Martin 1907Putnam County Herald


  • ". . ." - indicates that there is more to the obituary, but no genealogical information was provided.
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Apple, Sallie: The community was shocked last Monday when word reached here from Nashville that Miss Sallie Apple was dead, and with hushed voice the sad news was given from neighbor to neighbor. Miss Apple had gone to Nashville several weeks go, and was taken sick. About a week ago she began to improve, and it was supposed that in a short time she would be again in her usual health. Such was not to be, however, for on Monday her condition suddenly changed for the worse, and in a few hours, her pure spirit took its flight to God. Her remains were brought to this city on the Monday night shopping train and the funeral was held from the family residence on Tuesday afternoon, the services being conducted by Elder Jesse Walling, burial being at the City Cemetery. The funeral was perhaps the most largely attended in the history of the town. Miss Apple had been in charge of the millinery department at Whitson Bros, for several years and was an accomplished millinier and successful business woman. She was a truly popular young woman, possessing to an unusual degree all those feminine graces and charms men adore and women love. Hers was a most lovable character, and in consequence her friends were legion. Cookeville had lost one of its most gracious and charming daughters. She was a daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Wm. Apple of this city, who with several sisters and one brother, W. H. Apple of Nashville, survive her. To the bereaved family the Herald extends the heartfelt (sic) sympathy of our entire population in their hour of great sorrow. APPLE -- At the home of her sister, Mrs. W. L. Lewis, in Nashville, Tenn., on Monday, March 25, 1907, Miss Sallie Apple, aged 29 years. [Date: 3/27/1907, Vol. V, No. 4, Page 4]

Apple, Sallie: Resolutions of Sympathy -- Whereas, Death, which is ever abroad in the land claiming both old and young, has called at the parental home of Neighbor H. W. Apple and taken away his sister, Miss Sallie Apple, and Whereas, . . . [Date: 4/17/1907, Vol. V, No. 7, Page 1]

Bartlett, Lucy: Two deaths, Mrs. Dan Brown and Lucy Bartlett, both of the 3rd District. [Date: 7/11/1907, Vol. V, No. 19, Page 4]

Bell, E. E.: E. E. Bell was found unconscious in his room in a hotel at Nashville last Sunday night, and died in a few minutes. The cause of his death was an overdose of morphine taken by mistake, it is supposed Mr. Bell was a well known revenue officer, having been in the service for a number of years. He was general deputy collector for this district at the time of his death. [Date: 4/24/1907, Vol. V, No. 8, Page 1]

Borden, D. F.: M. H. Borden has received word that his grandfather, D. F. Borden, died on Aug. 8, 1907, and was buried on the 13th. Mr. Borden lived on a farm near Brainerd, Minn., and was buried in that city. He was 87 years old and died of complication incident to old age. [Date: 8/29/1907, Vol. V, No. 26, Page 1]

Boyd, Mary: Mrs. Mary Boyd, widow of Jefferson Boyd, and one of the oldest and most highly esteemed ladies of this county, died on the night of Oct. 22, 1907, at her home in the Eleventh district, of paralysis. She was 83 years old and had been a devoted member of the Southern Methodist church for 75 years, and was greatly beloved by all who knew her. Her remains were interred Wednesday afternoon in the Boyd graveyard in Rock Spring valley, her funeral begin attended by a large number of relatives and friends. She leaves four children, A. W. Boyd of this city, Dr. W. M. Boyd of Jackson county, Prof. J. J. Boyd and Miss Malinda Boyd of Gentry. She was an aunt of P. Y. Jared, Mrs. J. W. Puckett, O. K. Holladay, and H. M. Jared of this city. [Date: 10/31/1907, Vol. V, No. 35, Page 1]

Brooks, Mrs. Joe: Mrs. Joe Brooks, who had been very low with consumption, died yesterday leaving a husband and several children to morn her loss. Her burial will take place at Bethlahem today. [Date: 6/13/1907, Vol. V, No. 15, Page 4]

Brown, Fannie: Miss Fannie Brown died at her home near Browns Mill yesterday. [Date: 7/18/1907, Vol. V, No. 20, Page 1]

Brown, Mrs. Dan: Two deaths, Mrs. Dan Brown and Lucy Bartlett, both of the 3rd District. [Date: 7/11/1907, Vol. V, No. 19, Page 4]

