Reprinted in the Putnam County Herald, 10 October 1937, Page 7.

This is the fifteenth installment of this series of republished items from the old "Cookeville Chronicle," which began publication in Cookeville October 6, 1877. with Carnes and Cope editors and publishers.

Issue of June 6, 1878

Circuit Court commences at this place next Monday.

Some unknown person, forced his way in to Dr. H. C. Martin's house, one night last, while Dr. Martin and wife were at church, and carried away his overcoat and a suit of clothes. In his pocket were some valuable papers, which could be of no benefit to anyone except himself.

Judging from the amount of it that is brought in for sale, we would state that this is a fine honey season.

Cookeville City Tax Rate for the Year 1878

At a meeting of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen, on the 4th inst., they made the privileges for the year 1878, and we append It fur the benefit of those interested.

Real and personal property, .15 cts on the 100.00; on each poll .50 cts.: on merchandise an advalorem of IS cts. on the $100.00 and 85.00 privilege: on retail liquor dealers, 15 cts. on the $100.00 and a prlvelege of $50.00; on circus and menageries, per day and night. 850.00; on side shows, or other exhibitions of profit. per day and night, $50.00; on each room to hotel, except two, .25 cts; on peddlers of merchandise, on foot, $5.00: same with one-horse vehicle, $20.00; and $10.00 for each additional horse with privilege of taking license quarterly at same rate; on each case tried or submitted before the mayor or recorder, $1.00; on ten-pin alleys, per annuai. $12.00; paddlers on sewing machines $10.00; on sellers of patent rights $5.00.

Great Revival

The protracted meeting, which was begun by the Rev. Porter, at this place, on the 22nd of last month, still continues, and great excitement prevails. Mr. Porter preached two discourses a day, during the week and three on Sundays, and today at 11 o'clock, he delivers his thirty-second discourse. He has, from the beginning, preached to a crowded house, in fact the congregations have been too large to be comfortably situated. When we last attended, there were upwards of thirty penitants at the altar. There have been several conversions. but we are not able to glee the number.

Mr. W. W. Baker, Editor of the Middle Tennessean, Livingston, with his family, has been visiting relatives and friends In Cookeville a portion of this week.
Don't forget the balloon ascension monday at 1 o'clock.

Some one, a few nights since, stepped into the smoke house of our fellow townsman, Jesse Arnold, and lifted a side of bacon, and in their haste to get away with it, passed out of his yard and left his yard gate open, let the cow in and she played havoc with his nice young apple trees. He says that be has one more side of bacon left, and. It anyone has the conscience to take, he does hope that they will shut his yard gate and save his apple trees.

Our farmers are busy harvesting their wheat.

Mr. W. R. Howes. commercial tourist, representing the popular clothing house of B. H. Cooke and Co., Nashville, was in town soliciting and taking orders from our merchants, yesterday.

Mr. W. H. Goodpasture, our former school and classmate, passed through yesterday, enroute for his home In Livingston. He was returning from the Vanderbitt University, where he has been a student.

There are only eighteen candidates for judicial offices. (Chancellor, Circuit Judge and Attorney General), and they are all expecting to speak in Cookeville on next Monday, (the opening day of Circuit Court). The show will also be on hand, together with Circuit Court, and, it everything is attended, it will make a pretty good day's work.

The State Fair will open on the 10th of September, at Nshvi11e, and continue for five days.

The eighth annual convention of the Tennessee. Press Association will meet in Knoxville, on Thursday, the 20th.

The Chattanooga Times has bought out the Dispatch and the two papers are consolidated.

John. B. Jordan, of Carthage, respectfully announces to his fellow citizens of the 6th Judicial Circuit that be is a candidate for the office of Attorney-General, and will highly appreciate the support of all who feel disposed to give him the position.