Reprinted in the Putnam County Herald, 23 September 1937, Page 8.

This is the thirteenth installment of this series of republished items from the old "Cookeville Chronicle," which began publication In Cookeville on October 5, 1877, with Carnes and Cope, editors and publishers.

Issue of May 9, 1878

County Convention

On last Monday, the 6th instance, the democrats of Putnam county met in mass convention at the courthouse in Cookeville. Hon. Holland Denton and James W. Cope and A. Algood were elected secretaries. The chairman stated that the object of the mass convention was to appoint delegates to attend the State Democratic Judicial Convention to be held in Nashville on the 29th instance for the purpose of nominating candidates for Supreme Judges. Some of the democrats addressed the convention upon the importance of having men of morals, strict integrity and ability upon the Supreme bench.

The chairman appointed H. H. Lansden, Walton Smith, Houston S. Boyd, J. Arnold, B. R. Womack, J. K. Peek, Jacob Henry, as a committee to report a list of delegates to attend said convention. The committee made the following report:


  • 1st District-Walton Smith, James W. Cope, H. S. Boyd, J. Arnold, A. W. Boyd, A. Algood, H. P. Davis, H. Denton and B. R. Womack.
  • 2nd District-John H111, J. K. Peek and Joseph Hudgens.
  • 3rd District-P. Bohannon, J. D. Bartlett and C. J. Bohannon.
  • 4th District-Jacob Henry, Samuel J. Johnson and R. Robinson.
  • 5th Dirtrict-Thos. Ford, Jno. Jackson and Jack Lee.
  • 6th District-Bilbrey, W. E. Levisay and T. J. Cooper.
  • 7th District-B. Jernigan, T. B. Reid and R. F. Pippin.
  • 8th District-L. G. Lialt, W. G. Davie and John Mills.
  • 9th District-R. S. Alcorn, James Carlen, and W. K. Farmer.
  • 10th District-Elmore Carrington, H. F. Lee and R. J. Montgomery.
  • 11th District-M. A. Jared, J. N. Maddox and J. W. Boyd.
  • 12th District-J. C. Bockman, H. B. Vaden and W. R. Jones.
  • 13th District-M. W. Sypert, Byrd Carr and J. Jones.
  • 14th District-J. J. Whittaker, Jack Officer and Joseph Holloway.
  • 15th District-A. P. Warren, W. Y. Marchbanks and E. W. Terry.
  • 16th District-Marion Williams, Wm. Crowder and R. L Gentry.

Which report was unanimously adopted by the convention. On motion it was ordered that the proceedings of the convention be published in the Chronicle. The convention, adjourned sine die.
H. Denton, Chairman,
James W. Cope,
Alfred Algood. secretaries.

Notwithstanding the new Christian Church in very large and commodious, it was not large enough for all those who were in attendance upon the appointment of Rev. Smithson. Sunday and Sunday night, to get seats and a great many had to remain outside of the home.

Rev. Dr. Brents, of Spencer, is in Cookeville this week. He is working in the interest of Burritt College, one among the leading institutions of corning in the south, and destined to be still more popular than it now is, at no distant day.

Issue of May 16, 1878

Mr. S. S. Shaw is making preparations to open out a new stock Of groceries, at the ten pin alley, N. W. Shaw's old stand.

Capt. H. H. Dillard, attorney of of this place is attending Circuit Court in Gainesboro this week.

Hon. H. Denton is absent this week attending Chancery Court at Sparta.

Col. John H. Savage, of McMinnville, passed through Cookeville yesterday enroute for Sparta from Gainesboro, where be spoke on the State Debt last Monday.

W. D. Welchance and lady left Sunday morning to visit his brother, Simon Welchance, who resides in Rutherford county.

Married-on the evening of the 9th instance, at the residence of the bride's father, in this county, Mr. Rice Hughes to Mies Lizzie Hughes. Rev. Berry Sephens being the officiating minister.

Messrs. A. W. Boyd and I. N. Davis returned today from a business trip to Nashville.

Mr. T. B. Biles of Sparta was in town this week.

County Fair

At a call meeting of A and M Association of Putnam County (fair association) held on the 11th instance, the Board of Directors elected the following officers for 1873: J. H. Moore, president;

B. R. Womack, general agent; Dr. L. R. McClain, treasurer; Anderson Sloan, corresponding secretary and J. H. Brown, secretary.

It was agreed that the 8th annual fair of Putnam county should be held the last of September or the first of October, the days to be fixed hereafter.

The president ordered a special meeting of the Board of Directors to convene in the Courthouse on the 18th instance. The meeting adjourned to meet on the lst Thursday in June the time for a regular meeting.

Christian Church Meeting

Rev. J. M. Smithson, Christian persuasion, commenced a series of sermons in this place on the 4th instance and delivered two sermons each day until the close on the 10th. Whoever may differ front Mr. Smithson in his views of the Bible, they must concede the fact that he is one among the clearest elucidators of the Bible in his way that has visited our town for some time, all things considered. He only had five accessions, all of whom were baptized into the church and also a pastor of the Christian Church at this place