Burgess, Joel: Joel Burgess, of Smith Chapel died Thursday night and was buried by the I. O. O. F. of Ravenscroft. We extend our sympathy to the bereaved family. [Date: 11/28/1907, Vol. V, No. 39, Page 4]

Carr, Col. C. C.: Col. C. C. Carr of Livingston died suddenly of heart disease on Tuesday morning. He was a Confederate veteran and a prominent Mason. The funeral was held Wednesday, under Masonic rites. Col. Carr was a wealthy and highly esteemed man. [Date: 11/28/1907, Vol. V, No. 39, Page 1]

Carr, Nancy: Mrs. Nancy Carr widow of Elijah Carr, died at her home in this city on Sunday, Aug. 25, 1907, after a long illness. [Date: 9/5/1907, Vol. V, No. 27, Page 1]

Carr, Scott: Scott Carr, formerly of this county, and a brother of Register S. F. Carr, died Monday at the National Soldiers Home at Johnson City. He was buried in the government cemetery there. Mr. Carr was a veteran of the Spanish war. [Date: 11/28/1907, Vol. V, No. 39, Page 1]

Coe, Jim: "Uncle Jim" Coe died at his home two miles north of town on Monday, July 22, 1907, aged nearly 88 years. [Date: 7/25/1907, Vol. V, No. 21, Page 1]

Cole, Annie: Our community was made sad on Friday, May 10, 1907, when God in his great power saw fit to take from her home dear Annie. She had suffered intensely for some time, when God relieved her from pain, and bore her spirit home. For several years she had been a member of the church. She was a good mother, a kind wife, and was loved by all who knew her. She leaves a husband, two children and a host of friends to mourn her loss. We extend heartfelt sympathy (sic) to the family in their great sorrow. . . . [Date: 5/23/1907, Vol. V, No. 12, Page 2]

Copeland, Beveridge: Word reaches us of the death of Beveridge Copeland at the state hospital near Nashville. [Date: 5/16/1907, Vol. V, No. 11, Page 4]

Deering, William: Wm. Deering was killed near his home three miles south of this city last Monday by a tree falling on him. His body was badly crushed, death being instantaneous. He was a son of Noah Deering and leaves a family. The funeral occurred on Tuesday at West graveyard. [Date: 12/19/1907, Vol. V, No. 42, Page 2]

Ditty, A. H.: Mr. A. H. Ditty died at his home in this city after an illness of several weeks, Thursday, October 17, 1907, and was buried in the city cemetery on Friday. Mr. Ditty was about 73 years of age and a well known and respected citizen. He leaves a wife and several grown up children. [Date: 10/24/1907, Vol. V, No. 34, Page 1]

Dixon, Mrs. Pate: Mrs. Pate Dixon died early Friday morning, and was buried Saturday on Falling Water at Bohannon graveyard. We extend sympathy to the bereaved family. The Lord's will be done. [Date: 5/2/1907, Vol. V, No. 9, Page 2]

Dow, Marvin: Marvin Dow, son of Mr. and Mrs. Willis Dow of this city, died on Monday August 19, 1907, and was buried Tuesday afternoon in the city cemetery. Marvin was about thirteen years old and a bright boy. He had been sick about a month with slow fever. [Date: 8/22/1907, Vol. V, No. 25, Page 2]

Dowell, Joseph: Joseph Dowell died at his home in Algood Wednesday morning, aged about 70 years. [Date: 5/30/1907, Vol. V, No. 13, Page 4]

Dyer, Belle: Miss Belle Dyer died at the home of her brother, W. L. Dyer of Dry Valley, yesterday, of cancer. [Date: 10/10/1907, Vol. V, No. 32, Page 1]

Elder, Mrs. J. W.: News has been received by Will R. Staley of the sudden death of Mrs. J. W. Elder at her home in San Francisco, Cal., on Feb. 22. Mrs. Elder endeared herself to the members of the First Tennessee Regiment while they were in Frisco during the Spanish war. She visited this city several years ago, and won many friends here by her gracious manner, all of whom will regret to learn of her death. [Date: 3/6/1907, Vol. V, No. 1, Page 1]

