
Wm Bohannon Sr
Henry Bohannon
William Rogers
George Thomas
Joseph Pryor
Jonathan ???
David Wiser Sr
David Wiser Jr
William Buckner
Joseph D. Hyder
Baly Carter
George W. Wolf
Thomas Bohannon Sr
Wm Harris
David Adams
Thos. T. Nicholas
Wash T. Williams
William Clark
Wyett L. Clark
James Clark
James Jackson Sr.
Reuben Jones
James Jacksom Jr.
Edward Bullock
Solomon Bullock
John Wright
William Broyles
David Nicholas
Thomas Nicholas
William Nicholas
Benjamin Mackey
Elijah Hooten
Joseph Dickerson
George Hooten
John McKey
Samuel Queen
Samuel Dyer
John Julian Sr
John Julian Fr
Thomas Clouse
Robertson Dyer
Thomas Stone
Charles Pennington
Charles Isom
John Isom
Bethuel Beck

Hennerson Isom
Samuel Brown
Wm Brown
Thomas C. Webb
Westa Johnson
John Willmouth
George Moore
Jeremiah Barrott
David Brown
James Walker
Sam Barnes
Paul S. Moore
Jesse Poteets
William Duf
John Philips
Squire C. Norris
Samuel Poteet
Daniel C. Johnson
Stephen King
John M. Moore
Levi L. Murphee
William W. Harp
Isaac Pickens
Robert Peek
Nelson Ely
Alfred Brown
Daniel Martindale
Michael Stockton
Willis Robertson
Archibald Curby
Albert P. Curby
Albert Stockton
Henry Simmerly

[Page 13]

James Bennett
William Willmouth
John W. Carrolton
Wm. H. Stone
Richard L. Moore
Daniel C. Webb
William Walker
Jacob Petty
Joshua Moore Jr
Roby Morris
William Walker
Guilford Stockard
Hubbard Johnson
J. M. Douglass
Benjamin Webb
Wm Marchbanks
Josiah Marchbanks
Anthony McKinny
John C. Webb
John Ely
Thomas Simpson
Wm. Simpson
William Adkins
Wisdom Adkins
Thomas Adkins
Lewis Adkins
Wm Daniels
David Robertson
Andrew Jackson
Goodman Madewell
Joseph Garrison
Nemiah Goddess
Henry C. Clark
Sam Philips
John Jackson
Joseph Harmon
Clement Satterfield
Sam Welch
John M. Dowell
Geo Clinton
Samuel Cole
Noah Kuykendoll
Thomas Choat
Thomas A. Paul
Sam P. Power
Sam Clinton
David Bullock
Robert C. Burton
John L. Huddleston
John Terry
James Terry
Josiah Phy
John Humble
Jacob Harpool
John Choat
James Bowers
John L. H. Huddleston
James Ramsey
John Phy
Jesse Y. Kuykendoll
Jacob Phillips
Jonathan Moore
Jonathan Hill
James Wiggins
Joseph Pearson
John Clinton
John M. ????
Cas Terry
Carlos Terry
Christopher Ballard
???? Terry
Gideon Anderson
James G. Brown
Wm. H. Barnes
Wiley Knight
Wm Wiggins
Lewis Goolsby
Hezekiah Roberts
Henderson Buck
Austin Choat Jr
Adam Simmerly
Martin Laycock
Matthew Kuykendoll
Peter Anderson
Isaac Whitaker
David Anderson
James M. Goolsby
Wm Scarlett
Robert Johnson
Henry Bullington Jr.
Edwin Choat
Robert Rockhold
William P. Cooper
Wade Smith
Burrel Mansel
Baty Mansel
Timothy Laycock
Wm Gilmore

[Page 14]

