typed by Bettie Goolsby Doyle from WPA records.
February 2000.

Tombstone Incriptions, Pharris Graveyard.

This graveyard and farm was owned by Hyram Pharris, Minister of the Gospel in the 1st Civil District of Jackson County, about 4 miles south of Gainesboro on the left side of the road on Highway leading from Gainesboro to Cookeville and lies opposite the Stafford Graveyard. It is fairly well kept. In July 1908 Hyram Pharris deeded this graveyard to the public and named the following as Trustees and their successors to the Pharris Graveyard. His son Lewis Pharis now owns the farm. From Land Deed Bool "L" page 574. Register's Office Jackson County TN. Hyram Pharris to Deed Graveyard Trustees and Their Successors. Dr. N.M. McCoin (Dead), W.F. Sadler, Thomas Anderson (Dead), Travis Trisdale, Hickman Bowman (Dead), Robert Smith, Daniel Poston (Dead), Brack Elkins (Dead).

July 10, 1908

There has been a much larger "shed" built since said Pharris death, for shelter and shade when funerals are held at the graveyard. At this date, September 21, 1937, there are 220 unmarked graves.

Copied by Maude McGlasson, Gainesboro,
Tennessee, Oct 11, 1937.

Horace Greely Young, born July 2, 1871, died January 3, 1934.
Mrs. C.R. Watts, died April 2, 1937, age 39 yrs, 1 mo, 12 days.
R. Taylor Roddy, Died April 1, 1936, age 66 yrs, 11 mos, 4 days.
(To his left is the grave of the above's wife, Kirkpatrick Roddy.)
Armel Hamlet, born February 16, 1866, died October 25, 1925.
Vina (Stewart) Hamlet, born December 15, 1873, died--- "Our fondest hopes lie buried here".
Dr. N. M. McCoin, died November 3, 1930, age 76 yrs, 10 mos, 22 days.
(Family lot of Dr. C.E. Reeves & wife Edna Young, Reeves). Mary Reeves Darwin,
1st Wife of Hugh M. Darwin and Mother of Frances (Mancy) Darwin born May 22, 1895, died September 24, 1925.
Nancy June, daughter of Carl and Estelle York Anderson, born May 23, 1923, died December 3, 1926.
"Sleep on sweet Babe, and take thy rest, God called thee Home, He thought best."
Clara Heady Young, died February 6, 1937, age 69yrs. (A grave at her right , that of her husband, W.H. Young.)
Wade Goolsby, born January 6, 1861, died February 7, 1935. "We will meet again".
Polly Ann Dudney Birdwell, born July 23, 1852, died June 15, 1932. "Resting till Resurrestion Morn". Birdwell (footstone)
Albert Willard Dudney, died May 21 1936, age 18 yrs, 2 mos, 14 days.
J. Mack Dudney, A Mason, born October 23, 1863, died August 15, 1926.
"His toils are past, His work is done, He fought the right the Victory won."
Dedicated by Sister M.A. (Polly) Dudney Birdwell. Dudney (footstone)
Edith (Anderson) born March 18, 1901, died August 20, 1927.
Jesse , born March 10, 1892 (yet living). Heady (footstone)
Our Darling Donald, born August 8, 1922, died February 22, 1929."Asleep in Jesus"
son of G.W. and Ola Hawkins.
Carmon B. Bilbrey, born July 23, 1924, died September 26, 1925.
"Our Darling" Sam Ellis, born August 11, 1901, died February 9, 1936." A little time on earth he spent, Till
God for him his Angels sent".