Elrod, Lulu: Mrs. Lulu Elrod died at her home six miles north of this city Monday, Nov. 11, 1907. She leaves a husband and one child, and was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leo D. Matheney. The funeral took place at Paran on Wednesday, services begin conducted by Rev. Henry Carr of Algood and Rev. W. H. Gilbert of Livingston. [Date: 11/14/1907, Vol. V, No. 37, Page 1]

Gentry, Agnes: Mrs. Agnes Gentry died last Friday, Sept. 13, 1907, at the home of friends near this city. [Date: 9/19/1907, Vol. V, No. 29, Page 1]

Gillem, Harvey: FATAL WRECK ON SOUTHERN -- Work Train Ditched Near Monterey, Kills a Man and Injures Several -- Cookeville, Tenn. Aug 15. -- One of the most serious railroad wrecks that has ever occurred in this county happened yesterday afternoon about 2 o'clock one mile east of Monterey, on the Southern Railway. Harvey Gillem, a white man 21 years old, living at Algood, was instantly killed. Gillem was a section hand. He leaves a wife and one child. He was a son of Prof. Jesse Gillem, a prominent teacher of the Fifteenth District of this county. Monroe Byers, the section foreman, is thought to be fatally injured. His home is at Algood. It is reported that his back is broken. Hank Bledsoe, engineer; Homer Erwin, fireman; Conductor Powers, Brakeman C. Watkins and Jesse William, a section hand, are all injured, some of them seriously and probably fatally. Several negro section hands were very badly injured, one of them, Ed Bolton of this city, being fatally injured. . . [Date: 8/15/1907, Vol. V, No. 24, Page 4]

Gillem, Ruth: Mrs. Ruth Gillem, one of the most highly respected and probably the oldest woman in Putnam County, died Monday night at her home on Martin's Creek in the 18th district. She was 90 years old and the immediate cause of her death was cancer of the breast. She was the second wife of Samuel J. Gillem, one of the first and most prominent of the early settlers of the state. She was the step-mother of Gen. Alvin C. Gillem, distinguished Tennessee Federal general of the Civil war. She had been a devoted member of the Christian church for many years. She was the step-grandmother of Luke P. Gillem of this city. [Date: 10/10/1907, Vol. V, No. 32, Page 1]

Goodpasture, Judge Winborne W.: At six o'clock, Wednesday morning, June 19th Judge Winborne W. Goodpasture, Overton County's most distinguished citizen; quietly and peacefully obeyed the beacon of the angel of death and his soul returned to God who gave it. His son, E. C. Goodpasture, his two daughters, Mrs. C. M. Hensley, of Birmingham, Ala, and Mrs. W. G. Currie, of Ada, I. T., and other relatives and friends were with him when the end came. He retained his natural buoyancy and good cheer until the last and, on the day preceding his death, expressed the opinion that he would soon recover. His burial took place at five o'clock Wednesday evening, at the family cemetery, and was attended by a vast concourse of people who sorrowfully paid their last respect to the honored dead. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. W. H. Gilbert, pastor of the Southern Methodist church, assisted by Revs. Gutherie and Wilson. . . . Judge Winborne W. Goodpasture was born and reared near the historic village of Hilham, this county. He was born October 20, 1828 and at the time of his death, was in his seventy-ninth year. He was a son of John and Margie Byran Goodpasture and was the youngest of a family of fourteen children, seven boys and seven girls -- all of whom lived to have families of their own. . . . In 1854 he married Miss Martha Capps, a daughter of a prominent merchant of this place, and for more than fifty years they lived happily together, his wife having died two years ago. . . . [Date: 7/11/1907, Vol. V, No. 19, Page 2]

Greenwood, Dillard: Dillard Greenwood died at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Greenwood of this city last Thursday, April 25, 1907. His home was near Waterloo, but he had been here for two weeks for treatment. Mr. Greenwood was 28 years of age and leaves a wife and two children. The Herald extends sympathy to the bereaved family. [Date: 5/2/1907, Vol. V, No. 9, Page 1]

Griffin, Wm: W. Griffin died at his home in Dry Valley last Friday, Aug. 2, aged, 68 years. He was a Union Soldier, and well known in this section of the county. [Date: 8/8/1907, Vol. V, No. 23, Page 1]

