Reprinted in the Putnam County Herald, 14 October 1937, Page 2.

This is the sixteenth installment of this series of republished items from the old "Cookeville Chronicle," which began publication in Cookeville October 6, 1877. with Carnes and Cope editors and publishers.

Issue of June 13, 1878

The candidates for Chancellor addressed the people at thls place last Monday.

Col. John H. Savage addressed the people of this place last Tuesday. upon the State Debt question.

Circuit Court was largely attended last Monday.

The candidates for Attorney General will speak here next Saturday. Speaking will begin at 1 o'clock. All the people are respectfully invited and requested to attend.

Bro. Porter still continues his meeting. Large and attentive crowds are constantly In attendance.

We are authorized to announce Mr. W. J. Isbell, as a candldam for the office of County Court Clerk, at the ensuing August election.

The balloon ascension, last Monday, was a grand treat for the mountain people. being the first thing of the kind ever witnessed in Cookeville.

The candidates for Circuit Judge addressed their fellow citizens in Cookeville last Tuesday. The contest seems to be close and hotly contested.

Mr. W. F. Story and lady of Sparta were the guests of the Reagan House from Saturday evening until today.

Registered at the Reagan House, this week, are the fo11owIng names: W. F. Story and lady, H. C. Snodgrass, T. J. Byulford, C. D. England, C. Muarchbanks, Sparta; B. Marchbanks, James Hindle, Nashville: R. C. Nesmith. W. G. Crowley. Smithville; J. A. Jared and son, Jame. McKinley, Samuel Young, H. B. C. Vaden, J. C. Bockman, Pekin; John R Jordon, John A. Fitt, Carthage; Fred Miller, Henry Bartlett, Buffalo Valley; John S. McMurry, N. W. McConnell, Hartsville; J. P. Murray, George H. Morgan, Gainesboro: J. D. Goodpasture. Livingston; S. T. Baker, Celina; John H. Savage, McMinnville; Dr. J. G. Goodpasture, Granville.

We are authorized to announce George H. Morgan of Gainesbore as a candidate for Chancellor of this, the, Fifth Chancery, Division.

We are authorized to announce Dr. L. R. McClain as a candidate tor the office of County Court Clerk, at the ensuing August election.

R. C. Nesmith of Smithville, announces himself as a candidate for the office of Attorney-General of this, the Fifth Judicial Circuit.

There is some one in or about Cookeville. who is continually committing depredations, and it seems to us that there should be some steps taken to
bring the guilty parties to justice. Only a few nights since a side of bacon was stolen from Mr. Jesse Arnold's smoke house; next was the plundering of Dr. H. C. Martin's house, while the family was at church. A few nights since sone (sic) one shot through the window into the room where Mr T. J. Shaw was sleeping, one of the balls passed through the pillow upon upon which he was sleeping. Sunday night, the same parties. doubtless, on one of their expeditions, passed through Dr. Lansden's premises, left his gates open and turned the stock in upon his garden and greatly damaged it. Such things should not be tolerated.

We are authorized to announce Judge N. W. McConnell, of Hartsville, as a candidate for reelection to the office of Circuit Judge of this circuit.

Issue of June 20, 1878

Several of the citizens of Cookeville went to Bloomington to hear the candidates for Judicial offices speak, last Tuesday.

Miss Althea Denton, who has been attending a female college, at Nashville, for several months, returned home last Friday.

Willis Dowell, representing Bolivar H. Cooke & Co., of Nashville was on our streets last Monday.

The corporation authorities have been having some work done on our streets.

There was not a great deal of business disposed of last week by the Circuit Court, suppose it was because the Court and everybody else are candidates.

Rev. J. J. Porter closed his meeting here last Sunday, with his fifty third and farewell discourse. There were upwards of forty conversions during the meeting, it is to be hoped that much good may be the result. The new converts all divided as to their choice of churches-some choosing the Baptist; some the Methodist, some the Presbyterian faith, the latter of which we are informed, has the majority. Rev. Mr. Porter left Sunday evening for his home in Kentucky, where he will rest but a short time and our neighbors at Sparta are promised the benefit of his senders. A financial committee, composed of ladird, canvassed the town in his interest. and we learn that their labors were rewarded by contributions to the amount of about thirty-six dollars.

Mr. N. W. Shaw and lady left Sunday morning for Kentucky, where they will remain a few days.