William F. Thornton, Co. K. 1st U.S. Cavalry, born Aprin 24 1841, died April 24, 1923.
Elizabeth Thornton, born December 7, 1851, died--- Mother-Father (footstones).
Erline Trisdale, died August 15, 1936, age 9 yrs, 3 mos, 10 days.
Hyram Bowman, born March 31, 1843, died August 2, 1909, "An affectionate Father and Husband dear,
lies buried here". Husband of Sobrina [Campbell.]
Mrs. Anna Thorton, died October 19, 1926, age 24 yrs.
Merdy Wilson Fox, born January 4, 1882, died August 8, 1936."He was a Christian"
Fox (footstone)
John B. Billingsley, born August 22, 1852, died (yet living)
Martha R. Billingsley, born July 4, 1855, died June 18, 1928. "Like you are, we used to be, Like we are
now, soon you will be, Prepare for Death and follow us."
John H. Chaffin, Husband of Nancy C. born January 7, 1845, died November 22, 1909. "He was an
affection Husband and Father, His body lies buried here".
Nancy C. Chaffin, born February 13, 1847, died January 12, 1931. "She was a kind and affectionate Wife,
A fond Mother and friend to all."
Geo. W. Gwinn, born May 16, 1845, died February 22, 1929. Father of W.H., J.H., J.F., and T.D. Gwinn.
"Gone but not forgotten".
Mrs. Emaline Gwinn, died June 23, 1936, age 61 yrs, 1 month.
Tonny Tays, Son of ?.L. and Allas Tays, born June 26 1900, died June 13, 1910.
verse not legible.
Dillard West, born November 27, 1886, died May 5, 1930.
Kate Sadler West, born April 16, 1891, died (yet living) .
Joseph T. West, born July 12, 1839, died March 10, 1921.
Elizabeth West , born July 22 , 1843, died January 16, 1926." God Gave, He took, He will restore, He
doeth all things well" Father- Mother (footstones).
Chaffin, Mattie Joe West, wife of Marion Chaffin, born March 11, 1906, died May 25 1934.(Mattie Joe
died in Coalingo California of Double Pneumonia, Body brought back here for burial. Kept her body at her
parents a few days, before burial, the largest crowd ever, to attend a funeral here.)
Fannie Childress, born August 7, 1883, died October 15, 1919. "A Tender Mother and Faithful Friend".
Annie Wheeler, born September 1, 1909, died April 20, 1926.
"Annie we miss thee everywhere".
Infant son of Ernest C. and Mable (Fox) Hestand, died July 5, 1929 "Our loved one".
Cordell Hestand, Son of A.B. and Lou Roed Hestand, born January 4, 1908, died February 15, 1925.
" A Precious one from us has gone, A voice we love is still, A Place is vacant in our Home, Which never
can be filled, God in is wisdom has recalled, the Bloom His love has given, the body slumbers here, the
soul is safe in Heaven".
(An iron fence around this grave)
John M. Hestand, born June 29, 1867, died October 22, 1933."May he rest in Peace"
Mildred Jean Reed, died February 20, 1930, age 3 yrs 3 mos.
Kenneth Bruce Hamlet, born January 26, 1914, died July 25, 1936. "We will meet again"
Hamlet (footstone).
Mariah Hensley Smith, born October 31, 1868, died April 15, 1931.
John M. Smith, born August 14, 1862, died April 10, 1936. "God gave, He took, He will restore, He doeth
all things well. Father- Motheron (east side of stone)

