Reprinted in the Putnam County Herald, 9 December 1937, Page 2.

This is the twenty-second installment of this series of republished items from the old "Cookeville Chronicle," which began publication in Cookeville on October 6, 1877, with Carnes and Cope, Editors and publishers.

Issue of September 5, 1878

Chancery Court is in session this week, with Judge W. G. Crowley, of Smithville, presiding.

We are proud to inform our read - been quite ill for the past few weeks, ers that Mr, Alfred Algood, who has is again able to be upon the streets. (sic)

Rev. Smith Denton preached four discourses at the Christian Church last week. His labors were rewarded by three accessions to the church.

Married-On last Sunday night, at the residence of the bride's brother, Mr. L. T. Essex of this place, Mr. Silas Denny to Miss Mollie Essex. We hope that no unlooked for cloud may arise to obscure the brightness of their matrimonial sun.

Mr. O. F. Young, of White county, the nominee of the democratic convention held at this place on August 23rd to nominate candidate for Representative from White and Putnam counties in the next General Assembly, having declined to accept the nomination, necessitates the holding of another convention.

The democracy of White county held a convention, in Sparta, on last Monday, as we are informed, and appointed a list of new delegates and appointed the convention to meet in Cookeville, on Saturday, the 14th day of this month. We make this publication in order that the Putnam county delegates can begin to think about whom they will support.

We learn that among the aspirants for Congress from this district, Col. John P. Murray, of Jackson county, well be a candidate. No man in the District has a better knowledge of, or a more earnest sympathy with, the wants of the people than he.

Issue of September 25, 1878

Representative Convention On Saturday, the 14th inst, as was previously announced, a convention, composed of delegates representing the Democracy of White and Putnam counties, met in Cookeville for the purpose of nominating a candidate to represent the two counties in the next General Assembly. A chairman and secretaries were chosen and the proper committees appointed. When the committees had made their reports, and action had been taken upon them by the convention, the names of several gentlemen were placed in nomination, and the convention proceeded to ballot, which resulted in the nomination of D. L. Snodgras, of White county, on the 8th ballot.

There was not that harmony and concord of action in the convention that we would like to have seen, but we think the nominee is a good selection and that he will give pretty general satisfaction, and we prophecy his triumphant election in November.

The eighth annual Fair of the Putnam county Agricultural and Mechanical Association begins on the 1st day of October 1878, and closes on Friday, the 4th.

Issue of October 3rd, 1878

Died John L. Gregg, of this county, on the 27th of September. His death was from a protracted illness of consumption. He leaves & large family of children who have the misfortune to have no mother to foster and protect them.

Capt. J. H. Curtis, our clever Circuit Court Clerk, has the frame of his new dwelling house up.

Married -- On the night of the 26th, at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. Elis Tinsley to Miss Ann Cummins, the Rev. Mr. Hoover being the officiating minister. We extend to the loving twain our hearty congratulations.

We regret to learn that our friend and fellow townsman, D. L. Dow, will soon remove his steam and grist mill to the west end of the county, among the fallen timber, caused by the storm last spring, and also to grind up the abundant crop of wheat and corn raised this year in the hills.

We would say, to the people of the West End, that when Mr. Dow gets among them, they will have an enterprising citizen, a good machinist and miller, as well as a good mill.

Died-At the residence of her father, in this place, on the morning of the 27th, Miss Emma Copeland. She was a pious, Christian young lady, a consistent member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, and died in the full triumph of a living faith.

The bereaved family has the sympathy of the entire community.

Remember Mr. Harrington's lecture. It will take place at the Methodist Church.

Any one who desires to get tickets for Mr. Harrington's lecture can get Tina Reagan, Kate Douglas, Altie them by calling on Mrs. Staley, Misses Moore, Mary Goodpasture, or Mr. S.S. Shaw.

All should attend. It is not for the lecture alone, but he makes liberal donations to the Sunday School.

We, in company with Mr. Z. T. Hinds, took a flying trip to Sparta, last Sunday. On our way back we had we had the misfortune to lose our watch; we went back to look for it, Monday morning, and had the good fortune to find it.

Died-On the 27th, ultimo, about two miles west of this place. Mrs. Mollie Judd, wife of G. W. Judd.

Mrs. Judd was sick but a few days. She left four little boys to the care of a beartbroken father, as well as many relatives and friends to mourn her loss.

Married-Daniel to Cumby, on the 29th, ultimo, at the residence of the bride's father, by B. R. Womack, Esq. Mr. Ceburn Daniel to Miss Martha Cumby, both of this county.

The free schools of this county closed last Friday; consequently most of the free portion of Prof. Brantley's school dropped off. That's the way education goes under such a system of public schools as we have.

John F. Moore will have one of the best houses in town, when completed.

For Congress

Col. John P. Murray, of Jackson county, respectfully announces to his fellow citizens of the Fourth Concressional District that he is a candidate for Congress at the November Election, and desires their aid and influence.

Rev. Jesse E. Hickman will preach here next Saturday night and Sunday and Sunday night. He always has and deserves a splendid audience.


The following typographical errors occurred in the item "To Crossville and Back," reprinted in the last issue of the, Herald. Capt. Walton Smith's first name was printed "Walter."
Old Cumberland Mountain" was printed "Old Cumberland County."