Haney, Infant of Mr. and Mrs. Louis: The dark angel of death visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Haney June 17 and claimed for its victim their infant son. The bereaved parents have the sympathy of the entire community. Funeral services will be held today at the Brotherton Cemetery. [Date: 6/20/1907, Vol. V, No. 16, Page 4]

Haney, Louis: Louis Haney was run over by a passenger train near Brotherton last Saturday and his body torn to pieces. He was a section hand and it is said had been drinking. We have not received any particulars of the horrible affair. [Date: 10/3/1907, Vol. V, No. 31, Page 4]

Harp, Jasper N.: Our community was made sad on last Tuesday, April 23, 1907, when God in His great power saw fit to take from the home Uncle Jasper Harp. He was born Sept. 30, 1833; died April 23, 1907, age 73 years, 6 months and 22 days. He had been undergoing the most intense suffering for four weeks when God released him from all pain and bore his spirit home. For several years he had been a member of the M. E. Church. He was a good citizen and was loved by all who knew him. He leaves a wife, eight children, several grandchildren and two sisters to mourn his loss. The entire family have our heartfelt sympathy in their great sorrow. . . . [Date: 5/2/1907, Vol. V, No. 9, Page 2]

Hawkins, Mohaley: Aunt Mohaley Hawkins died last Wednesday and was buried at the Dotson Branch cemetery last Thursday. [Date: 8/22/1907, Vol. V, No. 25, Page 2]

Hogan, Ray: Ray Hogan died suddenly with heart disease on Tuesday, Aug., 20, 1907. He was in Van Buren County on business when the summons came. Mr. Hogan was a resident of this city for several years, but has been making Nashville his home for some time, working as a lumber inspector. His remains were brought to Cookeville for burial, the funeral to be held this (Thursday) afternoon. [Date: 8/22/1907, Vol. V, No. 25, Page 2]

Hyder, Beulah: Mrs. Beulah Hyder, daughter of H. P. and L. A. Davis, died October 3d, 1907. During her serious illness of three months she had many friends who assisted and comforted her. We desire in return for their kindness and helping hand of those, her many friends who were in sympathy with us and were ever ready to assist in any way during her illness, to return our most sincere thanks for their kindness and assistance. Respectfully, Mrs. H. P. Davis and family. [Date: 10/17/1907, Vol. V, No. 33, Page 1]

Hyder, Mrs. Whitley: Mrs. Whitley Hyder died at her home in this city this morning. She was a daughter of the late Henry P. Davis, and a much loved lady. The funeral will be held tomorrow. [Date: 10/3/1907, Vol. V, No. 31, Page 1]

Jackson, Betty: Mrs. Betty Jackson, wife of Eph Jackson, died last week of typhoid fever. [Date: 10/3/1907, Vol. V, No. 31, Page 4]

Jared, C. C.: C. C. Jared died at his home near Ditty on Sunday. He was buried in the family graveyard near Buffalo Valley. Mr. Jared was about 59 years of age. He leaves a widow and several children among them W. W. Jared and Mrs. Solon Maddux of Buffalo Valley. [Date: 8/22/1907, Vol. V, No. 25, Page 1]

Johnson, James: James Johnson died last Sunday at his home in Monterey of typhoid fever. He was about thirty-five years old and leaves a wife and three children. His remains were interred at Smyrna cemetery Monday afternoon. He was a son of Capt. S. S. Johnson and a brother of Mrs. Quimby of this city. [Date: 10/17/1907, Vol. V, No. 33, Page 1]

Johnson, Mrs. Wayman: Mrs. Wayman Johnson, formerly of this place, who was at Brushy Mountain passed away Nov. 3, 1907. The remains were brought to Pleasant Hill and put away by the I. O. O. F. [Date: 11/14/1907, Vol. V, No. 1, Page 1]

Jones, Augustus: Mr. Augustus Jones died Thursday night at his home in Eatonton, Ga. About six years ago Mr. Jones married Miss Nora Lee of this city, a daughter of Capt. and Mrs. Z. P. Lee, Mrs. Jones and one child survive her husband. [Date: 3/13/1907, Vol. V, No. 2, Page 1]

