Reprinted in the Putnam County Herald, 28 October 1937, Page 2.

This is the eighteenth installment of this series of republished items from the old "Cookeville Chronicle," which began publication in Cookeville October 6, 1877. with Carnes and Cope editors and publishers.

Issue of August 1, 1878

Rev. J. J. Porter preached to a very large congregation at the Methodist Church in this place, last Sunday.

We started the Chronicle last week to Mr. T. H. Moore. at Carroll Prairie, Texas.

It is conceded by our oldest citizen that greater excitement prevailed :he election yesterday and today than in any Judicial election held in Tennessee for many years. Today la election day for county and judicial officers.

Mr. E. D. Staley and family, Mr. Jesse Arnold and family and Misses Kate and Sallie Douglas and Mr. S. S Shaw spent a few days last week at that favorite summer resort and watering place, Bloomington.

Today's election ts a very hard fought one for judicial and county offices.

Rev. W. Y. Kuykendall and family of this county, removed last week Spencer, Van Buren county, where his children can have the benefit of the wholesome instruction, mental and moral, always received at Burritt College. We wish them a happy season it their mountain home.

The Fair

The eighth annual fair of the Putnam county agricultural and mechanical association will be held on the 2nd, 3rd and ith days of October, 1878.
Walton Smith, President
J. H. Brown, Secretary

Col. J. D. Goodpasture of Livingston, one of the leading candidates for chancellor, spoke Saturday afternoon, to a good sized audience, at the Courthouse here, ably presenting his candidacy to the voters of our county.

No one questions either his ability as a lawyer or his integrity as a Christian gentleman. He is generally regarded as one of the ablest lawyers of the upper Cumberland district.

He is a life long, active democrat. He has served with distinction as o member of the State Senate and has frequently served as special Circuit Judge ard chancellor. He has twice served as a delegate to National Democratic Conventions. He is a brother of former Chancellor Winburn N. Ooodpasture, of Livingston.

There Is a large field of able and high class gentlemen in the race for Chancellor and it is generally believed that several of the candidates for this high office are running a "neck and neck" race.

The Quarterly meeting at the Methodist Church closed last week.

Our county superintendent (A. T. Anderson) has examined and issued certificates to several parsons who anticipate teaching a fre (sic) school this fall.

Today is Election day.

Judge N. W. McConnell, of Hartsville and Col. John A. Fite of Carthage candidates for Circuit Judge spoke here on last Saturday morning. They were heard by a large crowd. Both of these gentlemen are very able and popular men.

There are five candidates for Chancellor: three for Circuit Judge and eight for District Attorney-General.

Our Public Schools

County Superintendent addresses People:

Editor Chonicle (sic):

In compliance with the 39th section of the Public School Law of the State the county Court of Putnam County at its April term, ordered an election tc be held with other elections on the 1st Thursday In August for the purpose of raising a sufficient amount of school funds to run the schools five months.

By good calculations it is said that 15 cents on the hundred dollars worth of taxable property will certainly give us a five months school in every district in the county. As I occupy a very responsible position in connection with the common school. I feel It my indispensable duty to say something for the rising generation. So many parents and school directors know so little of the importance or the aims of education that success is next to an impossibility. The majority of teachers look up on their work as a temporary conveenient mode of making a living, and their whole aim, if they have any, is almost exclusively. sow or visible results stifling all development, of menial eand moral exertion on the part of the student.

It is true our school system still struggles with many difficulties and school, and are ready to admit that some good, even in the imperfect management we have comes or can come from it. This feeling may, in many uses be very ill-defined, but it is sufficiently active to send to school and I am glad this feeling is rapidly growing and fast developing among all classes, "It we can be suited with a teacher."

Now, it is self evident that good wages bring good workmen. If we will pay good prices, we can obtain good teachers, and the time is almost at hand, when, if we will give a helping hand to what the State has done and la still, doing for us young men of ability and well cultivated minds, and young ladles of talent and accomplishments will be convenient to every school house in the county and we will no longer have to send abroad for our teachers; we will be frustrated no further to sell the bids and weak persuasions to sell the teachers chair to the lowest bidder.
A. T. Anderson. County Superintendent.

Died-At her residence near this place, on the night of the 23rd inst. Mrs. Caroline Mills. She was a consistent Christian lady, member of the Methodist church, and died in the full triumph of a living faith. The bereaved family and relations have the sympathy of the entire community in their bereavement.

Rev. Jesse E. Hickman will preach here next Saturday night and Sunday morning and night.

The Election

We only have time end space this week to give limited report of the election of today.

We give below the names of the men, who were elected today to county offices:
W. J. Isbell, County Court Clerk.
Capt. J. H. Curtis. Circuit Court Clerk.
C. J. Bohannon, Sheriff.
W. N. Gentry. County Trustee.
C. R. Ford, County Register.

Remember that the County Fair, this year will be held on October 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Tell Everybody.