Reprinted in the Putnam County Herald, 30 September 1937, Page 2.

This is the fourteenth installment of this series of republished items from the old "Cookeville Chronicle," which began publication in Cookeville, October 8, 1877, with Carnes and Cope, editors and publishers.
Issue of May 23, 1878

Rev. Mr. Porter, the celebrated Baptist revivalist, arrived In Cookeville yesterday. He preached at the Methodist Church last night and again today at 11 o'clock; he seems determined on having a revival at this place.

Married-On last Sunday evening, In this county, at the residence of the bride's father. Mr. Elihu Nicholas to Miss Tennessee Mills. We tender to the young couple our congratulations and hope that all the sweets of life may be theirs.

Rev. J. M. Lansden of Overton county was in town Tuesday night. He was on his return home from the Cumberland Presbyterian General Assembly.

Mr. John Moore is rearing a new dwelling house on his lot on Northwest side of town.

Rev. James Martin preached an interesting discourse at the Methodist Church Tuesday night.

New Hotel-Slaw House

This hotel has recently been repaired end furnished with everything seeded to make it one of the largest hotels in the mountain country. In connection with this house is a first class saloon, with the finest whiskies, brandies, cigars, etc., always on hand, together with a first class livery and feed stable, with prices to suit the stringency of the times.
N. W. Shaw.

Col. J. D. Goodpasture. of Livingston, whose announcement as a candidate for chancellor is in another column, has paid Cookeville a visit since our last issue.

Prof. Wilmington proposes to organize a business school here next week, and if organized, will open on Monday, June 3rd.

Hon. W. C. Crowley. of Smithville, whose announcement may be seen, together with all the leading candidates, in our columns, as a candidate for reelection to the chancellorship, was in town a few minutes Tuesday evening. He was on his way to Cooper's store in Overton county, where he and his opponents addressed their fellow citizens yesterday.

Hon. E. L. Gardenhire of Carthage, was in town Monday and Tuesday.

We learn that the candidates for chancellor and attorney general were canvassing the lower end of our county last week. And, in many honeyed phrases, did they declare their affection for the "dear people." We understand they are making a lively and interesting canvass.

We are authorized to announce Mr. W. Y. Marebbanks as a candidate for the office of Trustee, at the ensuing August election.

We clip the following from a correspondence to the "Sparta Index," which we consider highly complimentary to our town and citizens, and, would say, in addition, that those who may visit us in the future, as, those who have visited in the past, will find the statement unexagerated.

J. S. R., in his communication to the "Sparta Index," says: "Having just returned from Cookeville, where I spent several days visiting friends and relatives and attending a protracted meeting, conducted by Bro. J. M. Smitson, at the Christian Church, at that place. I must say for the citizens of Cookeville and surrounding country, that they are a people who can make one feel like he was at home. While there, I learned one fact which I think speaks more for Putnam County than can be said for any other county in the State of Tennessee. It Is this: There is not an officer In the county, nor deputy, who drinks intoxicating liquors; and, further they they all belong to the church, except one. If there is another county in the state that can beat this, let us hear from it.
Sparta, May 9, 1878.
J. S. R.

We an authorized to announce Hon. N. W. McConnell, of Hartsville, as a candidate for reelection to the office of Circuit Judge.

Issue of May 30, 1876

Notwithstanding the busy season of the year, Rev. Mr. Porter, is having large crowds in attendance upon his preaching. The church house seems to be crowded day and bight.
Mr. W. G. Cummins, who was suddenly taken very ill, last Saturday evening, is rapidly recovering from his illness.

We are authorized to announce Capt. J. H. Curtis as a candidate for, re-election to the office of Circuit Court Clerk, at the ensuing August election.

"Grand Treat For The People"
Ascension, by the Champion of the World, Prof. King, will take place in Cookeville, Monday, June 10th at 1 o'clock.

A Balloon Show
the most rare and remarkable exhibition on earth, unequaled in either hemisphere! Extraordinary ascension of grandeur, it stands without a compeer on this terrestrial globe. Millions attend! A repository of Nature, wonder, science and art.

Will exhibit on Monday, June 10th, at this place. Admission 50 and 25 cents.

Christian Church Meeting

Rev. J. M. Smithson, Christian persuasion, commenced a series of sermons in this place on the 4th inst., and delivered two sermons each day until the close, on the 10th. Whoever may differ from Mr. Smithson in his views of the Bible, they must concede the fact that be is one among the clearest elucidators of the Bible in his way that has visited our town for some time, all things considered. He only had five accessions, all of whom were baptized into the church by Rev. William Kuykendall of this county. and also a pastor of the Christian Church at this place.