Jones, Joe: 57 PEOPLE INJURED - Passenger Train Hurled from Track Near Lebanon - SOUTHERN'S WORST WRECK - In History of the Nashville Division - ONLY THREE PASSENGERS ESCAPE - No One Killed Outright but Some are Fatally Hurt - The most disastrous wreck ever happening on the Nashville division of the Souther Railway occurred yesterday about noon three miles east of Lebanon. The wreck is supposed to have been caused by a broken rail. Passenger train No. 16 left Nashville on time at 10:25 a. m. in charge of Conductor F. A. Dean and Engineer J. H. Barbee and was crossing a fill near Black Branch when the accident occurred. The engine was not derailed, but the mail and express car and two coaches were thrown from the track and down the embankment. There were 60 passengers on the train only three of whom escaped injury. No one was killed outright, but is is thought several were fatally injured. This was remarkable, when the character of the wreck is considered. The injured were taken to Lebanon as soon as possible where their injuries were temporarily attended to, and then all were taken to Nashville. Alfred Algood of this city was on the train, with Mrs. Williams of Louisville, neither of whom was seriously hurt. Joe Jones of Baxteer was probably fatally injured. So far as we know thre were no other Putnam county people on the ill-fated train. We have not received particulars of the wreck, hence cannot give all the facts this week. Just as we go to press word comes that No. 16 to today is off the track near the scene of yesterday's wreck. Surely misfortunes never come singly, even to railroad companies. [Date: 6/6/1907, Vol. V, No. 14, Page 1]

Jones, Luke: Luke Jones died Wednesday, Feb. 28, 1907, at the home of his parents near Buffalo Valley. He was a popular young man with all who knew him. [Date: 3/6/1907, Vol. V, No. 1, Page 1]

Jones, Luke P.: Resolutions of Respect - Whereas, In the providence of God our beloved brother and young member, Luke P. Jones, aged 21 years, was removed from us, Feb. 28th, 1907, Therefore, Be it Resolved, That we, the members of Caney Fork Lodge No. 516, deeply feel the loss of our dear and beloved brother, yet humbly bow in submission to the will of our Supreme Ruler, who saw it fit to take him from our ranks, to which we can say only say. "Thy will be done." Resolved, Second, That while we mourn his loss we cherich the memory of his gentle and available manners, he sterling integrity in all his business affairs, his eminent character, and his exemplary life, abounding with the fruit of kindness, Resolved Third, That we, the members of Caney Fork Lodge, I. O. O. F., do extend our sympathy to the bereaved parents Wade Jones and wife, Rebecca Jones and family, our sincere sorrow in their sore bereavement, and that a memorial page of our sessional record be set apart and inscribed to perpetuate the memory of our departed brother. -- J. B. Dickens, Bryon Bartlett, F. H. addux, W. S. Askew, Committee [Date: 3/6/1907, Vol. V, No. 1, Page 4]

Jones, Wade: Esq. Wade Jones died at his home near Buffalo Valley on Monday, Nov. 11, 1907 and was buried at the family graveyard near Silver Point on Thursday. He was one of the county's best known citizens and a man in prosperous circumstances. [Date: 11/14/1907, Vol. V, No. 37, Page 1]

Judd, Millard: News reached us today of the death of Millard Judd at the home of his father, Esq. W. F. Judd, seven miles north of this city. We did not learn any further particulars. [Date: 4/10/1907, Vol. V, No. 6, Page 1]

Kerr, Amanda V.: Amanda V. Kerr, wife of J. C. Kerr, was born Dec. 5, 1842, professed religion in early life and joined the Missionary Baptist church. About fifteen years ago she joined the M. E. Church South with her husband and was a faithful and useful member. After three years of suffering with cancer she passed away July 8, 1907. . . . Mrs. Kerr was the greatest sufferer I have ever known. When in health she was very faithful in visiting and helping the sick. The funeral was held from the Cookeville Methodist church cocduct (sic) by her pastor, Rev. Geo. R. Allen, and the writer (G. W. Nackels). She was laid to rest beside her husband in the Cookeville Cemetery. [Date: 7/18/1907, Vol. V, No. 20, Page 1]

King, Mrs.: Mrs. King, relict of the late Calloway King, died at the home of her son, Hon. J. N. King, near this city yesterday, of cancer. [Date: 10/10/1907, Vol. V, No. 32, Page 1]