Irona Smith, daughter of R.L. and Ann (Swift) Smith, born January 20 1914, died March 26, 1926. "
Budded on Earth to Bloom in Heaven".
Rev W.E. (Pie Eating Bill) Smith, born February 1, 1835, died December 15, 1925.
Lucinda M. Smith, born July 7, 1836, died March 21, 1920, "Their Spirits smiles from that bright shore,
and sofly whispers, Weep no more" Smith (footstone)
John G. Son of Jessie and Bessie (Speakman) Young, born November 15, 1915, died March 16, 1917.
"Sleep on in thy Rest, God called thee Home, It suited him best".
Baby Estus G. son of F.B. and M.Z. (McCormack) Ellis, born November 25, 1907, died January 22, 1909.
Fred McCormich, born July 22, 1880, diedDecember 17, 1918, "May the Resurrection find Thee on the
bosom of thy God".
Effie (Loftis) McCormick, born February 28, 1888, died (yet living). "None knew thee but to love thee,
None named thee but to Praise"
Letha Jane (Lock), 1st Wife of Rufus McCormick, born January 8, 1895, died Oct 12, 1918. "A Tender
Mother & Faithful Friend"
R.C. son of L.J. & Rufus McCormick, born July 15, 1918, died October 19, 1918. "Our Loved One".
Sariah McCormick, Wife of J.P. (Jerry), born December 4, 1864, died ---19, 1909. "My Companion Dear
lies buried here" .
(A grave at the right of Sariah, that of her husband the unmarked).
Mother, Mrs. G.W. (Elizabeth Eaton), born 15 March 1856,
Father, G.W. (George Washington),Born December 6, 1854, died June 29, 1918.
Sallye Etta Hampton, age 55 yrs, 9 mos, died December 7, 1936.
Elizabeth Elkins , born August 16, 1888, died April 28, 1917. "Since thou can no longer stay, To cheer me
with thy Love, I Hope to meet with thee again, In Yon bright world above".
Corneal Elkins, born June 22, 1916, died April 3, 1917. "Sleep on sweet Babe and take thy Rest, God
called thee home amd thought it Best".
Mother, Belle Ellis, born November 26, 1867, died February 5, 1936. "She was the sunshine of out home".
Father, James Ellis, born August 10, 1867, died February 6, 1936. "An Honest man's the Noblest workof
(Mr. & Mrs. Ellis died of Influenza and Pneumonia, were stricken ill living but a few days, both died within
a few hours of each other. Were buried in same Casket & Grave).
James J. Hamlet, Son of Joseph and Mary, born August 25,1881, died August 20 1909."Happy is he whose
house is in the Lord".
Emily B. Hamlet, daughter of Joseph and Mary, born June 21, 1887, died August 6, 1905. "She was an
affectionate daughter and a Faithful Friend".
Luke T. Ellis, Husband of L.L. (Bowman), Father of Lucy and Charlie Ellis, born October 18, 1872, died
August 24, 1906. "Happy is he whose Hope is in the Lord".
Andrew Poston, born February 1, 1872, died September 24, 1926. "Our Loved One"
Mother, Susania, Wife of William Elkins, born June 22, 1885, died November 14, 1914.
"A Companion Dear lies buried here".
Baby, Harvey B. Son of Willian D. and Susania, born February 5, 1910, died August 15 1910.

Ollie Poston, born February 14, 1861, died April 7, 1926."He was the sunshine of our Home".
Ammerrilla Poston, born Dec 15, 1828, died June 13, 1908. " Loving Wife and Mother Dear lies buried
Theolie Poston, born February 14, 1862, died April 7, 1926.
Daniel Boone Paston, born June 9, 1859, died July 18, 1927, "Our Loved Ones , May the Resurrection
find them in the bosom of their God".
Double Stone , Mother- Father (footstone).
Henry C. Poston, Born April 13, 1900, died August 28, 1905.
Smith Poston, born August 31, 1904, died November 15, 1904.
"Little children are his Jewels"
Grace Lovell, The little daughter of M.P. and M.D. (Meadows) Bailey, born November 30, 1904, died
February 5, 1910. "Safe in the arms of Jesus"
Julian Elkins, Mother of Cora, Daisy and others, born Oct 1880, died October 1905,
"Though lost to sight, to Memory Dear"
Daisy Elkins, Daughter of J.W. & Julian, died June 14?, 1907, All Tears shall God wipe away".
Mother, Mary Way, born March 23, 1869, died January 30, 1936. "Asleep in Jesus".
S.S. (Sidney) Way, born April 11, 1867, died May 28, 1924. "Gone to a bright Home where grief cannot
"To my Wife" Avo Tays, born November 14, 1888, died November 6, 1914. "Through the gateway of
Death, Her bright sprit has ascended".
Verda, 3rd Wife of W.F. Sadler and Daughter of J.G. and M.D. (Pharris) McGlasson, born May 28, 1878,
died August 6, 1915, "Thy Memory shall ever be a Guiding star to Heaen"
Sadler (footstone).
"Come Ye Blessed" Derinda, Wife of Thomas Mabrey, born December 24, 1855, died March 21, 1917." A
Loving Wife and Maother Dear Lies buried Here".
Willie Jean Billings, died April 18, 1923, Age 20 yrs, 6 mos.
Sarah Waye, born April 28, 1885, died September 1924, "She was a kind and affectionate Wife, a fond
Mother and a Friend to all.
Eugene Goolsby, born March 31, 1916, died July 7, 1921,. "Sleep on Sweet Babe and take thy Rest, God
called thee home and thought it Best".
James Washburn, born September 12, 1880, died December 6, 1919.
"He is not Dead, but Sleepth".
James W. Roberts, born February 22, 1930, died Oct 3, 1931. "He was the sunshine of our home".
Martha J. Netherton (nee Adcock), born February 8, 1844, died May 22, 1916.
"Her spirit smiles on that bright shore, and sofly whispers, Weep no more".
Mrs. Marcus York Pippin, died April 30, 1936, age 19 yrs, 1 mo.
James Rhoten, born February 4, 1925, died July 12, 1927.
Infant of Hyram and Louisa (4th wife) Pharris, born September 21, 1915, died October 3, 1915." Thy short
stay is an Angel Message to us to Remember".

