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Range: 32
Section: D
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Box Number: 279
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Kenedy Poteet went with Clabourn Bohannon to the Register of Deeds Office in Putnam County. Bohannon asked if William Baker, the Register, had registered his deed yet. Baker replied that he had not because he had not received the fee from Bohannon yet. Bohannon told him that he had the money, but he wanted the registration of the deed backdated to the date and time that the deed came into the courthouse. Baker responded that he would not do that. He would date the deed the time that the fees were paid. Bohannon was not happy with his response and told him that he would take him to court.

Bohannon alleges that he purchased the lands in controversy in this suit and took a deed from John Madewell in whom the legal title had the same proven in the county court and handed Baker, who was the Register of said County of Putnam for registration. He alledges that said Baker fraudulently refused to note the same for registration or to register the same with a view to get an advantage of him and have the same subjects to the payment of his debt against Madewell and that the procured it to be levied upon & condemned for sale.

Baker answers and admits the probate of said Deed before the County Clerk & that the County Clerk handed it to him among other deeds - that he after noticed the deed and that the fees were not paid upon it - that he then declined registering it until the fees were paid - that after the deed had [??] in his office about two months he recovered judgement against John Madewell, had execution issued and levied upon the lands as the lands of Madewell. That Bohannon came for the deed and requested him to it for registration back to the time it came to his hands. Baker refused to do that but proposed to note it then if he paid the fees. Bohannon refused to do that and took his deed. He returned in several months, paid the fees, and had it registered.

Bohannon, Madewell, Watson, Burnett, Baker

Putnam County, Tennessee

Father of Zenith Nicholas mentioned but not named

Oath of Pauper for Clabourn Bohannon

Before 10 Jan 1857: Bohannon had purchased a track of land from John Madewell.
April Term 1858: Thos T. Watson won a judgement again John Madewell for $30. The court issued an order to sell John Madewell’s land at an auction to be held at the Court house to satisfy the judgement. The note by which the judgement was rendered was executed by John Madewell to Burnett for and in consideration of said lands. Burnet is indebted to Watson and left the note with him.
14 Apr 1858: Clabourn Bohannon makes oath that he purchased the land. H. H. Dillard was the clerk.
23 Apr 1858: Clabourn Bohannon, Isaac Buck enter bond.
Jul 1858: William Baker makes oath.
2 Aug 1858: Samuel Burnett responded to the charges.
19 Sep 1859: Chancery Court in session at the Court House in Putnam County. The Decree. The Plaintiffs bill was dismissed and he was ordered to pay all costs.
20 Sep 1859: Clabourn Bohannon gives a Pauper’s Oath.

Kenedy Poteet, age 36
Zenith Nicholas, age 30
Jacob Henry, age 28, Acting Constable for Putnam County in 1857
Russell Moore, age 30
W. J. Perkins, age 34, Sheriff of Putnam County now, Acting Constable for Putnam County in 1857
H. Denton, age 40
J. H. Moore, age 35, Deputy Sheriff of Putnam County in 1857

Clabourn Bohannon
William Baker, Justice of the Peace
John Madewell
Mr. Moore, Clerk
Turney, Sol. For Plaintiff
H. H. Dillard, Clerk
Judge John L. Goodall
T. T. Watson
Denton and Washburn, Sol.
W. R. Hutcherson
Samuel Burnett
Kenedy Poteet
Zenith B. Nicholas
Samuel Madewell
Jacob Henry
Russell Moore
H. Denton
Colms & Turney
J. H. Moore
Isaac Buck, Security for Clabourn Bohannon

H. H. Dillard
C. J. Bohannon
J. H. Moore
Curtis Mills
Jacob Henry
W. J. Perkins
Russell Moore