Reprinted in the Putnam County Herald, 16 September 1937, Page 6.

This is the twelfth installment of this series of republished items from the old "Cookeville Chronicle," which began publication In Cookeville on October 5, 1877, with Carnes and Cope, editors and publishers.

"Local News" Issue of May 2, 1878
Mr. J. H. Brown, our newly appointed Post-Master, is making preparations to take charge of the Post Office.

The work to remove the rubbish of the new Cumberland Presbyterian Church house, which was blown down on the night of the storm, has been begun.

Rev. William Dillard preached an able and interesting discourse to a large audience at the Methodist Church, lee Sunday night.

City Council
At a meeting of the municipal board yesterday, this ordinance was passed requiring all persons having any street or part of a street, enclosed, or under cultivation, or otherwise using the same for their private use, to remove all obstructions from said streets and those failing to do so shall be chargeable with rents, to be determined by the Board.

Any person violating this ordinance shall pay a due of $2.50 together with all rents due, and all costs, to be recovered before any Justice of the peace. The City Marshall was ordered to proceed at once to collect all back taxa for the year 1877.

Houston S. Boyd and Alfred Algood were appointed as a committee on printing. The Recorder was ordered to purchase a Recorder's book for the benefit of his office. An ordinance requiring all members to attend the meetings, and call meetings, of the Board of Aldermen was passed, and all members failing to attend without a
reasonable excuse shall pay a fine of fifty cents. The Board adjourned to meet on the 4th Thursday in this month.

The members of the Masonic fraternity have begun work repairing the damage done to the Masonic Hall by the storm.

Capt. Exum, of the steamer "Katie Vantrees was in town yesterday.

Mr. O. F. Young, chairman of the Democratic Executive Committee of White County was the guest of Capt. S. G. Slaughter last Saturday night.

Remember the appointment of Rev. Smithson, the blind preacher, next Sunday, at 11 o'clock. We are informed that Rev. Heriges, who has an appointment at the Methodist Church that day, will hold services at 10 o'clock, in order that those of his congregation who desire can attend both places.

Croquet and marbles are the exciting games in Cookeville. The corporation says they are a nuisance.

Issue of May 9, 1878

Died - On the morning of the 5th instance, at her residence in Cookeville, Mrs. T. J. Shaw. Her remains were interred at 10 o'clock Sunday, morning, in the new cemetery, about one-half of a mile west of town; funeral services were conducted by the Rev. Stephen Davis.

In the absence of the chairman of the County Court, Esq. M. A. Jared, of the 11th district, on last Monday. Esq. Jacob Henry, of the 4th district acted as chairman protem of the Quarterly session of the Country Court.

Married - On the evening of the 2nd instance, at the residence of the bride's father, in this county, Mr. H. B. Maddux to Miss Mary Jared, Rev. N. B. S. Owens being the officiating minister on the occasion. We congratulate the young couple upon the favorable circumstances under which they are permitted to start out together in life, and hope their cup of enjoyment may be full to the brim, and that at the close of a long, happy and useful life they may depart in peace, leaving the world much benefited by having lived therein.

Mr. William Hart of Livingston, passed through enroute to Nashville yesterday morning.