Etta Pharris, 2nd wife of Hyrum Pharris, born November 8, 1860, died August 1, 1911.
Hyrum Pharris, Minister of the Gospel, born October 28, 1849, died September 22, 1929.
Sallie (Dudney, Pippin) Pharris, 3rd wife of Hyrum Pharris, born May 27, 1855, died----.
"She was an affectionate Daughter and a Faithful Friend".
Paul Pharris, born September 23, 1884, died March 20 1893.
Floyd B. Pharris, born July 10, 1890, died September 1, 1890.
Baby Dau. of A.B. and Mary Steward, born July 22, 1898, died July 22, 1898.
"To Heaven Your Gone".
Siddie M. Hamlet, daughter of J.J. and Vina (Stewart), born July 3, 1899, died September 29, 1900, "A
Bud to soon to God".
Theodore Hamlet, son of J.J. and Vina (Stewart) Hamlet, born August 22, 1905, died December 8, 1909.
"Asleep in Jesus".
Mary Trisdale, Mother of W. McG., F.D., G.S., L.H., and D.E. born April 15, 1854, died Octber 5, 1885. "
She was an affectionate Mother and a Faithful Friend".
Fannie D. Johnson, Mother of G.M., L.D., and L.H., born February 21, 1879, died December 15, 1906.
"She ws a Faithful Companion andf a Loving Mother".
Lillie D. Johnson, daughter of Fannie, born December 14, 1906, died September 19, 1915.
Lillian, age 12 years of age lies buried here.
G.F. Spurlock, born March 1, 1890, died March 16, 1922. Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal".
John J. Hamlet, born November 3, 1853, died June 25, 1934.
His Wife, Vina J. (Stewart) Hamlet, born May 16 1869, died April 30, 1936.
"Resting in Hope of a Glorious Resurrection".
Dora E. Pharris, born July 11, 1901, died December 17, 1901. "The little feet in the golden street shall
never go astray".
Alice Trisdale, Mother of Ruby, born June 21, 1873, died May 5, 1911, "An affectioate and kind
companion lies buried here".
Nanie, wife of Haywood Stafford, born October 15, 1888, died December 31, 1922.
Clarinda B. Loftis, wife of William Loftis, born October 18, 1857, died July 14, 1911. "An affectionate
companion lies buried here".
(At right of the above grave is the grave of "Uncle Billie" or William Loftis her husband, the grave is
Cullum, husband of Martha Huff, died March 16, 191?, age 80 years.
Martha, wife of Cullum Huff, died March 13, 1913, age 66 years.
"Our parents dear are buried here".
Elizabeth (Loftis), wife of John W. Stafford (Little Johnnie), born March 23, 1879, died January 23, 1919.
"Her sprit smiles, from that bright shore and softly whispers, weep no more".
William J. Terry, born March 9, 1848, died December 12, 1925.
Prilla (Hawkins) Terry, born August 28, 1838, died January 21, 1920.