Region: Middle
County: White
Range: 21
Section: A
Shelf: 2
Box Number: 76
Approximate Pages: 100+

This case is aa land dispute between Ariana E. Colcord & James McAlprin vs James Bartlett & Curtis Mills. Bartlett and Mills had copies of grants from the State of TN to James Bartlett & Isaac Buck. Isaac Buck had since died, and Curtis Mills became his heir. The first time this case came to trial Colcord & McAprin produced Grants from Thomas Eastland. Bartlett & Mills produced grants from Bartlett & Buck. As the grants were read in court, Concord & McAprin were surprised by the dates on the grant to Bartlett & Buck. At that time, they had no way to ____ the grants, so they were forced to close the suit. After the case was closed, the defendants, Bartlett & Buck, took their papers from the court document and placed them in their pockets. 

Subsequent to the suit, the plaintiffs did further research and found that the grants presented by Bartlett and Buck were fraudulent in the dates.

The plaintiffs can show a regular deed from Thomas B. Eastland (Grantee of the State of TN) to Wells, then from Wells to McAlprin, then from McAlprin to A. E. Colcord.

Bartlett, Mills, Colcord, McAlprin

White County, Tennessee


***Papers purporting to be a copy of an entry in the name of William Buckner for 500 acres dated 28 Jan 1836 was actually dated 28 Jan 1839.
***Land Grant from the State of TN to James Bartlett and Isaac Buck assignee of William Buckner for 500 acres dated 28 Jan 1836 was actually 28 Jan 1839.
Entry No. 2151. State of TN, White County. William Buckner enters 500 acres on waters of Little Cany Fork. Date: 28 January 1836.
Land Grant No. 8079. Date: 28 Jan 1836. Grant to Isaac Buck and James Bartlett, assignee of William Buckner 405 acres.
Entry No. 3151. Date 28 Jan 1839.
Land Grant No. 8079. Date: 28 Jan 1839.
Land Grant No. __. Date: 21 Dec 1838. State of TN to Thos. B. Eastland for 2875 acres entered 28 Oct 1836.
Deed Thos. B. Eastland to Henry Wells Date: 1 Sep 1839 filed for Registration 1843.
Deed Henry Wells to A. B. McAlpin dated March 1841 and registered 1845.
Survey of the land in question. Dated: 9 October 1873. Surveyed by M. S. Smith. Sworn Chain Carriers: James Walker, Daniel Nicholus

28 Jan 1836: Land Entry No. 2151.
28 Jan 1839: True date of Land Entry No. 2151 as found by H. Denton in a search of records.
28 Jan 1839: Land Entry No. 3151
28 Jan 1839: Land Grant No. 8079
21 Dec 1840: True date of Land Grant No. 8079.
30 May 1856: Copy of Entry No. 2151 was made by M. C. Dibrell, Entry Taker of White County.
21 Dec 1840: Land Grant No. 8079. State of TN to Isaac Buck and James Bartlett assignee of William Buckner for 405 acres of land on Little Cany Fork.
30 May 1856: Entry No. 2151 filed by Jo Brown, Clerk.
1858 - Colcord & McAlprin sued Bartlett & Buck in the Circuit Court in Ejectment of PC for a tract of land.
2 May 1858: James Bartlett forcibly entered the land of Ariana E. Colcord and Alexander B. McAlpin and ejected them.
Aug Term 1858: Circuit Court of Putnam County. Ariana E. Colcord accuses James Bartlett of breaking and entering her land and ejecting her.
30 Sep 1871: Deposition of Isaac Buck taken at his home in the presence of defendants and their attorneys.
27 Jun 1873: M. F. O’Connor makes a true copy of Entry No. 3151.
27 Jun 1873: Ditto Land Grant No. 8079
June Term 1873: Term of Circuit Court the cause was submitted to a jury.
1 Jul 1873: They file a petition for a writ of error coran nolus.
15 Oct 1873: Ammendment to the petition of Ariana E. Colcord and Alexander B. McAlpin.
13 Feb 1874: Defendants responded to the charges.
12 Jun 1874: More court reports were filed.
18 Jun 1873: Ariana Colcord, A. B. McAlpin, H. Denton, S. S. Colms, B. H. Denton enter a bond.
12 Oct 1874: Circuit Court began. Judge S. M. Fite presiding. Court was opened by John W. Carr, Sheriff of Putnam County.
16 Oct 1874: More papers filed. Writ to James Bartlett and C. Mills to produce a copy of the entry in the name of Wm Buckner for 500 acres and Land Grant from State of TN to James Bartlett and Isaac Buck for 405 acres dated 28 January 1836.
17 Oct 1874: The case began being tried.
20 Oct 1874: Curtis Mills, James Bartlett and Pleas Bohannon enter bond. J. H. Curtis, Clerk.
24 Apr 1875: James Bartlett, Curtis Mills vs Ariana E. Colcord and Alexander B. McAlpin be heard in the Circuit Court of Putnam County. Colcord and McAlpin’s petition was to be dismissed. James Bartlett and Curtis Mills recover costs.
28 Jun 1878: Copies of records made by C. Mills, Clerk

Jesse Arnold
H. Denton
H. H. Dillard
E. L. Gardenhire
Matthew Smith, County Surveyor
William H. Barnes
James Bartlett
Isaac Buck

Ariana E. Colcord
James B. McAlprin
Isaac Buck
Alexander B. McAlprin
William H. Barnes
Mat Smith, Surveyor
Denton and Hyder, Lawyers
Tobe Wittley - Deputy Sheriff
E. L Gardenhire, Attorney for Barlett & Mills
Wm. Buckner
James Bartlett
Judge S. M. Fite
Thomas B. Eastland
Sheriff John W. Carr
Denton, Dillard, Colms & Marchbanks, Attorneys for Plaintiff
Gardenhire, Swope & Quarles, Attorneys for Defendants
J. Arnold, Clerk
Jesse Arnold
David Whitaker (listed on Entry No. 2151)
Joseph Hunter (listed on Entry No. 2151)
Thomas Robertson (listed on Entry No. 2151)
Hudgens (listed on Entry No. 2151)
David Bartlett ditto
M. C. Dibrell, Entry Taker
Jo Brown, Clerk
Dudley Hunter (listed in Land Grant ___)
M. F. O’Connor, Clerk
Mat Smith, Surveyor
Thos. T. Watson
Pleas Bohannon
J. D. Hyder
H. H. Dillard
James Walker, Sworn Chain Carrier
Daniel Nicholus ditto
Jacob A. Lane
T. T. Pointer
John Allen, Jr. Named on Entry No. 2835
John Bohanon
John J. Duncan
John Jett
Thomas Pointer
J. S. Watson, JP for PC
P. S. Jones, Juror
H. V. Richardson, Juror
R. D. Elis, Juror
D. W. Nichols, Juror
John Neal, Juror
E. W. Terry, Juror
W. S. Askew, Juror
L. D. Apple, Juror
Wm. Stamps, Juror
Jonathan Denny, Juror
Thomas Ford
J. N. Hyder, Juror
J. H. Curtis, Clerk

Bill of Costs
C. Mills
J. Arnold
James H. Curtis
J. W. Carr, Sheriff
M. S. Smith
Pleasant Bohanon
W. H. Barnes