Kirby, Edgar: Edgar Kirby died at his home near the fair grounds early Monday morning, April 29, 1907, of consumption. Mr. Kirby was an upright and industrious man and had many friends. He leaves a family to whom sympathy is extended. [Date: 5/2/1907, Vol. V, No. 9, Page 1]

Langford, Barney: Mr. Barney Langford of Waterloo died last Tuesday, June 18, aged 71 years. He was buried Wednesday at Clay Springs. [Date: 6/20/1907, Vol. V, No. 16, Page 1]

Lansden, James: Fatal Accident - Last Tuesday evening James Lansden, the little son of Judge and Mrs. D. L. Lansden, was burned to death. The little fellow, who was about three years old, had followed his brother to make a fire in a grate and in some manner his clothing caught fire; burning him so severely that death resulted. Judge Landsden was in Nashville and came home on the night train. The child was buried in the city cemeteery on Wednesday evening, Rev. Henry Carr conducting the services. The Herald extends sympathy to the family of Judge Lansden in their hour of sorrow. [Date: 12/19/1907, Vol. V, No. 42, Page 1]

Larimore, Mrs. T. B.: Mrs. T. B. Larimore, wife of the well known evangelist of the Christian church died at her home near Florence, Ala., last Monday. [Date: 3/6/1907, Vol. V, No. 1, Page 1]

Maberry, Carry: Mrs. Carry Maberry died last Monday, she left a four days old infant and three other small children. She was buried in Smith Chapel cemetery last Tuesday. [Date: 8/22/1907, Vol. V, No. 25, Page 2]

Martin, Parmelia: Mrs. Parmelia Martin, widow of the late Dr. J. P. Martin, died at her home in this city Saturday, September 28th, 1907, after a long illness. She was about 84 years of age and a highly respected lady. For many years she had been a faithful member of the Christian church. Mrs. Martin is survived by three children, Drs. J. B. S. and H. C. Martin and Miss Z. Martin, all of this city. Her remains were laid to rest in the city cemetery at 4 o'clock Sunday. [Date: 10/3/1907, Vol. V, No. 31, Page 1]

McClain, Ora May: Little Ora May McClain - Again the angel of death has visited our community last Thursday, Aug. 8, 1907, and claimed for his victim the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Q. S. McClain, after an illness of four weeks. She was load to rest Aug. 9 in the Paran cemetery. This new one makes two little graves Mr. and Mrs. McClain have in this cemetery, representing two little souls that have taken flight from the earthly home to dwell forever with God in their heavenly home. These bereaved parents are able, by the grace of God and faith in hm, to count each affliction of death a messenger from him, a toneh of his divine chastening rod in love and kindness sent for the uplifting of their souls. One needs that faith, especially in giving up dearly loved children. The little one's life was just beginning to be a satisfaction. But it was only for her to bud on eath and bloom in heaven. Her papa and mama will feel so lonesome to know there is a vacant place at their home, and her two little sisters will be so sad to start to Sunday school without her, but their only hope is to live and meet little Ora May in a better world. Ninnie Boatman [Date: 8/15/1907, Vol. V, No. 24, Page 4]

McClellan, Lula: Mrs. Lula McClellan died last week Wednesday at the home of her father, J. A. Boatman, Sr., in the 15th district. [Date: 7/4/1907, Vol. V, No. 18, Page 1]

McDonald, Henry: Henry McDonald of Chestnut Mound died on Friday, July 12, as a result of being overheated-sunstroke. [Date: 7/18/1907, Vol. V, No. 20, Page 1]

McKinley, Mrs. Ida Saxon: Mrss. Ida Saxon McKinley, widow of Presideent McKinley, died at her home in Canton on Sunday, May 26, 1907. The funeral was held on Wednesday, President Roosevelt and many other distinguished visitors being present. Mrs. McKinley was a noble woman, loved by the whole nation. For thirty years she had been an invalid, and great sufferer. She has gone to join her martyred and idolized husband in the great beyond. In that happy reuniting her worldly trial are forgotten. 'Tis well. [Date: 5/30/1907, Vol. V, No. 13, Page 3]

