Reprinted in the Putnam County Herald, 10 June 1937, Page 6.

Sixty Years Ago

Republished from "The Cookeville Chronicle" of October 19, 1877.

Court Directory
Circuit Court -  N. W. McConnell, Judge; J. H. Curtis, Clerk. Terms: Beginning on second Mondays in February, June and October.
Chancery Court - W. G. Crowley, Chancellor; Walton Smith, Clerk and Master; J. Arnold, Deputy C. and M. Terms: Beginning first Monday in September and March.
County Court - J. K. Peek, Chairman; H. P. Davis, Clerk.

Other County Officials - W. J. Isbell, Trustee; C. R. Ford, Register; C. J. Bohannon, Sheriff; J. W. Crutcher, Coroner; J. W. Carr, Jailer; C. C. Craft Surveyor: G. R. Baldwin, Ranger.

Lodge Directory
Masonic - Cookeville Lodge No. 266, F. and A. M., meets third Saturday night in each month. J. Arnold, W. M., Dr. L. R. McClain, Secretary.
Cookeville Chapter, No. 112, R. A. M., meets first Monday night in each month, J. Arnold, H. P., J. B. S. Martin, Secretary.

Odd Fellows -
Mount View Lodge, No. 179, I. O. O. F., meets second and fourth Saturday nights in each month. J. H. Brown, N. G., J. B. S. Martin, Secretary.
Cookeville Encampment No. 45, I. O. O. F., meets first Saturday night in each month, J. P. Martin, C. P., H. P. Davis, Scribe.

Knights of Honor
Putnam Lodge, No. 380, K. of H. meets second and fourth, Thursday nights in each month. Dr. L. R. McClain, Dictator; H. P. Davis, Reporter.

Post Master - Dr. L. R. McClain
This issue contains a lengthy column and a half account of a reunion of Col. John H. Savage's regiment, 16th Cavalry Confederate Regiment held in McMinnville on Friday, October 5th.

Some of the "Locals"
Our friend Charlie Burton, formerly of this place, now of Sparta, is visiting friends in this county. Charles is a dead shot and never fails to kill a deer just like he did that one Tuesday.

Dr. J. P. Martin and John B. Shores, of this place left for Nashville last Saturday morning, where they intend purchasing a stock of good for this market.

We return our thanks to our little friend, Willie Staley, for an excellent specimen of fine, large, juicy fruit. Willie's head's level, and he know what the printer likes.

The newest comer in Cookeville is a nine pound boy that made his appearance at Dr. J. B. S. Martin's one night this week.

A half dozen of Cookeville's charming belles enlivened our sanctum with their bright smiles and cheerful voices on Tuesday last. The monotony and gloom that had hitherto seemed as the most prominent characteristic of our printer-life fled before their presence like darkness before the light, and we exclaimed from our inmost heart, "oh, who wouldn't be a printer."

In this issue the publishers state that "The Cookeville Chronicle," a weekly Democratic newspaper is published in the flourish little village of Cookeville, Putnam County, Tennessee, in the very heart of the oil region of Tennessee, and the prospective junction of the South Western and Tennessee Pacific Railroads.

The subscription to the Chronicle is $1.50 a year, which is twenty-five per cent cheaper than any of its predecessors. In this deduction, it is our desire to bring it in reach of all. Any kind of marketable produce will be just as acceptable as money.

Carnes and Cope were the editors and publishers of "The Cookeville Chronicle."