Jonathan David
Henry Harpool
Henry Bullington Sr
John B. Pointer
John Cates
John S. Swearingin
Wm Erwin
James Bartlett Esq
Mark Mathis
Bird ???
John Dyer
Edmund Finn
Abraham Buck
Michael Moss
David Norris
Absalom Norris
Michael Speck
James J. Brown
Nathan Cooper
Henry ???
John Henry
Burton Roberts
Nathaniel Dickinson
William Bennett
James Poteet
Richard Poteet
John Pennington
Zebadee Deering
Jesse B. Terry

William Mills
Joseph Bray
Moses Bray
Jesse Elliot
Wm W. Daniels
Nathan Judd
Asa K. Gotham
Albert Howens
David Buck
Elijah Bohannon
Jesse Stewart
Dudney Hunter
Thomas Hill
John P. Clark
Jesse Pollard
Joseph Pollard
Willis Passins
John Bowman
Joseph Henry
William R. Vaughn
John Young

[Page 15]

A. Dill
Henry Mitchell
Joseph ????
Lewis R. Vance
Sameul R. Jared
Mark Harper
Jacob Thomas
William Goolsby
Hugh Montgomery
John Montgomery
Robert Lindsey
Balaam Chaffin
Zack Hopkins
W. Matthews
Alfred Young
Allen Young
Thos Smith
Asa Hard
Robert Bruce
Carel H. Tucker
William Whitehead
John Whiteaker
Jas M. Lee
Miles Crowel
Sammuel Crowel
Bolam Petty
William Petty

[Page 16]

John Smith
Peter Green
Golden ????
William Burgess
Simon Shank
James Hearn
Peter Nicholas
Snowden H. Maddux
Caleb Richardson
Moses M. Mahan
Zachariah Parkland
Alexander Smith
Benjamin A. Lee
Joseph Roberts
Honah Hunter
Matthew Ferrell
Joel Henley
James Goosby
Henderson Tilly
John Rowtan
Marvil Marcum
William Taylor
William Leftwich
Benjamin Brown
Thomas Clemons
William Nolan
John Harper
James Quarles
John S. Bryant
Robert S. Smith
William Base
William Parkerson
James Clemons
Abel Chaffin
Hugh Smith
John Webb
Hutan Barkes
George Harper
Josiah Whitefield
James M. Harper
John Whitefield
James Elm
Hick Been
Wilburn Mathas
William Roberts
Benjamin Hensley
Richard Lee
Andrew Winchester
James Rowland
William Montgomery
Daniel Malone
Charles Malone
Andrew Brown
William Stephens
Mason Watts
James Bruce
??? Grace
William Harper
William Jacwquess
Champ Stanton
Albert Stanton
James Whitehead
Uriah Hensley
Edman Finn

[Page 17]

To the Honorable and General Assembly of the State of Tennessee --
We your petitioners humbly complaining, Showeth to your Honorable boyd that we labor under great disadvantage by living at so great a distance from the Seals of Justice. Therefore we pray for a new County taking part of Jackson County, Overton County, and White County the line to run as mentioned in other petitions for which we will over pray

John Welch
Andrew Wassom
Benjamin Irwins Jr
Benjamin Irwin Sr
James Dodson Jr
James Dodson Sr
Joseph Pippin
?Rebbin? Doson
John King
John Campbell
Matthew Campbell
William Bradford
Benjamin Mackie
J. D. Hyder
Wm P Stone
Thos Fitch
Benjamin Dicenson
Dudley Hunter
B. D. Hunter
Little Hooten
Alfred Stone
?olbert ????
Spencer Broch
Samuel Mansell
Daniel Bradfod
Michel Moore
Jesse bullock
John Warner
Jackson Warner
Daniel Brakston
Jesse Elliott
John McKee
Allen Norris
Hade Hill
Charles Huddleston
William Brown
Aaron Mackie
W W Mackie
??? Hammons
Isaac Hooten
Elijah Hooten
Burrell Mansell
George Welch
Thomas Stone
Lewis P Conway
Stephen Davis

[Page 18]

Hiram S. Stone
Elizabeth Person

New County