The telephone was on exhibition in Cookeville yesterday.

Miss Mollie Simpson, of Gordonsville is visiting friends and relatives in this city for the week.

Mr. Lafayette Quarles and lady of Sparta, are visiting relatives and friends in Cookeville and vicinity this week.

Died-at his residence in this county, on the night of the 14th inst., William Bullington.

We are authorized to announce F. P. McGinness as a candidate for the office of County Court Clerk, at the August election.

The candidates for Attorney-General addressed the people at McDearman's old store, in this county, yesterday.

We are authorized to announce C.J. Bohannon as a candidate for reelection to the office of Sheriff, at the ensuing August election.

We are authorized to announce C. Marchbanks, as a candidate for the office of Attorney-General of this, the Fifth Judicial Circuit.

Dr. John O. Goodpasture of Granville, formerly of Cookeville, last week visited the family of his deceased brother, Dr. J. M. Goodpasture, in this city.

The Revenue officers have been raiding through this county for the past few days. We have head of them destroying several distilleries.

We are authorized to announce R. B. Waller as a candidate for Sheriff of Putnam County at the ensuing August election.

Rev. William P. Smith preched (sic) at the Methodist Church at 3 o'clock Sunday evening, and again at night.

We are authorized to announce W. J. Farriss, of White County as a candidate for Chancellor of this the Fifth Chancery Division, at the ensuring August election.

Lodge Directory
Masonic-Cookeville Lodge, Nn. 266, F. and A. M., meets 3rd Saturday night each month.
J. Arnold. W. M.,
Dr. L R. McClain. Sec'y
Cookeville Chapter. No. 112. R. A. M., meets 1st Monday night in each month.
J. Arnold, H. P..
J. B. S. Martin, Sec'y.
Odd Fellows-Mount View Lodge, No. 179, I. 0. 0. F., meets 2nd and 4th, Saturday night in each month.
Dr. L. R. McClain, N. G.,
W. J. Isbell, Sec'y.
Cookeville Encampment No. 45., I. 0. 0. F., meets let Saturday night in each month.
J. P. Martin. C. P.,
H. P. Davis, Scribe.
Knights of Honor-Putnam Lodge, No. 380, K of H., meets 2nd and 4th Thursday night, in each month.
B. R. Womack, Dictator,
J. H. Brown, Reporter.

The Courts-Directory
Circuit Court-N. W. McConnell, Judge; J. H. Curtis, Clerk; meets second Monday in February, June and October.
Chancery Court-W. G. Crowley, Chancellor; Walton Smith, Clerk and Master; J. Arnold. Deputy C and M.; meets 1st Monday in September and March.
County Court- M. A. Jared, Chairman, H. P. Davis, meets 1st Monday in each month.
County Register-C. R. Ford.
Trustee-W. J. Isbell,
Sheriff-C. J. Bohannon.c
Coroner-J. W. Crutcher.
Jailor-J. W. Carr.
Ranger-G. R. Baldwin.

Cookeville Directory
Mayor-Anderson Sloan.
Board of Alderman- Houston S. Boyd, Henry P. Davis, Alfred Algood, S. G. Slaughter, J. J. ??? and B. R. Womack.
Recorder-B. R. Womack.
Treasurer-Alfred Algood.
Marshall-J. B. ????
Assistand Marshall-Sid Shaw.
Attorney-H. S. Boyd.

In another column will found the call of the chairmen or tae State Democratic Executive Committe for a State Convention to meet in Nashville, on the 15th of August, to nominate a democratic candidate for Governor, and earnestly requesting that all the counties send delegates to said conventlon. At a meeting of the democrate of this county on the 10th inst., at the courthouse it was agreed that, the democrats of Putnam County would meet in mass convention on the first Monday in July to select delegates to attend the gubernatorial ccngressional, senatorial and representative convention.

A great many of our farmers are done harvesting.

On Saturday night. before the 1st Sunday in next month there will be a temperance lecture at the Methodist Church. A Murphy Society will also be organized at that time.

H. C. Snodgrass respectfully announces that he is a candidate for the office of Attorney General for the 5th Judicial Circuit.

We are authorized to announce Col. John A. Fite of Carthage as a candidate for the office of Circuit Judge for the 5th Judicial ???.

We are authorized to announce Capt. J. H. Curtis as a candidate to reelection to the office of the Circuit Court Clerk at the ensuing August election.