Morgan, Amanda: Mrs. Amanda Morgan died at her home in Jackson county on Saturday night March 16, 1907, in her eighty-first year, and was buried in the Overton graveyard on Monday. Mrs. Morgan was widely know and held in the highest esteem throughout this section of the state. She was a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church for 65 years, and was universally loved for her true christian character. Truly a good woman has gone to her reward. Her husband, Rev. Austin H. Morgan, who died about nine years ago was a noted minister of the gospel, having preached for fifty-five years -- privilege given but few men. Mrs. Morgan was the mother of Mesers. R. P., J. D. and A. C. Morgan of this city and Mrs. R. W. Allen of Ada, I. T. The Herald extends sympathy in their irreparable loss. [Date: 3/20/1907, Vol. V, No. 3, Page 4]

Moscrip, Vera: Miss Vera Moscrip died at her home in this city on Wednesday, Sept. 4, 1907, of consumption. She was a daughter of Maj. and Mrs. R. J. Moscrip, and had grown to womanhood here. Vera was a member of the M. E. Church, South; and a most lovable girl. She was buried in the city cemetery today, Rev. Geo. R. Allen conducting the services. Her father is away in the West and could not be reached by telegraph on account of the operator's strike. [Date: 9/5/1907, Vol. V, No. 27, Page 2]

Norris, Emily: Mrs. Emily Norris died at her home Saturday Oct. 26, 1907, leaving a husband and two children to mourn her loss. We extend our deepest sympathies to the bereaved family. [Date: 10/31/1907, Vol. V, No. 35, Page 4]

Norris, Miss Willie: Again the angel of death has visited our community, and claimed for its victim Miss Willie Norris. She had been suffering for several months with that dread disease, consumption. When our Saviour saw that she had done enough here on earth and so He called her up higher. Willie was 19 years and 13 days old. She was a member of the M. E. Church and a true christian, a good girl and well loved by all her friends and schoolmates, she bore her suffering very patiently. Willie prepared for death, she knew she could not get well and said she was ready, there was nothing in her way. We will say to the bereaved family not to weep for Willie for we believe she is one of the angles (sic) around the great white throne. [Date: 5/9/1907, Vol. V, No. 10, Page 1]

Paul, Alta: In Memory of Miss Alta Paul who departed this life Monday, July 8, 1907, at her home five miles west of Windsor, after a lingering illness of three and a half years of a complication of diseases. Deceased was born August 8, 1888, near Cookeville, Tenn., where she lived until four years ago, when her parents moved to this vicinity (Windsor, MO). She soon began to decline in health and gradually grew weaker. A number of physicians had been consulted and remedies tried, but all to no avail, and fond parents, two brothers and one sister, with many relatives and friends watched and tenderly cared for her during her days and years of suffering which were intense the last few weeks. Tuesday morning a large number of neighbors met at the home and followed the remains to Hickory Grove cemetery where a short funeral service was conducted by the young Rev. Hobson of the Baptist church. His remarks were well chosen and full of comfort to the sorrowing family, who have the heartfelt sympathy of many friends in their bereavement. The above item is from a newspaper printed in Windsor, Mo. and will be of interest to many of our readers. Miss Paul was a daughter of M. M. Paul, who is well known in this section. [Date: 8/8/1907, Vol. V, No. 23, Page 4]

Pettus, E. W.: Senator E. W. Pettus of Alabama died at Hot Springs, N. C., Saturday night July 27, after a two days illness. He was 85 years of age. His death following that of his colleague, Senator Morgan, so quickly, was remarkable. Mr. Pettus never held any office but that of United States Senator. He was a aman of strong character and absoute honesty -- a rare combination in politician. He will be succeeded by Jos. F. Johnston former governor, and a Confederate soldier. [Date: 8/8/1907, Vol. V, No. 23, Page 3]

Phy, Henry: Henry Phy of Algood died at his home last Friday night, but we have learned no particulars. [Date: 8/22/1907, Vol. V, No. 25, Page 1]

Qualls, Child of James: The diptheria has been ear here, Mr. James Qualls lost one of his children with it. [Date: 11/7/1907, Vol. V, No. 36, Page 3]

Rash, Martha: Mrs. Martha Rash died in Nashville last Thursday. She had gone there for treatment some time ago. Her remains were brought to this city for burial. Mrs. Rash was the widow of Wm. Rash, a highly respected lady. [Date: 7/11/1907, Vol. V, No. 19, Page 1]

Robinson, Bob: Dr. Bob Robinson died Sunday morning from the effects of sunstroke. [Date: 7/18/1907, Vol. V, No. 20, Page 3]

