Reprinted in the Putnam County Herald, 24 June 1937, Page 7.

Sixty Years Ago

This is the third installment of this series of republished items from the old "Cookeville Chronicle," which began publication in Cookeville on October 5th, 1877.

"Local News" -- Issue of Dec. 22, 1877

Under the supervision of W. D. Welchance and J. F. Moore, the work is progressing rapidly on the hall over the new business house of J. H. Moore and Son.

The work upon the Cumberland Presbyterian Church is progressing rapidly during this fine weather.

Mr. D. L. Dow had the misfortune to get some part of his steam mill broken last Saturday. Sawing and grinding is suspended until the necessary repairs can be made.

The Christian Church is being painted.

Our young legal friend, A. Algood received the following reports from the Trustee, and handed it to us, thinking perhaps it might be an item of news to some of our readers:

Lots in town -- 110 valued at $25,375.00.
Acres in the county, 228,927, valued at $900,390.00.
Value of personal property - $69,620.00
State Tax for 1876 - $995.38.
County Tax for 1876 - $3,981.54.
School Tax for 1876 - $2,485.38.
Poll Tax for 1876 - $1,490.00.
Total Tax for 1876 - $8,952.31

The road from Cookeville to Granville has been kept hot this week with wheat haulers. We have not yet ascertained the number of bushels in all.

Died - At the residence of her father in Cookeville, on the evening of the 19th, Miss Lydia Brown. We sympathize with the bereaved family hand relatives.

It rather an season for croquet, but scarcely a day has passed this week without severeaal right interesting games with the mallets and balls.

The Christmas p0arties observed Thursday night with a social at the residence of Mr. Walton Smith, where several of the young ladies and gentlemen enjoyed themselves until the hand on the dial was almost pointing to the "Wee Sina' hour of Midnight," and then dispersed only regretting that the night could not last all day.

There is some talk of having a Christmas tree at the Academy on Christmas Eve night.

If anyone finds a gold sleeve button, they will do Dr. J. F. Dyer a favor by returning it to the owner.

The little folks are getting rather enthusiastic on the party question. They met again last Monday night, at the residence of Dr. Martin, and oh, how delicious that "snap-up" was.

Boys, hold on! Don't waste another firecracker until Christmas comes! You might find yourselves in rather an awkward predicament, with only the Recorder and Marshal to look to for mercy; and you mind what we tell you, it would be poor consolation, indeed, that you would get from them under such circumstances.

Yes, it is a palpable violation of the corporation laws to burst a firecracker in town now, but no restrictions will be thrown around you next Monday evening and Tuesday.

There will be services at the Methodist Christmas-Eve night, Christmas day and night, and if the indications are that good my be accomplished, the meeting will be protracted.

WE just did get that local in in (sic) time last week. Two wedding between that and Sunday night. One Mr. Denny of Buffalo Valley, to Miss Fanny Ford, of this place and Prof C. C. Cash to Miss Sarah Slagle.

"The Lodges"

Cookeville Lodge, No. 266, F. & A. M., meets third Saturday night in each month.
J. Arnold, Worshipful Master,
L. R. McClain, Secretary.

Cookeville Chapter, No 112, R. A. M., meets first Monday  night in each month.
J. Arnold, High Priest,
J. B. S. Martin, Secretary.

Mount View Lodge, No. 179, I. O. O. F., meets second and fourth Saturday nights in each month.
J. H. Brown, Noble Grand,
J. B. S. Martin, Secretary.

Cookeville Encampment, No. 45, I. O. O. F., meets first Saturday night in each month.
J. P. Martin, C. P.,
H. P. Davis, Scribe.

Knights of Honor, Putnam Lodge, No. 380, K. of H. meets second and fourth Thursday nights in each month.
L. R. McClain, Dictator,
H. P. Davis, Reporter.

Terms of subscription to the "The Cookeville Chronicle,"

Three months 40 cents; Six months, 80 cents. Twelve months $1.50. Invariably in advance.

Carnes and Cope were the editors and publishers of the Cookeville Chronicle.