Selby, Mr.: Mr. Selby died at his home near Cookeville on Monday night. He was the father of L. S. Selby of this city and about 90 years of age. [Date: 6/20/1907, Vol. V, No. 16, Page 1]

Slagle, Mrs. A. W.: On Sunday, May 26, 1907, the grim monster, death, entered the home of A. W. Slagle and claimed for its victim the sweet, gentle wife and mother of that home. It seemed from the very beginning that death's arrow was too well aimed to miss its mark and so her spirit took its flight from whose bourne no travler har (sic) ever yet returned to tell its tidings. She was about 50 years of age, a devote member of the Methodist Church, ever ready to held the needy or distressed and on her dying bed admonished her husband and children to meet her in a better land. So tired eyer (sic) and lips are closed forever and the great mystery of life is veiled in the mystery of death. . . [Date: 6/13/1907, Vol. V, No. 15, Page 4]

Smith, Chas.: R. P. Morgan received a telegram today from Howard Smith, at Wichita, Kansas, stating that his brother, Chas. Smith was shot and killed on Tuesday night at Silver City, New Mexico. He was killed in the discharge of duty, being a deputy sheriff, and trying to arrest the man who shot him. The remains will be shipped to this city, arriving Sunday or Monday, and will be laid to rest in the Smith graveyard. [Date: 8/1/1907, Vol. V, No. 22, Page 1]

Smith, Frank: Frank Smith died in Kentucky two years ago in September and the remains were taken up and brought back to Overton County the 16th of Dec. and buried in the Paran Cemetery. [Date: 12/19/1907, Vol. V, No. 42, Page 2]

Speakman, Wm: Wm. Speakman died at his home in this city June 21, 1907, and was buried in the city Cemetery Saturday afternoon. Mr. Speakman was nearly 85 years of age, and a respected citizen. He is survived by his wife and seven children, Mrs. W. M. Smoot, Mrs. Nina Embry, Vance and John Speakman of this city; Mounce Speakman of South McAlester, I. T., Hall Speakman of Scottsville, Ky; and Tom Speakman of Jackson county. [Date: 6/27/1907, Vol. V, No. 17, Page 1]

Speck, Walter: This community (Algood) was made sad to hear of the death of Walter Speck. Walter was a highly esteemed man and was thought well of by every. [Date: 12/19/1907, Vol. V, No. 42, Page 2]

Vestal, Cham: C. Vestal Mysteriously Killed at Baxter -- W. S. Bryant Under Arrest for the Crime -- On Sunday, Feb. 17, Cham Vestal was shot in the head at his home in Baxter and died early next morning. There is somewhat of a mystery as to how the unfortunate affair actually occurred. It was given out and generally understood at the time Mr. Vestal accidentally shot himself with a pistol. His remains were taken to Knoxville for burial, and after the funeral Mrs. Vestal and W. S. Bryant, who had been Mr. Vestal's bookkeeper, started back to Baxter. After getting on the train Bryant was arrested on a warrant sworn out by Robert Vestal, charged with having shot Cham Vestal. Sheriff Alcorn brought Bryant to this place last week Tuesday and he was given a preliminary hearing Saturday and Sunday before Esq. J. R. Douglass, as a result of which he was held to the higher court on $10,000 bond which has not been made up to the present time. City Attorney Culton of Knoxville and Bockman & Bryant of this place appeared for the prosecution and L. C. Houk of Knoxville and Denny & Holladay of Cookeville for defendant. The affair has created quite a sensation in this county on account of the prominence of those concerned. Mr. Vestal was a capable business man with large interests and had been a mainstay of Baxter for several years. [Date: 3/6/1907, Vol. V, No. 1, Page 1]

White, Lilly: I suppose the big frost that came the other night killed Lilly White. [Date: 12/5/1907, Vol. V, No. 40, Page 4]

Wilborn, Girl of Barlow: Barlow Wilborn's little girl is dead. [Date: 8/22/1907, Vol. V, No. 25, Page 2]

Wilmoth, Mrs. Clenny: Mrs. Clenny Wilmoth died at her home six miles north of this city last Thursday, May 2, of pneumonia. [Date: 5/9/1907, Vol. V, No. 10, Page 4]